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  1. Hey
    I'm getting slowdowns every now and then (meaning the FPS drops for a second or two).
    Which wouldn't be so horrible if my FPS didn't drop like crazy in Marshall (I've tried the suggested workaround of capping CPU usage at 75% but that did absolutely nothing).
    All my drivers are up to date. (GTX 750 2GB, A10-7800 3.5GHz, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 64-bit).
    Any suggestions?
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    Can you verify that your computer is using your GPU to play the game instead of your APU (CPU graphics card)
    Also can you confirm if you're using a SSD or a HDD
    Finally: Are your Nvidia Drivers up to date?

    e: does this happen when you're driving a vehicle or on foot?
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    I also want to pitch in with, Josh you should probably post your dxdiag in here so others can take a look at what you've already tried and how your system is set up.
  4. 1. I can't even set SOD to use the APU instead of GPU (I only see the GPU in my NVIDIA Control Panel when I choose which graphics card a program will use).
    2. I'm using a HDD.
    3. I've updated my NVidia drivers a few weeks ago (maybe two) so that is definitely not the problem as the game is over two years old now.
    It happened both while on foot and while driving a vehicle, but I was able to remedy that up to a point where it was so-so playable, but still not really good. However my FPS in Marshall is really sh*tty either way.
    DxDiag in attachment.

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