State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition Improvements

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Nicole, Jul 6, 2015.

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  1. Aaron V

    Aaron V Famous

  2. XzerothreeX

    XzerothreeX Famous

    I cracked up on 'belt fed magazines'.
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  3. Gmutant

    Gmutant Here To Help

    For some reason I was thinking of this:

    With as much as Brant loves CZ-derivative pistols, I'm surprised this one didn't make the cut. Name it the 'Brant-TEN' and put the SOD eagle emblem on it, and you've got yourself a wicked cool .40 caliber zombie blaster!

    I'm gonna post all of the guns/melee weapon ideas I've been thinking of in the Guns thread. Maybe we'll see some new blood in the next State of Decay.
  4. Alajeff

    Alajeff Here To Help

    It would be nice to recover some materials when you demo a facility
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  5. Jeanna_Q

    Jeanna_Q Here To Help

    Those tree hugging hippies in California would rip their hair out over that thing, so I like it. Also it reminds me of the Mako Pentagon coupler and magazines.

    A nice legal way to get 50 rounds in your 5.56 rifle that has an asinine 10 round magazine capacity.
  6. DJB204

    DJB204 Famous

    A simple request.... Give us the option to remove the entire HUD please.
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  7. Applesintime

    Applesintime Famous

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  8. Alajeff

    Alajeff Here To Help

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  9. RobertH5996

    RobertH5996 Got Your Back

    Phantom zombies!!!! Like running at you from out of nowhere! I'm in a house I just walked into empty and outside was clear, next thing I know I'm surrounded by sick amounts of zombies inside!!!
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  10. Genious

    Genious Here To Help

    An "OH SH$$" Button

    A button that appears on screen when you're indoors with ten or more zombies. A mini game commences where you spam buttons to fill your "FEAR" meter, which affects how brown your character's pants get around their rears.

    Disappears after resting.
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  11. RobertH5996

    RobertH5996 Got Your Back

    Lol yeah that would be awesome. And even more no matter how many you kill they just keep coming. I have barely survived several of these scenarios. And the stamina being gone and the half ass attempt to get away barely just barely.....
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  12. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    When I think the game is trying to screw me in cases like that, I just save and quit and then turn around and log back in again and im alive back at home base. better than dying right?

    (The saying "The only way to win, is not to play" seems to apply here.)
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  13. Judrick

    Judrick Starting Off

    Are u clearing the house first? Walking over the dots? I always make sure all zeds are dead before I start looting.
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  14. Aaron V

    Aaron V Famous

    That may have been the case in original SoD, but not Y1. I've had zeds pop up after confirming the house was clear. You're even able to call for scavengers, or build an outpost before clearing the house, moving over the dots.
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  15. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    The only time a "dot" gets walked over is when the zed decides to walk through the floor and only his head and/or upper torso stick through the floor.
  16. Judrick

    Judrick Starting Off

    Whaaaaa? I never can build an outpost until it's cleared
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  17. RobertH5996

    RobertH5996 Got Your Back

    Yeah it just seems that they have the rage virus. I stop in a secluded area don't make a sound next thing ten or more sprinters from nowhere. Just seems a bit crazy at times. I signed off with all objectives clear and signed back in to find out one of my best men with Wingate rifle is found dead but never told me where to recover his gear. He was loaded up with a bunch of good stuff as well.
  18. Biggles

    Biggles Here To Help

  19. GoldenLight

    GoldenLight Here To Help

    I know this is not the place but I've read about similar situations several times, maybe this is more common than it seems. Someone goes missing without any kind of message on screen, this gives the impression that the survivors fled during simulation ( although not so) and then it's not possible recover his/her belongings.
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  20. So when are we to expect the new improvements? :)
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