Strange lag / game 'slowing' every two seconds [SOLVED]

Discussion in 'For PC Players Only' started by Kurgyn, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Kurgyn

    Kurgyn Got Your Back

    I'll check on that.

    Do you know if there is one for draw distance or something that has an effect on rendering?
    On a side note, some user.cfg usually cause my game to crash when I try to load or start a new game.
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  2. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    I wonder what would happen if you deleted the user.cfg file and started a new game. It would likely create a new one for you and stop that crashing. :)
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  3. Kurgyn

    Kurgyn Got Your Back

    Verified Microsoft VC Redistributable 2012 is already installed; repaired it anyway, but no change.

    Might be getting somewhere now: I tried sifting through user.cfg commands and dug out a couple I thought might have something to do with draw distance and/or rendering. The following have been inserted into a user.cfg file:
    e_OcclusionCullingViewDistRatio = 0.5

    Not quite sure about optimal values yet, but it seems to have actually made a small difference. The slowing is significantly less now and mostly contained to areas such as towns. It is still there, but I think I might be getting somewhere.
    @QMJS - Given your intimate knowledge of SoD, any idea how I should go about setting these correctly?
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  4. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    This is great news!
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  5. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    Ah, I was hoping that one of the hardware/driver settings would fix it. The configuration file changes are complicated to balance.

    The ViewDistRatio is set on specific object types to make them disappear faster in the distance (like grass/bushes/trees showing up at different ranges.)

    For the configuration settings you are looking at, some of those values are specific numbers and represent meters. The values that are between 0 and 1 are multipliers to the MaxViewDist setting.

    So, try this one first:

    The value is in meters.

    The values it sets initially are:
    Properties = {
    MaxViewDist = 25,
    fFadeTime = 1,

    I'm going to take a closer look at the rendering settings. This may be a case where changing the values in the game files works better than the cfg file, because it recalculates the distance under some circumstances (inside, outside, etc.)
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  6. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    Just to be clear... the MaxViewDist is set in meters, but it is multiplied by some other values. if you could only see 25 meters it would be quite annoying.
    The fade time value is how often it recalculates the view fade distances.
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  7. Kurgyn

    Kurgyn Got Your Back

    So what exactly should I be writing in the user.cfg?
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  8. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    Try just putting the MaxViewDist and decreasing it by 1 each time. Do it a few times and see if you get an improvement, or if it doesn't change the apparent distance at all.

    I'm looking at some of the code, and I am not entirely sure it won't get overwritten, so if you don't see any difference, then we might have to take a different approach.

    I'm setting up a test here, but I only have about half an hour before I have to leave, so I am not sure I'll get anywhere. Might have to wait an hour or so after that to do anything more.
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  9. Kurgyn

    Kurgyn Got Your Back

    That's cool, thank you for your help. I'll let you know how it goes.

    I think I've made a mistake though. I believe the user.cfg changes I previously mentioned actually have little to no effect. It seems that the issue I'm having just isn't present at all in wide open areas, such as the swamp. The game runs very smoothly when running around in fields or mountains, and only slows down when I'm in marshall and other towns, where it is extremely bad.. when I look in the direction of houses or dense urban areas, it goes in slow motion off and on. When I'm actually inside a house, it runs okay. When I'm looking toward the ground and no buildings are in the camera's view, it runs okay. When I'm looking at cliffs on the edge of the map or just open fields, it runs okay. It's something about looking toward buildings/zombies/vehicles in towns.
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  10. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    Ok, that is different sort of issue, so it is probably not related to the drawdistance. That's good, because it was starting to look like it would need modifications of this code to have an effect:

    System.ViewDistanceSet( Lerp(self.outsideViewDist, self.Properties.MaxViewDist, fadeCoeff) );

    and that would take quite some time to test properly.

    Check this: Go into town and look around a bit, and see if you can stay in the same place (probably best to climb on something so you can stay put a while)... and see if it stops eventually.

    One possibility would be a memory texture issue, where it is not holding everything and needs to keep reloading stuff. (won't stop after being there a while)
    The other is some delay in loading the textures. (will stop after a while).

    Also, if you haven't, do a file verification in Steam. The textures.pak may be having an issue.
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  11. Kurgyn

    Kurgyn Got Your Back

    Tried verifying the integrity of game cache and reinstalling, but no change.

    Stood in Marshall for about 5-10 minutes just now. Exactly the same amount of lag/slowing issue throughout the entire time spent there.
    I tested standing on the ground still for a while then running in circles, then stood on a survey point still for several minutes, then tried running in circles and still the exact same amount of slowing occurred.

    So it is definitely persistent. It doesn't go away after staying in one area for a while.
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  12. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    This one is not going down easily... but, since the problem isn't going away after staying there, I think it is having trouble getting all of the textures into memory at once. Your system has 8Gb RAM, and 4GB of that system memory useable by the graphics card. I think getting more of that memory working towards the graphics may be needed.

    Is your page file set to a specific size, or is it system managed? At the point when you ran the DXDiag, it had 2519MB used, 6877MB available, so it is sized currently as equal to system RAM, which is the default for a system memory dump if it crashes. That should be big enough, since it is only about 30% in use. If it is system managed, it can extend up to 24 Gb if necessary.

    Windows 10 likes to keep basic service hooks loaded for many applications. This isn't the entire program, but part of it that allows the whole program to start up faster when you access it. They aren't usually large, but they do add up.
    Some of the common things that you can safely shut down (if you aren't actively using them) include OneDrive, Store, Photos, Calculator, Cortana, and other apps you might have installed like Netflix. I usually shut these down when needed through the task manager... if you see something that you aren't sure what it is though, leave it alone. Depending on the specific settings though, some will start back up. By shutting down those extra things on my machine just now, I gained almost 350 Mb. Shutting down Steam and restarting it gained about another 100 Mb.

    So, try clearing as many of those as you can and start it again to see if there is any improvement.
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  13. Kurgyn

    Kurgyn Got Your Back

    I'll have to check on my page file and get back to you. As far as other apps and programs running goes, I already disabled every unnecessary program that Windows 10 starts with (in general, the whole Skype/Cortana/onedrive/onenote fiasco really drives me insane. I really miss windows 7.). All other memory-sucking games seem to run fine and SoD doesn't seem to be accessing much memory while I'm in game (maybe that's the issue?). That said, if the new "game mode" works like Microsoft claims it does, and I've had it enabled for testing, shouldn't SoD have priority of system resources anyway?
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  14. Kurgyn

    Kurgyn Got Your Back

    Page file is currently set to "automatically manage paging file size". It says the total paging file size is:
    Minimum: 16MB
    Recommended: 1910MB
    Currently allocated: 1280MB.

    I tried setting the page file manually to 5gb, also tried disconnecting mouse and keyboard and using an Xbox controller, but didn't change.
    Also, roughly 40% CPU and 3.2gb of RAM is being used while running SoD:YOSE in dense urban areas.

    EDIT #2:
    You know I blame you and your Extended Functions mod for being spoiled and not willing to go back to original SoD, right? lolll ;)
    Really though, it's awesome that you're helping me with this. Thanks!
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
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  15. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    I am going to have to think about this a while. We've looked at all the likely causes, and a lot of unusual things and don't seem to have made much progress. But, there has to be a cause, just have to figure out what it is.
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  16. Kurgyn

    Kurgyn Got Your Back

    Might just be some extremely mundane detail that will never be discovered. At least SoD2 will probably work.
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  17. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    Actually, I am not sure if we talked about antivirus exclusions. It might be scanning the PAK files every time they are accessed. Try setting that up (or on Windows Defender if you don't have a different specific Av installed.)

    Possibly there could be an improvement by unpacking the texture files from the PAK but that is relatively remote, and in some cases could cause it to be slower.
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  18. Kurgyn

    Kurgyn Got Your Back

    Well I'm definitely willing to try anything.
    I'll try disabling/messing around with Windows Defender in a bit and let you know. I probably should've tried that a long time ago.
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  19. Kurgyn

    Kurgyn Got Your Back

    Disabled Windows Defender but nothing changed. Feels like something loading every other second.
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  20. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    I'm pretty much out of ideas, except trying the texture unpacking. I think you might have to stick to the desktop machine for YOSE, and run the original version on this one.
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