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    Hey everyone, so i have noticed that not many guides are posted here or are easily visible. So i'm hoping this would get sticky'ed - I have created a few essential guides that are quite popular on the Steam Community Forums.

    Here are some of my guides that may help your endeavors in State of Decay.

    Finding the right homesite [UPDATED 25 Sep 2017 @ 5:30pm]
    Unlocking Heroes (Breakdown DLC)

    I have other posts as well, but they're not really "Guides". Also just to inform yous that these guides are not 100% complete but will be soon as I'm getting back into State of Decay! (Due to my internet issues I'm going through)

    Thank you! Kind Regards - Elite IV, Owner & Developer of XtG Community AU/NZ
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  2. I have actually found the opposite to be true. There are many incomplete and/or inaccurate guides on Steam and questions repeatedly get asked (not just with this game). On the other hand, these forums contain a wealth of information and also have the benefit of developer involvement. As a response to the thread right above this one "Check out the breakdown/rv tutorial, the individual weapons guides, outpost placement, heroes guide, combat tutorial (specifically the stealth kill), character development, resource exploits, and base development. Every answer to every question you have will likely be covered. I can stop playing the game for months at a time and come back to my game with my characters and base still running without issue based off the information in the forum guides. I'm only on BD 17 but I take breaks and the guides have served me very well." Remember to click the next page icon or use the search function if you're having trouble finding something.
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