Survivor Cells

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. Ok, this thread started way back in the year of our Zombie Lord of 2012. Late in the year, but 10 months is still 10 months. Is this still an active thing? I'd be happy enough to be late to the party if it's still going on but not so much if the party is over and everyone has gone to bed :(

    If the party is over, I guess I could still have everyone over to my place for waffles in the morning. Maple syrup is on the house :)
  2. A perfect game!!!

    2 player co-op, load rucksacks into cars (max 3), have different stores for clothes and shoes, always have a second person with you, have people at outpost, assign different jobs, park cars in base, actually sleep and sit when tired, shower and eat real food, don't fatigue too quick, and less lag... Other than that, this is the best game i've played in the last 5 years!!!
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  3. I love this idea but I dont have any friends as crazy as me who would agree to do these things so Im wounded.... wait no Im not I dont need a mercy shot leave me be... Im going now lol
  4. Patrick

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    Im so darn confused by survivor cells.
  5. I'll play it with my friends (we're all crazy about this game), but we're from the other corner of the world (Arg); are you still looking for new survivor cells and can we get in?
  6. ShepardOU812

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    Is this still active? I know it started before the game was released. I think I might have a couple friends interested.
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