state of decay-- zombies + ladders = ?

Discussion in 'Polls' started by bhansen11, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. bhansen11

    bhansen11 Banned

    We seen how agile zombies in this game we seen them jump fences jump at you but the question is are you safe from a horde that is chasing you if you climb ladders

    ADAMANTIUM Got Your Back

    With any luck basic strategies will work, I.e. heights, out run/maneuver,*duck and hide*
    (outa sight outa mind). *Be able to out smart them and barley survive, hide and lick your wounds.
  3. I would HOPE they do not, that way i could try thinning herds in towns.. for a bit.
  4. Mackenzie

    Mackenzie Starting Off

    I think it be interesting to see what you would do if you did climb the ladder and they could'nt. Where would you go from there? What if you had no where to go? I guess you would have to jump(if thats possible?). I think that by climbing the ladder, you may have just cornered you self.
  5. I'd say they shouldn't be able to climb ladders. Sure, they can be agile, but climbing ladders just feels..not right for zombies.
  6. tarman

    tarman Starting Off

    I agree with the "undead should not be capable of climbing ladders" folks, ambling over a fence/low lying structures would be believable. What's not believable for me is seeing them performing complex actions, articulate or enunciate speech, coherent thought, etc. Although some of this is used with great humorous effect in films: using tools, being able to talk clearly without lips or in some cases without a body (no lungs for speech?!), driving cars, doing chores, strategically calling in for fresh brains.

    I think having ladders/elevated positions is great. If you get stuck/cornered there I'd imagine you could radio for back-up or possibly wait them out, provided your health would last that long. That kinds gets back into the whole attention span thing though... Could you just stay the night on top of that billboard pole til morning with the hopes of them losing interest/forgetting? Then, in the morning when they've thinned out, make a break for it like an epileptic hamster running the exercise wheel!

    That second screen grab from the website got me wondering if it's a good idea to be shooting guns while stuck on top of the gas station roof. Of course, that might also be a good plan. Bring them in, drop a Molotov, and then scoot! Just like the directions on fireworks: Light fuse, get away! :D

  7. Virgel

    Virgel Here To Help

    Yah I agree, fences and stuff they can get over it isn't like it requires a whole lot of effort. Zombies have never shown really good hand-eye coordination so I don't really see how they can climb ladders.
  8. staypuft

    staypuft Got Your Back

    It definitely seems as though it would be unrealistic for zombies to have the complex thought and motor function to climb ladders
  9. ShadowFlipsy

    ShadowFlipsy Starting Off

    they said there are few types of zed mobility
    the traditional slow and the 28 days/wees later infected
    <not sure bout the slow type need to go back and check>
  10. Necrotic Eradicator

    Necrotic Eradicator Here To Help

    Hmmm, i agree with most on this post that Zeds shouldn't really be able to use ladders, since they are basically running on residual instinct . . rather than actually thinking. I suppose the Zed brain may perhaps remember shadows of what and who they were before death . . i'e . . hang around old places of work . . remembering the need to eat, but the meaning of these things are just gone.

    I suppose the ability to climb would be affected by the "age" of the zombie . . a fresh one that's recently "turned" would have the same strength to climb things a living person has (but not the thought process), where as a 3 week old zombie, could have decayed to the point that it may not even be able to lift it's own weight . . let alone climb anything. I call these ones ankle biters . . lol.

  11. Totally agree with you, (in respect to the degradation of Zeds abilities over time) but for the purposes of this game i doubt that this will be applied - although there may be certain types that can (?)
    While we're on the subject of 'climbing' - i can't help wondering if there will be an option to climb (some) tree's as well as buildings? The starting point looks worringly rural for an unarmed 'buffet' to be wandering around, plus i'm sure there will be times things go wrong & a 'good' plan goes bad.. ..i realise it's a dead end, but it would give the character a better chance than being chewed on, possibly picking them off or jumping clear? (even allowing the player to swop character & attempt a (self) rescue?).
  12. This outbreak happened weeks before you arrived, so there are no fresh zombies. Unless, you become one, that is.
  13. Hmm this is an interessting discussion :) but there are also some other poits to consider, like if this "zombie infection" can be "improved" origining other types of zed like hmm Jumpers (left4dead reference) or other zed more capable of taking much damage.

    We all know that after sometime viruses improve itself so it might be possible not to "climb" but jump?
  14. There are already specials like that. Screamer, feral zombie, fat zombie, etc.
  15. Necrotic Eradicator

    Necrotic Eradicator Here To Help

    Absolutely, i know what you're saying with respects to my point about degridation over time . . i suppose that would be taking the simulation a little too far as you say. . besides i think we'd all get bored with the game if they just rotted away in a "game month" or two . . lol. I must admit i really like what i've seen so far in the game, looks and sounds awesome. :D

    I found your suggestion about swapping to another survivor interesting, to rescue your previous playable character . . i hadn't considered that . . perhaps we'll get a lot of chances to test that out :). Although i have a feeling you may just be able to call for help via walkie talkie . . i'm sure i saw that option in the actions list in one of the vids . . but i think it costs a lot of "respect points" (I think they're called) to use it. :cool:
  16. And my plan to live in a treehouse goes down the drain...
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