State of Decay YOSE guide for Base Game, Breakdown, and Lifeline. Forever unfinished

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    DRIVING SKILLS!!! :mad:
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    Was that WayneShitDriving again?
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    I've found another easy way to kill a Feral. If you're in any kind of car, just get it directly ahead (or behind) you, just close enough to get him to chase you. Don't try to run him over. just stop the car when he charges. he will run straight into the front (or back) of the car, he won't dodge to the side if you're not moving. At this point he's stunned so just run him over. easy peasy.

    Edit: Oh Nevermind, lol I only read half of Feral's entry, you do mention it at the car takedown methods. carry on then :)
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    I prefer to get out the truck and beat the crap out of them!! Just hate them and they hate me haha...P.S Just watched one of your vidz on youtube, not to bad buddy got a like and Sub from me...
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    Facilities are areas in home bases that you can build to further help your community. What these facilities do range from extra storage space to ammunition crafting. Each facility costs a certain amount of building materials and influence to build. Most are upgradeable.​

    Sleeping area
    Provides no beds, gives a 50% chance to fight sleep deprivation.
    Materials needed:5
    Influence needed:10
    Time to build:10 minutes
    Upgradable: yes​

    Provides 8 beds (but can be used by 16, sleeping in shifted) increases everyone's stamina by 10 (must have a bed for everyone)
    Time to build: 1 hour
    Upgradeable: no


    Basic Workshop
    Automatically repair weapons every day. 100% building speed if you have a construction expert.
    Materials needed: 5
    Influence: 10
    Time to build: 15 minutes
    Upgradable: yes

    Real Workshop
    Automatically and manually repair weapons, 100% building speed, Requires a construction expert.
    Craftables: Suppressor, Firecracker, Flame fougasse. You can also repair body and tire damage by parking a vehicle in one of the parking spaces.
    Materials: 25
    Influence: 50
    Time to build: 10 minutes
    Upgradeable: Yes

    Machine Shop
    One of two of the final upgrades for the workshop, the machine shop will allow you to fully repair vehicles and weapons, 100% crafting speed, needing a construction expert.
    Materials: 40
    Time to build: 10 minutes
    Upgradeable: no

    Munitions Shop
    The second of the final upgrades for the workshop. The munitions shop lets you create ammunition and weapons like pipe bombs, firebombs and mines, to make most of these you will need to do research in the library.
    Craftable: Suppressor, firecracker, flame fougasse, box mine, whistling box mine, pipe bomb, steel pipebomb, chemical incendiaries.
    Materials: 40
    Time to build: 10 minutes
    Upgradeable: no


    The watchtower is a vital part of the base, every home base will have a designated spot to build one, or will already have a prebuilt watchtower. BE WARNED: Any survivor with the exception of Lily will get on the watchtower. BE CAREFUL AS THE SURVIVOR MAY BE USING A GRENADE LAUNCHER AND DESTROY YOUR VEHICLES.
    Materials: 15
    Influence: 5
    Time to build: one hour
    Things you can do: Increase the safe zone around the base, making it as large as a reinforced Outpost.
    Ammo resource: 1
    Influence: 5

    Upgradable: yes

    Shooting Platform
    The final version of the watchtower, the shooting platform will let you be able to do the same things as the regular watchtower, with the addition of shooting training which will increase the amount of shooting experience you get when killing Zeds with firearms.
    Materials: 25
    Time to build: One hour
    Upgradable: No


    Medical Area
    The medical area is a must have for every base. It will not only increase the chance of recovery, but will also lower the chance of sickness from spreading.​
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    Is there a Pie pull out insert with every guide? If so, what flavor? Yumm!!!
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