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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Nov 5, 2013.

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    Yes! When you loot everything there is to find on the map, you will be able to move on to the next town and start looting all over again. However, everytime you move to a new town, the zombies will be harder and harder, and the loot will be slightly less. You can continue on for as long as you can stay alive! Good luck with that, and welcome to the boards.
  2. anyone know when it came to xbox live breakdown so that it can get?
    Pd:i am of chile
  3. I just felt like pointing out (mostly to people complaining over and over here) that you might want to get an grasp on what UL has been doing with this project. I don't play many sp games nor mmos, I would if I had the spare time to do so, I have much less experience with games than most of you guys here, but I do read interviews and check progress logs of stuff before I spend cash on it, what I can say about UL is that they're not your average money-making-screw-the-rest company. I've seen some companies throw some project out, don't get the income they expected, get on a new one, then another and so on and so forth. It gets even funny to see some of these companies interviews, you get to hear the words "budget", "break-even" and "not rentable" a lot more than actual care of content and improvement. UL are not around trying to hit all market niches and trying to please everyone, rather they're trying to get their thing as good as possible, their focus is a survival simulator, they don't try to reach out for fps fans, rpg fans, arcade fans at the same time with the quick $$$ in mind while ruining their own original focus. They are listening to people. Almost everyone believed the game felt too easy (I am one of them), so there you go, breakdown is on the way. Sure, it's not sandbow per se, it won't last for hundreds of playthroughs, but that should tell you something about the teams' right vision and lead.

    Sure, a lot of people complained about the lack of multiplayer and so on, I was a bit disappointed with it myself, but it just takes time and support.

    Congrats to you, folks. I'd just like to ask you to take a look around some game communities like Morrowind, Oblivion and so on. You can see these games are still alive and they have support and activity until this day, Morrowind is over 10 years old, I believe. I know there's obviously a humongous amount of work to be done, and several ideas (for Class 4) that haven't even been decided yet. Still, I'd just like to suggest that once you got everything sorted out, Class 3, Breakdown, perhaps after Class 4, when most things are settled, to try and consider the strength that a modding community has over an excellent game. You already have a great atmosphere, a good engine, everything is on your side with this title. If you ever allow enough room for the modders to step in ( eg. map making, unrestricted scripting, compression/decompression tools and so on) I am pretty positive you'll still have a very successful game several years from now.

    I don't like to be naming other companies, but there are many examples on how mods make even old games best sellers around.

    Anyway, just my 2c, my apologies for any grammar mistakes, english isn't my 1st language.

    Congrats again for the great and successful project.
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  4. i have little christmas now :)

  5. Just bought SoD on Steam. I'm sooo excited! Been waiting a long time for this game. Just has to download and update. Thank you guys so much, from what I have seen and heard, SoD is going to be loads of fun!
  6. Awesome. You guys are one of my favorite devs that listen to the players and deliver (to some extent anyway).
    You guys go right up the list with Cloud Imperium Games =)
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