State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Nicole, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. Pls make it on playstation 4. Im only playing ps4
  2. Genious

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    Microsoft is sponsoring and publishing Undead Labs, so this is unlikely.
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  3. so what? Undead labs dont belong Microsoft, they do whatever they wanna do with their game, port on ps console, for instance
  4. Aaron V

    Aaron V Famous

  5. Hehe... Clever.

    But yeah, Microsoft has a legal binding on the State of Decay franchise.
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  6. Aaron V

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    I don't remember the announcement, but it has to be some multiple game/year contract. Once it's over, UL could jump ship and cross platform games, but I doubt it, since MS is where it all started.
  7. Thing is, a contract doesn't just end for UL when they make the last State of Decay game ever. Ms will still be getting a cut of the revenue, they will still host State of Decay on the XBLA and In stores, so it's not going to end.
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  8. Aaron V

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    Good point, I didn't think of that. So if UL did develop anything else for other consoles, it would have to be a brand new IP.
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  9. Exactly.
    The consoles are running an annoying game of exclusives, and the non triple a games are the ones that suffer because MS doesn't want Sony to get a cut.
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  10. Matty Goodfella

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    Money talks.
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  11. Aaron V

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    Everyone's got a price.
    You young bucks might not know about thi$.
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  12. Dutchdynomite

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    Ted DiBiasi - The Million Dollar Man

    Back when wrastlin' was good.
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  13. Ms doesn't want to hear it.
    If money did talk, once State of Decay sold over a million copies (as an indie game, making it the second most successful indie game behind Minecraft) Microsoft would have tried to expand its market to Sony.
  14. Genious

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    Why would they want to expand to Sony? Microsoft can use Minecraft as a carrot for their consoles. They don't have any incentive to sell to Sony. The winner of anyone selling to Sony would probably the game developers and fans, but the console makers probably wouldn't make enough money over the multi-platforming cuts they'd get to make that worth-while.
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  15. Minecraft is already on PSN.
  16. Genious

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    I misread that as Microsoft owning Minecraft, which didn't sound right to me in the first place. I'm sleep deprived, shut up. :(

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  17. Han solo

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  18. Undead Nicole

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    We will not. :)
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  19. CaptainAssassin

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    Probably for the best... I suspect this year's E3 will be pretty one-dimensional with "Fallout" this and "Nuka-Cola" that... :rolleyes:
  20. Han solo

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    But I thought E3 was made specifically so people could ask undead Nicole the same annoying questions over and over and over again. My life has lost all meaning ....

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