State of Decay YOSE guide for Base Game, Breakdown, and Lifeline. Forever unfinished

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    The guide will forever be unfinished, thanks UL for closing the place down.

    Table of contents.
    Home Base/Community management
    Zed Guide
    Freak Guide
    Breakdown RV Guide
    Lifeline Basics Guide​

    [​IMG] [Beautiful art by @QuarantineRoad Thanks bud!]

    This is going to be a guide for all three game types: Base Game, Breakdown, and Lifeline. It will teach you the basics and help you survive this nightmarish apocalypse. This will also feature revised versions of my Freaks guide, RV Tutorial, and Lifeline Outposts guides along with a whole slew of stuff regarding the Cleo missions, and giving you the info you need to survive for a long time in Trumbal Valley like resource management, Community management, and more.

    The main goal for this guide is to help all newcomers of SoD and all of those returning to YOSE.

    Home Bases and Facilities

    In this guide I will give info on every home base in State of Decay, how many buildable plots there are for each, and what facilities are already built in. It will also go into detail on what each facility can do, and what outposts do.

    Home Base List

    The Church of Ascension

    Church of Ascension is run by Pastor William Mulroney. It is the first real home base you get in the Base Game.

    Requirements (Base Game): 5 People, 20 materials
    Requirements: (Breakdown): no people, 20 materials
    Parking Spaces: 1
    Number of supported outposts: 4
    Buildable plots: 4
    Prebuilt Facilities (Base Game):
    The Watchtower, Medical Area, Kitchen, Pastor's Quarters (Sleeping area), Radio Room.
    Prebuilt Facilities (Breakdown):
    Kitchen, Pastor's Quarters (Sleeping area), and the Radio Room.

    Alamo Restaurant

    The Alamo was a small restaurant across the street of the Blaine's Supermarket.
    Requirements (Base Game): 5 People, 20 materials
    Requirements: (Breakdown): no people, 20 materials
    Parking spaces: 3
    Number of Supported Outposts: 4
    Buildable Plots: 3
    Prebuilt facilities:
    Kitchen, Storage, Watchtower (Non upgradable), Storage, Radio Area.

    Kirkman Residence

    The Kirkman Residence is named after Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead.
    Requirements (Base Game): 8 People, 20 materials
    Requirements: (Breakdown): 7 people, 20 materials
    Parking Spaces: 2
    Number of Supported Outposts: 6
    Buildable Plots: 4
    Prebuilt facilities:
    Kitchen, Workshop, Radio Room.

    McReady Farmhouse

    McReady Farmhouse is a very isolated base in the middle of the map. To get anywhere you'd need to drive.
    Requirements (Base Game): 8 People, 20 materials
    Requirements: (Breakdown): 7 people, 20 materials
    Parking Spaces: 3
    Number of Supported Outposts: 6
    Buildable Plots: 4
    Prebuilt facilities:
    Kitchen, Storage, 2 sleeping areas, Radio Room.

    Savini Residence

    The Savini Residence is named after Tom Savini, an Actor in Dawn of the Dead.
    Requirements (Base Game): 8 People, 20 materials
    Requirements: (Breakdown): 7 people, 20 materials
    Parking Spaces: 3
    Number of Supported Outposts: 6
    Buildable Plots: 3
    Prebuilt facilities:
    Kitchen, Bedroom, Watchtower, Radio Room.

    Snyder Trucking Warehouse

    Snyder's Trucking Warehouse is one two large bases. It is named after Dawn of the Dead's Zack Snyder.
    Requirements (Base Game): 12 People, 50 materials
    Requirements: (Breakdown): 10 people, 50 materials
    Parking Spaces: 4
    Number of Supported Outposts: 8
    Buildable Plots: 6
    Prebuilt facilities:
    Snyder Storage Lockers, Snyder's Machine Shop, Sleeping area, Radio Room.

    Trumball County Fairgrounds

    The last Homebase seen in Base Game, it is the largest and the most isolated base in the game.
    Requirements (Base Game): 12 People, 50 materials
    Requirements: (Breakdown): 10 people, 50 materials
    Parking Spaces: 5
    Number of Supported Outposts: 8
    Buildable Plots: 5
    Prebuilt facilities:
    Dining Area, Kitchen, Storage Area, Watchtower, Radio Room.



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    Freak Guide

    Most Freaks are zombies that have mutated after infection. They are all dangerous and can either kill you, or get you killed, very quickly.

    Freak #1.



    The Bloater is a zombie that has gone through a horrible tranformation after becoming infected. It is a vile, toxic gas filled zombie that is surprisingly one of the deadliest freaks on this list. It is a silent zombie that can sneak up on you from behind and explode, leaving you stunned for a second. This is especially dangerous if you are in the middle of a battle with a group of zeds or another freak.


    1. Burst: The only attack the Bloater has is exploding when it gets close to you. The cloud of gas will knock your character back and stun them. The gasses that come out of it will quickly drain your stamina and health, as well as a chance to make your character become sick. So stay away!

    2. Playing Dead: If you shoot a bloater in the head it will collapse to the ground and give off it's death rattle, but be warned! It will not be dead. If you get too close to it's body it will explode. Getting the last laugh as your health get's drained.

    Killing a Bloater

    1.Firearms: Firearms can take a bloater down faster than you can say "fart fumes"
    2.Firebombs: Firebombs can kill a bloater easily, but make sure you are far away because the fire, mixed with those fume, will cause a grenade like explosion!
    3.Explosives: you can also lob any type of explosive at it to kill it. Or use landmines, those are fun too.
    I do not reccomend melee attacks because your character might become sick and they will be vulnerable to even more damage.

    I do not recommend running over Bloaters with vehicles because the gas will go throughout your car, draining you health and stamina.

    Freak #2.

    SWAT Zed


    Swat Zeds are the same as Shamblers, except that their entire body is armored. They can be a real pain in the rear if you are trying to upgrade your shooting skill. Other than that, they are pretty easy to kill. Be careful though as they tend to sometimes spawn in groups.

    Warning: SWAT zombies are invulnerable to headshots with most firearms.


    1. Claw: They will do a one handed claw attack the deals little damage. Can be dodged
    2. Swipe: A quick swipe attack, will deal low damage. Can be dodged
    3. Grapple: They will grapple you and deal moderate damage. Can be dodged.

    Killing a SWAT zed.
    1.Firearms: Anything that is uses a .50 caliber round or a shotgun that uses incendiary shells will do.
    2. Melee: Melee weapons and the knife will kill the bastard just like any other zombie.
    3. Firebombs: Fire kills zeds fast.
    4. Explosives: Anything that goes "boom" will kill it.
    5: Cars: Just run it over, or use the car door.

    Freak #3

    Army Zed


    Army Zeds are the same as SWAT zombies, except they are Runners instead of Shamblers. So I have made them their own Freak category. Army zombies are only seen once you unlock Fairfield in the Base Game, Though in Breakdown and Lifeline, they are very common.


    1. Claw: They will do a one handed claw attack the deals a little damage.
    2. Swipe: A quick, one handed swipe attack that deals low damage.
    3. Grapple: They will grapple you from the front or back and take a chomp out of you,dealing moderate damage.
    4. Leaping Grapple: Much like the runners, The Army zed can perform a leaping grapple that will deal moderate to heavy damage. If you are not able to knock him off of you the first time he grapples from behind, he will take an addition bite.

    Killing an Army Zed.

    1.Firearms: Only firearms that use a .50 caliber round or shotguns that use incendiary shells will work on these zeds.
    2.Melee: Just beat it to death with a stick or machete or something.
    3.Fire: Zeds hate fire, these things do to.
    4.Explosive: Everything that goes "Boom" will do.
    5.Cars: Just run them over.

    Freak #4



    Screamers are zeds that have mutated past infection. They have no arms, their chest has been ripped open, exposing it's mutated lungs. They are commonly found in Infestations, but can be found wandering the world.


    1. Screaming: Unlike the Screamers in the original SoD, Screamers in YOSE won't wait until they are super close to let out their ear piercing howl. They will now unleash their screams from about 6-7 feet away from the survivors now. Calling in all types of zeds, including, other Freaks.

    Killing a Screamer.

    1.Firearms: A bullet to the face will end it.
    2.Melee: If you are quick enough to get to a Screamer before they howl, you can hit it a couple of times and it will go down, allowing you to execute it.
    3.Fire: Screamers hate fire, like all zeds.
    4. Explosives: Anything that goes boom is not it's friend.
    5.Cars: Run it over. Sometimes it will scream when you hit it. Gives me a chuckle every time.
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    Special #5


    The Feral has gone through some massive changes in YOSE. They are faster, they are stronger, and they are smarter. The Feral will now hunt the player. The player can no longer hear their claws if hey are facing away from the Feral. And the Feral will wait for you to get out of cover if you are behind a vehicle. Mutated through infection, the Feral is a very fast, docile, and powerful freak that can kill you in seconds. They can dodge bullets like Neo in Matrix.

    Side Note: When doing the mission "Besieged", The Feral may be one of the two Freaks you encounter mid way through the mission.


    1. Claw attack/ Rapid claw attack: The feral with unleash some pretty nasty swipes that can stun a survivor and leave them vulnerable. The rapid claw attack is much like the regular claw attack but it is a wild flury of swipes that may lead to being pounced on.
    2. Pouncing: The Feral can perfom a large leap attack, When landing on top of a survivor they will pin them down and start chowing down on them.

    Another note: Feral's attacks are now unpredictable, the Feral itself is now unpredictable. Making them the MOST dangerous Freak in the game.

    Killing a Feral

    @QuarantineRoad 's way of killing a feral. Perfectly I might add. :)


    1.Firearms: Ferals will dodge most bullets. If you have bullet time you can get a nice headshot on. With some calibers it only takes one hit, with some it can take up to eight. Or you can use the Grenade Launcher.
    2.Melee: The only thing I can suggest is Dodge, then hit a couple of times, then dodge again. As I've said, Ferals are now unpredictable so it's hard when to tell if you can hit. When a Feral is dazes it will do a small backflip, that is when you should strike with an execution.
    3: Dodge and Execute: This was one of the older methods added in the previous version of the guide but it still works so what they hell. While a Feral is in mid air for a pounce, simply dodge roll (Or @HeatherLaRue s way, walking to the side) and it will faceplant. Giving you a few seconds to quickly execute it.
    3.Explosives: Landmines are acceptable. Otherwise you have to get lucky with the Grenade.
    4.Cars, kind of: Ferals now dodge cars faster than anything. I've tried backing up when it was running on my bumper but it just ran sideways. If you can, get the Feral to leap grapple at your bumper. It will then do a small backflip and become dazed. Strike then and run it over.

    Special #4


    The Feral was not the only Freak to go through changes in YOSE. The Juggernaut is now faster, stronger, and more damage resistant. Mutated through infection, The Juggernaut developed all new muscle mass and bone generation. Meaning it's not all fat. Most of it is actually muscle.
    Side Note: When doing the mission "Besieged", The Juggernaut may be one of the two Freaks you encounter mid way through the mission.


    1. Grab and Chomp: This move will easily kill you if you are below 50%. He will grab you by the neck. Pick you up and chow down on your shoulder.
    2. Ground Bash: The Jugernaut will do this if you are close to him. It has a small area effect and can do medium damage.
    3: Backhand: The Juggernaut will sometimes backhand you, causing you to fall o the ground. This is sometimes followed by the Ground Bash move, but can also lead to him doing his grapple attack.
    4: Running Shoulder Tackle: The Juggernaut in the original SoD would do this and be pretty fast. In YOSE however, they are extremely fast and can catch up with the player very quickly. Dodge this while you can!!
    5: Roar: The Juggernaut can let out a very loud roar that can attract other zombies and Freaks. Making the fight a little more difficult.

    Killing a Juggernaut

    1.Firearms: Firearms now deal less damage than before. It now takes 8-13 shots with a .762 rifle to the head to kill it. It takes around twenty with a .45 SMG.
    2.Melee: Melee combat can sound quite terible, but it's easier than it sounds. Make sure you are infront of a large rock, tree, or wall and be a little far away from the Juggernaut. He will then activate his Charging attack. When he gets close dodge roll out of the way. He will hit the object and become stunned. Beat the living crap out of him with a melee weapon until he wakes up. Rinse and repeat. I've found it takes 8 swings with a heavy weapon while dazed to kill him.
    3.Fire: A few firebombs will work on him pretty ast.
    4:Explosives: A few explosives will also kill him rather quickly.
    5: Vehicles (Not recommended): Run him over, the front tires will pop and he will be dazed. Run him over again in time for the kill. Otherwise he will get back up.

    Cut Freaks
    There is only one cut Freak from the game.

    Cut Freak#1

    The Animal Cannibal


    Description: The Animal Cannibal was actually not a Freak at all. In fact. It wasn't even a zombie! He was a human that went comlpletely insane. His outfit was made out of the stuffed animals and dolls of fallen children. The Animal Canibal only made it to the Concept stage.
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    Survival Guide
    Character Development

    List of combat key bindings

    These are the list of combat commands for Xbox One

    B=Dodge/ hold to crouch
    A=Leap attack
    LB+B=Dodge Roll
    LT: Aim
    RT: Shoot

    For PC (To be updated)
    Shift+LMB=Power hit
    Shift+C= Dodge roll.

    Knife combat

    Knives are only used when you have no primary melee weapons like a bat, machete, or sledgehammer. They provide a one hit kill to zeds, Including Army/SWAT Freaks, if attacked from behind. If you manage to hit one from behind with a knife you will do, what is in my opinion, a badass takedown kill.

    When attacking from behind with a knife you first Sweep kick and break the zombie's leg.
    It falls on it's back
    Your character hovers over it
    Slits it's throat
    and finally stabs it in the temple.
    There are a few attack animations with the knife.
    1. Old style movie slasher stabbing: Pretty much just a grab and stab repeatedly in the chest.
    2. Slicing it's throat
    3. Stabbing downward on the head.
    4. Stabbing the neck and pulling upward, removing the head.

    Watch out though because zeds can counter knifes and deal little damage.

    Also sneak killing in the game no longer alerts other zeds. So in theory you can sneak kill and entire horde with a knife if you want. But I don't recommend it.

    Skills and the perks they have.

    Leveling up your character(s) skills is pretty straight forward. I will go over each skill, what they do, and how to level them up.


    Cardio is Rule #1. It affects how much stamina you have. It takes the longest to level up. You can level up Cardio by simply sprinting. Make sure you have plenty of snacks if you plan on boosting your characters Cardio up. About twenty will do the trick if you constantly run around Snyder's Trucking Warehouse. I suggest to wait until your stamina is almost drained before eating a snack/pie.

    Once the Cardio skill is level 7, two perks will unlock:

    Marathon: Drastically reduces the amount of stamina drained by sprinting.
    Combat Endurance: Drastically reduces the amount of stamina used during melee attacks.


    Wits affects the scavenging time. The higher the wits, the less time it takes to scavenge. You level up wits by looting homes, warehouses, police stations etc. It is the second skill that takes the longest amount of time to level up. Though don't worry, for if you have a Library in the base it will give a permanent XP boost and makes gaining Wits a little bit faster unless you destroy the library.

    [Update] You can also gain wits from stealth kills. This makes it much easier to level up wits.

    Once the Wits Skill is level 7, one perk will unlock:

    Ninja: Scavenge through houses without making a sound, you can also move faster while sneaking using LB/Shift while crouch. All doors will become unlocked for the character that uses this perk.


    Fighting affects the amount of HP your character has. The higher level in fighting you become, the more HP you will get. You increase Fighting by killing zeds with melee weapons or while unarmed.

    Once you reach level four in fighting, you will be able to choose one of three melee weapon specializations: Blunt, Blade, and Heavy.

    Blunt Weapons

    Blunt weapons are very plentiful in State of Decay. Examples are the Fish Stunner, baseball bat, nail hammer, and crowbar. Blunt weapons have a higher chance of knocking an enemy down quickly. Level up the Blunt skill by killing zeds with Blunt Weapons.

    Once you reach Level 4 with Blunt weapons, you will be able to choose one of two specializations. Press LB+X to preform moves.

    1. Spinning backhand: Spinning backhand move is a has a small area of effect and will stagger enemies.

    2. Uppercut: The uppercut is a move in which you instantly knock down a zed.

    Bladed Weapons

    Bladed weapons are also very common around the map. Examples of Bladed weapons are the Machete, Kukri, Broadsword, and Hatchet. Bladed weapons have a high chance to instantly decapitate enemies. Level up by killing zeds with bladed weapons.

    Once you reach Level 4 with Bladed weapons, you will be able to choose one of two specializations. Press LB+X to preform moves.

    1.Low Slice: Low Slice is an attack that will cut off a zeds legs, except Armored Freaks, leaving them immobilized and eventually death.

    2.Decapitate: Decapitate is a slow attack that will instantly cut the zed's head off. It does not have an area of effect.

    Heavy Weapons

    Heavy Weapons have a mighty blow chance, causing massive damage to zeds causing them to stagger and fall. Examples are the Brush Axe, Fire axe, Hockey Stick, and Sledgehammer. Heavy weapons are an area of effect weapon and can knock multiple enemies down. They also instant kill a zombie if they are laying or knocked down. Level up the Heavy Weapons skill by killing with Heavy weapons.

    Once you reach Level 4 with Heavy weapons, you will be able to choose one of two specializations. Press LB+X to preform moves.

    1. Sweep: The sweep attack is an area of effect attack that has a chance of cutting zed's legs off, excluding Armored Freaks, thus completely immobilizing them until they eventually just die.

    2. Spin: The Spin attack in an area of effect attack that will knock down all enemies around the player.


    The powerhouse skill only comes with certain characters like Marcus and Amelia Crasman. Powerhouse affects the killing blow chance you have when fighting a zed with melee weapons, and also gives you better control with LMG firearms. If Powerhouse is mixed with the Blade weapon specialization, the instant kill chance increases drastically. Level up by killing everything. :eek:

    Upon reaching level 4 in Powerhouse, two perks will unlock.

    Shove: A powerful shove guaranteed to knock down a zed.
    Power Kick: A powerful kick that will stagger a zed.

    Upon reaching level 7 in Powerhouse, two more perks will unlock.

    Pro Wrestling: A special move in which you throw a zombie over your shoulders. If you press Y while the zed is on your shoulder you will slam it down on it's head. Instantly killing it.

    Double Kill: While standing still, press LB+B while two zeds are next to each other while they are attacking to perform a double kill. You pretty much grab their heads and bash them together cartoon style.


    The Reflex skill only comes with certain characters, example are Ed Jones and Sam Hoffman. Reflex affects the rate at which your stamina regenerates. Once the Skill is maxed out you will be regenerating stamina 100% faster than normal. Level this skill up by killing zeds.

    Upon reaching Level 4 of Reflexes, two perks will unlock.

    Spin kick: Spink kick is a high kick to the face that knocks zeds down.

    Sweep kick: Sweep kick is a low kick that has a small area of effect and will stagger zeds.

    Upon reaching level 7 of Reflexes, two more perks will unlock

    Leap Frog: Instantly leap over a zed and knock them to one knee.

    Dodge: Execute a quick dodge maneuver.


    The shooting skill revolves around all firearms, one you hit level 4 in Firearms you can choose a firearm specialization: Pistol, Revolver, Rifles, Assault weapons/SMGs, and Shotguns. Upon hitting level seven you will unlock the perk "Focus Aim" Which is basically Bullet Time, Focus aim will drain stamina immediately. So if you have a reflexes character it is pretty good to have. Also, when leveling up your shooting skill you will be able to move faster while aiming, you will be able to have more control of firearms, and you are able to snap to the head of zombies faster and from a greater distance.


    Pistols come in a variety of forms. There's the 50 caliber Condor, the pp22, the BZ 75, and many more. They are the most common type of firearm to find in State of Decay. The Pistol Skill affects the rate of fire when using pistols. By the time it reaches level seven you can fire as fast as you can press the button. There are no perks with the pistol skill.


    The revolver is a beautiful weapon, they usually have the highest durability out of all the other firearms. Examples are the .22 snub, The Anvil, and the Diplomat. The Revolver skill affects the stopping power when using revolvers. Upon leveling the revolver skill to level seven, a .22 snub revolver will knock down a zed faster than the mighty Anvil Hammer. Making them great against Ferals.


    Rifles are a mid-long range weapon, but can be used at close range too. Examples are the 700 Huntsman, the Dog Leg, and the SKS. The Rifle Skill affects the snap distance. The higher your level, that greater the distance you can auto aim on a zed's face. Which is great when standing on top of a water tower, or a gas station roof.

    Assault Weapons

    Assault rifles and SMGs are mostly found in either the police station, the Military stashes, or the three gun stores. They come in a large variety and some can even be switched from full auto-burst-single fire. The Assault Weapons skill affects the control you have when using all types of assault rifles and SMGs. This is great when wanting to get a lot of headshot streaks.


    Shotguns are the horde cleaners. Though at a very high cost: Bringing in more than just a horde of eight with the noise it generates. Shotguns come in two flavors, incendiary shells and regular shells. Examples are the Double Short, the 870 aggressor, and the Nitro incendiary. Incendiary shells can only be used with special incendiary shotguns. The Shotgun skill affects the "Kill zone" when firing the shotgun off. The higher the skill, the more zeds will die by one shot from close-close/medium range.
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    The Zed Guide.
    Zeds are the common enemy in State of Decay. But they come in many shapes and sizes.


    Shamblers are the most common type of zombie you will find in State of decay. They are slow, and can be outrun easily. They come in many shapes and sizes.

    1.Claw: A weak claw attack, can be dodged
    2.Swipe: A quick swipe, can also be dodged.
    3.Grapple: The shambler's grapple can be easily dodged as it is a slow attack, everything the shambler does is kin dof sluggish.

    Killing a Shambler.
    1.Use your imagination, you can kill them in loads of different ways. There's firearms, melee, cars, propane tanks, shoving over a fence and watching them land on their head, shoving them into a wall and their heads explode. Just everyhing.
    2. Rolling: Rolling into a shambler will cause it to stagger, making it easy prey for an execution by knife, and a kick to the back to knock them onto their knee.


    Runners are the least common of the normal zeds. They run fast, and can be deadly when met in a horde. They can't be distinguished in a group from far away. You may see some running across or down streets on your travels. Though runners are not as common as Shamblers, they are the MOST common in higher levels of Breakdown, so be careful! because a group of these bastards can really ruin your day if you are caught with no firearm or worse, no healing items. They are a part of the missions "Scavenger?", and "Besieged" and they are always found in hordes.

    Claw: A moderately weak claw attack, can be dodged
    Quick swipe: A quick sipe that can be dodged.
    Lunging swipe: A lunging, one handed swipe, normally donw while running.
    Grapple: The grapple from the runners are quick. Make sure to dodge roll when you see them lift both of their arms up.
    Leaping grapple: These are almost unavoidable as while they are in mid-air they will home in on the player. They can do some serious damage.

    Killing a runner
    1. Fire, grenades, shooting, melee, running them over, hitting a sign and having it kill a zed on impact, etc.
    2: Rolling: Rolling into a runner will cause it to stagger, making it easy prey for a kick to the back or an execution by knife.


    Sleepers are the zombies you will see around the map that are just laying down, sleeping. They can be both Shamblers and Runners. They won't attack you unless you get close enough or shoot at them. They will, however, get up from time to time if they hear a loud noise.

    Sleep: Sleeping zombie will just spring up and attack when you get too close. They have the same attacks as the first two types of zeds.

    Killing a sleeper
    If you are fast enough you can just sprint to one and execute it, other than that just kill it the same way as the first two types of zeds. Or you can roll onto it and it will keep it down. Then just execute it.


    Sitters are the zombies you will see around the map that are just sitting against walls, barrels, etc. They can be both Shamblers and Runners. They won't attack you unless you get close enough or shoot at them.

    Leaping Grapple: If you get close enough to a sitter they will perform a leaping grapple attack that is the same as the runners. They will have the same attacks as the first two zeds.
    Killing a Sitter:
    What I normally do is get close to one and dropkick it in mid-air. Always a pleasant sight to see. :) Other than that, use your imagination and find all sorts of brutal ways to kill them. Or you can roll into them, it will either stagger them, or knock them down. Either way, it'll make them easier to kill.
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    Survival Guide

    This guide will show you the basics on how to progress in Breakdown.

    First off, before anything else. I want to warn you about the zombies.
    In Breakdown, the zombies are stronger, and there are plenty of them. The higher you level up, there will be more and they will kill you if you are not careful.

    Back in the Zed guide I briefly mentioned that Runners are far more common in Breakdown than shamblers. In Breakdown Level 3 you will start experiencing this, Level 4 you will start noticing less and less shamblers, level 5 the Shamblers will be really rare, by level 7, Shamblers will be almost non-existant and the zombies can take over a quarter of your health away in just one bite. That's not counting the multiple bites if you fail to knock them off. Starting in Breakdown Level one, Army Freak zombies replace all SWAT Freaks, except when you have a mission to specifically kill a SWAT zombie. I recommend that you have at the very least, two characters with the Ninja skill by Breakdown level 5 as scavenging will become quite dangerous when you first start off in the higher levels.

    Choosing a New Home..
    When starting breakdown you will spawn as a random survivor (Or hero, if you have unlocked them) and they will say something along the lines of "Holy crap!". You will be put in a fight against two Runners. Dispatch them and get the mission to find a new home. Go to your map and you will see three question marks on there. Go to one of them. This is the list of possible new homes at the start of Breakdown

    View attachment 19533
    The Church of Ascension
    The Alamo Restaurant
    The Kirkman Residence
    The Savini Residence
    The Farmhouse.
    The other two home bases, Snyder's and the Fairground, are not obtainable right off the bat. You will have to work for them. Gather survivors and materials until you can move there.

    The RV..
    Once you find a new home do the usual, scavenge, build facilities, etc. and eventually you will come across a message from Lilly telling you she found a RV just outside of town. There are three major steps that revolve around the RV:
    1. Finding the RV
    2. Preparing the RV
    3. Loading up the RV

    Step One: Finding the RV
    Once you've made some progress in building facilities for the base and surviving the apocalypse, Lilly will tell you she's heard rumors of a broken down RV just outside of town. You will get the mission "Gotta be a way out..." When you open up your map you will see a green question mark, that is where the RV will be. The RV spawns at the beginning of each level and can be found before Lilly's message, but the RV has dozens of spawn points around the map. You could just randomly stumble across it while you are scavenging or doing a mission.
    View attachment 19534
    View attachment 19535
    Step two: Prepare The RV

    Once you find the RV you will then get a mission called "Prepare the RV" Go to the base section on your journal. You will find a picture of the RV next to the outposts on the bottom left.
    View attachment 19537
    There are four different types of missions for Preparing the RV:
    1. Refuel the RV: 25 Fuel; 100 Influence
    2 Repair the Engine: 25 Building Materials; 5 Fuel; 100 Influence
    3 Repair the Tires: 10 Building materials; 100 Influence
    4. Disinfect the RV: 10 Medicine, 200 Influence
    In Level 1 you will only get one of these missions, Level 2 you get two, Level 3 you get Three, Level 4+ you get all four. Most of the time these facility repairs will require a little something extra. For example, for disinfecting the RV, sometimes you might need acid. Anywho, once those repairs are out of the way, you can now perform the final step.
    Step 3: Loading up the RV
    After all repairs are met you will then be told you can load up the RV. You don't have to right away, you can loot the entire map and get the CLEO missions done if you want to, the RV will not leave.
    IMPORTANT: After you activate "Load up". Do not Leave the Valley!!!!!
    Instead, Go to the survivor part of your journal and choose the five survivors you want to go with you. You do this by Hovering over them and Pressing "Y" if you are on Xbox or "E" if you are on PC. If they are away there is an option to "Check In" which will spawn the survivor somewhere random on the map. You can avoid doing this mission by simply switching to the away survivors and switching back to your favorite, if you have one. There will be a total of seven survivors: Lilly, the five you have chosen, and the character you are playing as. Once you have them all in the RV Lilly will tell you everyone is all set and ready to go. When that happens go to the RV facility and press "Leave the valley" and you are off to the next level.
    Before leaving to go to the next level, fill one of your character's backpack up with guns or melee weapons. It will give you a nice bit of influence when starting a new level.


    For a guide on Heroes, I highly recommend going to @Nengtaka guide on unlocking them. He did a really good job on the guide.

    To the next Level..
    When you are finished repairing the RV, select your finally seven and bust out of the valley. You will spawn randomly into the next level. Where your home base is now the RV.
    The RV only has one facility and that is the Radio facility. You can have only two outposts. You are greeted with your first mission: Finding a new home.
    -To be continued.
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    Lifeline Guide

    Table of contents

    1. Black Friday/Facilities
    2. Military Outposts
    3. Sieges
    4. Rescuing cavilions/High Priority Targets.

    Black Friday

    There is only one home base in Lifeline, and that is Black Friday. Black Friday has a total of 3 watchtowers, one on the east, one on the North, one on the Northeast, which is actually a rooftop. Black Friday has a total of twelve facilities, eight of which are already built-in. and can hold eight outposts.


    Helipad: Use the helipad to call in for supply drops. There are six different supply drops.

    Basic: A small supply drop that drops food, medicine, ammo, building materials, and fuel.
    Materials: A supply drop that drops building materials and fuel
    Survival: A supply drop that contains food and medicine
    Munitions: A supply drop that contains lots off ammo.
    Weapons: A supply drop containing two random weapons, a bundle of ammo, and a few suppressors.
    Long range supply drop: A major supply drop that contains food, meds, ammo, building materials, fuel, and a rarish firearm.

    Mess: The kitchen of Black Friday. You can craft some MREs, make coffee, and make a dinner or feast. (Dinner and feast require electricity.

    Bunkhouse: Sleeping area with an option to increase wits for a period of time, this feature requires electricity

    Ops center: This are will let you research all of the goodies, pipe bombs, solar energy, the likes. It is basically the Library from BG and BD. It has three new features though.

    Supply lines: While this order is active, soldiers will constantly scavenge for small amounts of supplies.
    Thin the Heard: This will give you more time between sieges.
    Search and Rescue: This option will let you recruit more and more stranded soldiers, and will also find soldiers that end up away from home.

    Supply area: This is a basic supply area, it can be upgraded to a refrigerated supply area.

    Sat-Comms: Will let you get supply drops from Doghouse and Highroad. At a certain point in the story you can upgrade the Sat-Comms, allowing for two more additional outposts.

    There are seven new facilities in Lifeline. Two were already mentioned, The Sat-Coms and Helipad.

    Generator/Solar Array: This facility allows you to use fuel for power. The power effects the Munitions shop, and the weapons shop. You can make feasts and dinners with it, and you can turn on the reading lights for a higher wits boost in the Bunkhouse.

    Latrine: The Latrine keeps everything clean. A latrine is a must have! It protects against disease and can lower morale if not built. Also once built you will have the option to clean it once it's become too dirty. Once it's clean you get a funny little journal entry as well.

    Munitions shop/Weapons Shop: This shop allows the production of ammo. You can make every type of ammunition with this shop. The Weapons shop allows you to create pipe bombs, mines, chemical incendiaries, and lets you repair damaged weapons!

    Surgery: The surgery allows you to call in for medical advice if wounded in combat. This medical advice will not work on those who have the mood of "Injured"

    Traps: Outside of Black Friday there are two facilities that allow you to set up traps for the siege. These traps are Propane tanks, landmines, and firework whistle mines. Setting up these traps will provide to be extremely helpful when having a large siege.

    Military Outposts Location

    Military Outposts are very helpful for fighting against the undead and some can provide some good safe zones from those wandering hordes. There are a total of six military outposts in the game and only three types. If you establish two of the same type you get some extra stuff to help fight the undead. These bonuses will be seen in the radio options. (Where you go to establish the outposts.)


    Artillery Outposts are used for artillery support. If you establish one outpost you unlock an incendiary barrage. If establishing both, you unlock the artillery barrage.

    When turning right to leave Black Friday. Take the first exit right, the turnoff will have a large Pineannaorangelonguavberry billboard over it. Drive around the back of the Bronto Gas station and keep heading behind the buildings until you see the outpost. It will be behind the funeral home and next to a small warehouse.



    The second can be found in the Northwest part of the map right in front of the Wiernotta Freight company factory. Also where the F.U.C.M.E. Disaster Shelter is located. It will be off of Port Norton. You can also wait and gain this outpost with Vince.


    Satellite Uplink

    The Satellite Uplink outpost will give you sniper fire for finding the first, and give fire support (Mercenaries) for finding both.

    The First outpost is on the west side of the map on the exit to Willard Ave. Green Arbor. Across the street from the restrooms and Water Tower.


    The second Satellite Uplink Outpost is a bit tricky to find. It is on the northeast part of the map. There is a door across the street from the helicopter wreckage, underneath a Lager billboard that leads into the China Town area, go through the warehouse, take a right and it will be right next to the warehouse where you just came in from.



    Drone Outposts will give you Drone Recon for establishing one, which will let you see all zombies and buildings on your minimap. Establishing both will give you the Drone Strike, which is like an artillery barrage, but it's one, large blast.

    The First Drone Outpost is on the East side of the map off the exit to Broadway Midtown. There will be a Pineannaorangelonguavberry billboard over the exit. Take the exit and go behind Blaines Grocery, it will be behind the FUCME shelter.


    The final outpost is on the North part of the map off the Exit to Raccoon City.


    This is the map with all outposts.


    Sieges are a new component added to the Lifeline DLC, it is a tower defense style that will feature lots and lots of fighting. There are two waves in a siege, Except for the first siege when finding BF and when rescuing the first high priority target. The siege will get harder with time and how many people you have inside your base. You can and will see multiple juggernauts, Ferals, and Army zombies during these battles. It's not uncommon to see two-three Ferals running at the gates at the same time.

    To survive a siege the best and easiest ways are using Drone Strikes, incendiary barrages, artillery barrages, grenades, land mines, grenade launchers, and assault rifles using 7.62 caliber rounds. Between sieges, I suggest creating a few grenade launcher rounds. It only takes two to kill a Juggernaut and one to kill everything else. I also suggest standing on top of the roof at the northern part of Black Friday. You will be able to see every zed that is attacking making it easier to take them down. I've used this method and haven't lost a single person yet.

    Rescuing civilians/High Priority Targets
    Civilians called by a radio broadcast and High priority targets have VERY little health. The easiest way to make sure they don't die is to lob grenades at them when you reach them. It might injure them but it won't kill them, plus it'll kill everything that's hurting them. Or if you want to try and be silent you can use an assault rifle with a suppressor. But I suggest the former. Using grenades or a GL will make things a hell of a lot easier.
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    Good cause I was gonna reserve me a funny gif post. I've noticed the ferals dodge almost all of my attempt of running them over...
  9. e5futter

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    Smartass. :p
  10. I have a question and don't know if this is the right place but here it is anyways. what is the goodness base and where is it located ? it sounds like its now available across all three campaigns. thank you.
  11. e5futter

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    Added screens of all the zeds and freaks (Finally) By nightfall the RV tutorial will be ready. :)

    I'm sorry, I don't really know what the goodness base is. :(
  12. e5futter

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    Added the breakdown guide. Hope this helps. :)
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    Thanks for breakdown guide. Been waiting for It. Just got YOSE on XBONE and an really getting back into it
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    e5futter, dude nice work in progress. You are going to help out a lot of new players with this info.

    I'm still on the main game and when it comes to ferals, I noticed that one good whack with a heavy weapon knocks them back, with a few seconds to run up and do insta kill.
  15. Athan_Untapped

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    You're definitely right about dodging being the key to fighting a feral. What also helps is combat rolls; If you hold down the sprint button (LB on the X1) and dodge towards a specific direction (so on the X1, tilting the left stick and pressing B) you do a combat roll, which staggers zombies, including ferals. This is especially helpful because it keeps them from continuing their rapid claw attacks and letting you get a few hits in; just keep an eye on your stamina.
  16. Clyde

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    @e5futter For the Sleepers and Sitters just roll into them, it's much easier than trying to time a dropkick.
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  17. Also roll into screamers, they will always fall over before they can scream this way, then its an easy kill.
  18. Dutchdynomite

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    Great start to an updated guide.
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    Well done e5futter! More Pie to you!
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    Thanks everyone! The base game survival guide will be going over all of these points (and it's the longest one I'm writing out.) All of these points count for all game modes. Lifelines will be different.

    1. Combat
    1A. Melee weapons
    1Aa. Blunt Weapons
    1Ab. Bladed Weapons
    1Ac. Heavy weapons
    1Ad. Knife combat.

    1B. Firearms
    1Ba. pistols/ Revolvers
    1Bb. SMGs/Assault rifles
    1Bc. Shotguns/ Grenade Launchers

    2.Home bases
    2a. Locations and descriptions of each home base
    2b. Facilities and what they do.
    2c. Outposts.
    2d. Resource management/ CLEO air drops
    2e. Community management

    3. Character development
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