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State Of Decay Zed Theater [Post your VIDEOS HERE!!!]

Discussion in 'The Zed Gallery' started by Amelia Crasman, Nov 5, 2014.

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  1. This thread is for anyone to post thy most Valued videos. Place them for thy world of player and all thy to ENJOY!!!!
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  2. Thought we can kick off this thread with a thank you to undead labs. Srry i Spelled you name wrong @Undead Nicole
  3. Amelia Crasman Vs 2 Ferals And A Big Bastard at Once

    Song: Hero - (ft. Elizaveta) Pegboard Nerds/Hero - Pegboard Nerds
  4. comegetsome

    comegetsome Got Your Back

    well, i guess since you did a little repost of the video here i can do my descriptive one about it as well...

    GREAT appreciation video Amelia!

    Perfect music to set the tone (I know i've heard it somewhere before). I haven't heard about half of those audio clips, are they all from SoD? Possibly clips that didn't make it into the release version?
    - Maya: these weren't random thugs, looks professional
    - Maya: we're losing them left n right, I think we've got one of those eyeless freaks in the area
    - Lily: Hello!? We can't lose you please come back!
    - Lily: No! Don't leave me here alone! <screams>
    - Maya: Keep your eyes open, I don't want to get ambushed... Ed: ambush isn't really their MO, more like running at you screaming and trying to eat your face
    - my favroite-> Maya: I found a bunch a dead people while on patrol yesterday; Not Zombies, Dead People. These folks never turned. No injuries on any of them, just a single gun shot.. right to the head

    The wallpaper contest winning poster was an awesome b/g for the vid.

    Think i'm gonna watch it again right now

    Edit: Amelia says a lot of this was audio cut or that didn't make it into the game, adds up to new content for my ears :)
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  5. There are many lines that were cut in the game, but the files still exist.
    A good example would be the "Man, they're on that thing like hobos on a corndog!".
    You haven't heard that in game before right? That's because none of the XML's call for that line to be used. Theoretically, someone could produce a mod with all these "hidden" audio files. Some (including the corndog line) were used as ringtones released by UL not to long ago.
  6. i heard the hobos on a corndog, only on diversion request missions only

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  7. comegetsome

    comegetsome Got Your Back

    Looked at the playlist and became immediately curious... I see your vids are around 30-35min long o_O

    Does YouTube now have an allowable time limit of 35min per video or do you have a Directors acct like those ppl who can upload 2hrs+ long videos?
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  8. Im guessing the directors atc. But Thnx for looking :) tbh i didn't mean to post the playlist, i was meaning to remove this post
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  9. LetsPlayCatGaming

    LetsPlayCatGaming Got Your Back

    Shameless self promotion, but this trailer I did for my McReady's Farmhouse run (level 33) is probably my favourite HD State Of Decay related thing I have done, mainly because it doesn't have my dreadful voice polluting the microphone unit.

    Other than that, back when I was still new and trying to work my way up the YouTube ladder and couldn't afford good HD recording gear. I did however manage to negotioate with a fantastic country music artist to provide the soundtrack to this!

  10. Wayne, I don't think you neded to worry about self promotion. im pretty sure everyone on the forums have seen at least one of your videos. Look even im gonna do it right now
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  11. In help for those in need Assistance on Instant Counter
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  13. LetsPlayCatGaming

    LetsPlayCatGaming Got Your Back

    New trailer for my biggest State Of Decay project to date ;)
  14. spacemousetw

    spacemousetw Famous

    Holy crap~I really love your video, it really really ... funny~:p

    I can't stop to laugh~~~
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  15. Vid is still in the making. Full vid would be 15min or over, HD, and more of Them Crasman Skills!!!

    remember to comment, like and sub.(if you have a youtube)
  16. spacemousetw

    spacemousetw Famous

    Just find a funny thing that use wall with stealth kill is very useful and easy to kill zombie hordes.:)

    Actually, Sam is not well to do this thing, my best wall stealth killer is Marcus Campbell. He kill 3 zombie hordes by that wall for no hurt. Well, it could be timing problem.But I just never thought about that'll so funny so I didn't record that video.:oops:
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  18. spacemousetw

    spacemousetw Famous

    Blunt weapon execute zeds is the best neat pose~!
    But it pretty pity it very difficult to make combat no hurt. I think you should learn uppercut, because you can hit them all on the ground then execute 1 by 1, that will be easy to no hurt.:)
    You know, I am less but I really do that let my character learn uppercut and focus aim, and that's will be a good combination.:p
    You are very good in fight with zeds, I am suck on that. So I just can use stealth kill with wall this way to deal them.:)
  19. Enjoy guys!
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