State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition Improvements

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Nicole, Jul 6, 2015.

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  1. maltriagon

    maltriagon Here To Help

    It might not be the right thread, but I really like that idea. Always loved the idea of a sidearm and I've been using two guns on some characters, even without a quick switch ability.
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  2. Pfc. K.C. Winters reporting for duty boss.
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  3. Auditorex

    Auditorex Here To Help

    Go clean the latrines private. When your done, report to the commander's office for further orders. At 0300, full battle rattle at the barracks. We are going to the range today and rollout is at 0900. Any questions?
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  4. Yellow

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    I wholeheartedly support this idea about a side arm.
  5. Morgannwg

    Morgannwg Got Your Back

    I came back after quite a hiatus from playing. I believe August was when I took a break. I realized this patch was out when I started up the game and my X1 prompted me to update. I must say I do not see why it took so long for this patch.

    I am a big fan of the game, it truly is very good. My play time between X1 and 360 is in the 1000's of hours. I just don't understand this patch. I was a regular/lurker on these forums when it was announced, but again I see no definite improvements from this patch. The frame rate is no better that is assured. The age old bug of Combat Training missions spawning BZ 75's in the inventory of survivors is still there. The locker is still an unsortable mess. Vehicles still sporadically flip. I could go on.

    I did notice the "mood bug" has been fixed. There are additions to the menu of parking spaces....

    Again, I am a big fan. I just don't understand why this took so long. Even with the approval process with Microsoft....
  6. yes, i totally understand you! i give up to play this game anymore.
    bug never fixed patch never released and do nothing with the most annoying bugs.
    xbox certification for title update is 2 week :D (we are xbox one developers so we know that) dont understand this long waiting loop, only if its always fail at the certification...
    but yose is ms studios released game so that means first priority, no need to wait 2 weeks for certicication feedback....
    title update is so simple and fast.
    undeadlabs just dont want to do it its simple, we buy they dont care anymore.... in my opinion

  7. First off I have to say I LOVE this game! But is there anyway to get this game outside of XB1 or steam? I do not own nor do I want to own an XB1 (PS4:) and I no longer (after 8 years of membership 177 games) deal with steam due to a conflict I have with them (GALACTICALLY HORRID! customer service) .
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  8. CaptainAssassin

    CaptainAssassin Here To Help

    YOSE is only available on XB1 or Steam. The only other option would be to get the old version of SoD (and it's DLCs) on Xbox360.
  9. Yellow

    Yellow Got Your Back

    I have been asking for a DRM-free version of the game for ages. would have been a great place to start.
  10. Blame Microsoft man, but I do respect your opinion.
  11. Please add multiplayer, this game would be sooooooooooo much better with multiplayer. :)
  12. Multiplayer? Do you wanna play multi with these bugs? Jeez...

    After a year I installed again the game, but deleted after a day. Still tons of bugs in it. For example in Lifeline I need to start over cuz a siege is just stop spawning zeds. Siege is on, past a full day in the game but no zeds coming and npcs just standing still in LZ, all of them. And can't change character, controlled one is exhausted totally. Need to start over all the time cuz after a while this happens.
    Without Preppers pack installed actually there is less framerate drops and more smooth the gameplay is.

    It's sad I bought on 360 and One as well. I chunked out a lot of money for nothing. And after a year see no improvements with the critical bugs from the start. I finished, won't bother to try anything futher. (Even reseted my Xbox One to factory defaults)

  13. DJB204

    DJB204 Famous

    April is over and my fuel is still missing in action. This delay is taking too long. I hope it's fixed soon.
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  14. LetsPlayCatGaming

    LetsPlayCatGaming Got Your Back

    You'll find when this happens, a bloater is just stuck waddling into a fence or wall somewhere, or under the bridge. Pop him and you'll progress to the next wave / finish the mission.

    Tedious, yeah, but it saves quitting :)
  15. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    DJ, you should have gotten your fuel already. If you haven't, contact MS support. :)
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  16. DJB204

    DJB204 Famous

    I got it now. Thanks
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  17. I probably haven't experienced as much bugs and problems as you, but i have faith in their next games with multiplayer, that the problems will be fixed. State of Decay is too good of a game not to play because of some bugs. I'm not sure what their future titles will be like and haven't looked in to it, but if it is like State of Decay, you should know with multiplayer, it will be such a better game.
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  18. When State of Decay dropped I was patiently waiting for Brian Mitsoda Dead State to drop, and Decay was entirely off my radar. Fast forward to today, and I still haven't touched Dead State, but am an avowed lover of State of Decay.

    When I upgraded to an Xbox One, I nabbed Year One, and with it Lifeline. Can't say I was especially anxious to play as the military, so it languished on my shelf as I sandboxed Breakdown for many more hours on end. However, this last weekend I jumped into Lifeline, and was thoroughly impressed.
    Kudos to Undead Labs. You kids rock.

    p.s. Can't say I'm desperately in need of a MP experience, so I look towards Class4 with a touch of trepidation. That said, I'll keep an open mind.. but my dream would be a "next gen" variant of Class3, but with a new map and the fruits of everything learned the first time around (expanded survival / base systems, etc).
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  19. State of decay 2 news ? :D
    i hope you working on it and soon reveal is coming....
    State of decay Multiplayer open world ans you promised in the release days when cam out to xbox360. Then we buy it. But after thet (som months later) the promise canceld..
    wtf.... so any news about that PROMISE! (after 3 years still nothing)
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  20. DJB204

    DJB204 Famous

    The original SoD was promised to have multiplayer? I did not know this.
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