Story Progression Halting Thread

Discussion in 'State of Decay Bugs' started by Undead Sanya, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Bob Crees

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    @Park Diesel - Welcome to the Forums:)

    Some Missions can take sometime to appear ( I am using a PC ). Do you have many 'Survivor' Missions outstanding?
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  2. Not sure what you mean by "Survivor" Missions. My base is full with 16 people, I don't radio looking for more. Did not have this issue on XBox 360 but, I got them going again by turning the game off for about an hour. Loaded it back up and immediately had a military mission. Finished that and about 5 minutes later another military mission. If I remember right, there is only the last mission remaining. I'm glad its moving along again but as I said, this wasn't an issue on the XBox 360 version. Kind of disappointing that the "better" version of the game has more issues than the original...
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  3. Undead Nicole

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    Did you do the Grange mission?
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  4. Yes, as I said in my first post all side quest story lines had been completed at the point when the military missions stopped. I finally got them going again. Three times the military missions stopped but the solution that worked for me each time was to stop playing for an hour or so. Each time I did that, I would have a military mission trigger within five minutes of play. Original game is complete and now I'm moving on to Breakdown and Lifeline.
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  5. Undead Nicole

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    Excellent! I'm glad it shook loose and good luck on your Breakdown levels. :)
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