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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Feb 25, 2014.

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  1. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Пережить Апокалипсис!

    We've just announced that we are in the process of translating State of Decay into Russian.

    Well, we're having it done. Our contribution is getting the alphabet working and embedded in all the right places. Someone else is doing the translation, and ye gods and little fishes, those guys have a hell of a job - a LOT of the game's language is slang, colloquialism, puns, and references that barely translate into the romance languages!

    Anyway, please give a warm welcome to any of our Russian speaking friends who may be lurking. If you're new here, the rule about posting in other languages is that you may. BUT - you've got to also post a translation at the same time, as I am frightfully monolingual aside from swearing.
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  2. gunther

    gunther Got Your Back

    dogh! the russians dont speak zombie, lol brains!!
  3. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

  4. gunther

    gunther Got Your Back

    lol! bro!
  5. gunther

    gunther Got Your Back

    thanx ! this forum is a little confounding!
  6. gunther

    gunther Got Your Back

    hey it's a puzzle ! you figure out how to speak in time lag post's , ok i i get it!
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  7. MatchesMalone

    MatchesMalone Got Your Back

    So any chance Microsoft can work with you guys to update the XBLA version? There are arcade games that have exceeded the 2GB limit.
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  8. gunther

    gunther Got Your Back

    Cool undead labs! dont pander to just the PC kids!, lol you are , the man!
  9. gunther

    gunther Got Your Back

    Ok sanya did not kick me! , lol we can talk the facts , lol UDL is a PC gamers!! game so start bending over and praying they give us a life line, lol , PLZ!!
  10. Just thought I'd point that out and cause a ruckus.
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  11. gunther

    gunther Got Your Back

    [snip] lol so a zombie life line, let us dish! lets see a not scavenger option, ? or a town that say's you get food, you get gun's, you get ,foood!, then take the clocks and dolls and timers!! shuv them, soory gotta be government correct , in the zombie apock!!!

    Edited by Sanya, who thought you were correct when you said "sorry, no politics" ;)
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  12. gunther

    gunther Got Your Back

    hey i gotta a Medal! they said keep talking, they did not stop drinking, or killilling zombies, lol .
  13. gunther

    gunther Got Your Back

    say, sorry I am drunk !!, lol they are scraping the dreg's of this monkey barrel, c'mon we gonna have fun!
  14. gunther

    gunther Got Your Back

    ok i saw the medal!! i got no advice for you! but MAKE LIFE LINE A GOOOOOD GAMME!!!!! plz a big fan!!
  15. IllBlazer

    IllBlazer Got Your Back

    This guy just won the medal!! Lol. O man.
  16. WhisperFire26

    WhisperFire26 Here To Help

    Hey I got and awesome idea! For every language translation, there is a voice actor for Lily and no one else!
  17. omgomgomgomg
  18. MrMonst3r

    MrMonst3r Famous

    Welcome Russian survivors and Удачи against the zombie horde! Hopefully that means "good luck"! :p
  19. KatArus

    KatArus Got Your Back

    Russian versions of Eve, Dead Island, and Borderlands 2 suck monkey balls. Witcher, Dead Space 3 and Skyrim do not. In the end at least 60% of puns, allegories and alliterations are either messed up either gone. I'll try it out anyway :D

    p.s. it took too much balls not to rant 'screw translation, hire 10 outsource programmers already and fix that 347 bugs that are still in the game'. I didn't rant. But i could :p
  20. Ура! Наконец то можно будет поиграть с официальным переводом! Слава России!
    Hurrah! Finally it will be possible to play with an official translation! Glory To Russia!
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