Survivors still dying offline when 'missing'

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TitusMaxThong, Feb 10, 2014.

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  1. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Your feedback has been noted Titus. :)
  2. Hardfighter7

    Hardfighter7 Here To Help

    oh the joys of wanting survivors to live.....and respawn when they die.......i'm no wise cracks just to clear that up right would be reasonable more to say that why not enable us to get thier stuff instead of complaining about it because "my max character died oh no what am i gonna do" this game is all about choice and desicion making and prioritizing things. i don't mean to start an argument or any some such like that i'm just saying if your THAT disappointed about the mechanic where your survivors can die while offline, then why not just accept it and move on i mean, the rest of us do why should the core mechanic that makes this game amazing have to suffer for it? it makes no sense whatsoever. there is a way you can replinish what you've lost so why complain about it?

    P.S you can get the ammo back just as easily by doing a little searching. with this ammo glitch tho you won't be able to keep it all for very long.
  3. therhino

    therhino Here To Help

    I'd like to provide counter feedback that I effing love this feature. I like the tension it provides. I've lost a couple characters to this, and they're all replaceable. Even the Heroes are replaceable. I lost a fully maxxed out survivor to a scavenger run, and the challenge of finding and training his replacement was great. Lose a max'd out character on Level 11, and then try finding his skill replacement and training that person under Level 11 conditions. It's challenging, and the challenge is what makes the game fun. If you just breeze through all the levels with a packed stable of maxed characters, is that at all entertaining? It's why I hate seeing people advocate the "RV roof riding" exploit.

    Crap, I'm rambling. What was my point?
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  4. TitusMaxThong

    TitusMaxThong Got Your Back

    Look, I get that if survivors die because I fail to rescue them that's my fault. I can accept that

    But this was unavoidable as the missing survivor mission came in literally 1 minute before I had to log off.

    A game that punishes you for mistakes is fair game. A game that punishes you simpy because I can't dedicate hours upon hours in a single sitting is just cheap.

    And FYI. I'm playing a combination of mods that makes breakdown brutally difficult with ridiculous amounts of specials spawning on certain breakdown levels. As such, I need a ludicrous amount of ammo to deal with the hundreds of bloaters screamers and ferals, and thus use characters not in use to hold spare ammo to prevent it from disappearing. And any character that isn't a max level one is essentially going to die in one bite. But that point is irrelevant. My main argument still stands
  5. KatArus

    KatArus Got Your Back

    Characters run away because you don't tend to their mood, not at a random. So it's completely your own fault that you didn't build your unhappy or scared character's morale up. Nobody ran away from my community since November. The game may have lots of crappy mechanics, but it is completely just in this aspect.
  6. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Hey guys I'm going to move this to GD. :)
  7. Hardfighter7

    Hardfighter7 Here To Help

    exactly. it's the persons fault if they run away and go missing and die not the game mechanic itself. the equation goes like this:

    Failure to raise moods=missing survivor causing them to die with the Simulation while you're away if you don't go and rescue them which takes about....20-30 seconds (i've had a run of 10 seconds once but that's because he was where the mission spawned). it will have a "Ran Away" tag but that can easily be fixed by the next time he goes missing by missing the first mission to go get him/her. also only a madman would increase the amount of freaks in this's a recipe for disaster.
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  8. Kolobian

    Kolobian Got Your Back

    The idea that your survivors CAN die during the DLC is one of the best features of it! Otherwise, there'd be no reason to really care about helping your survivors when they are in trouble/missing/etc. There'd be no point in caring about moods. There'd be no need for a counselor. That gets a tad bit boring.
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  9. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    ^ All of these. When survivors dying while offline was taken out of Vanilla I was rather disappointed because I liked that scare and horror factor of "holy crap my sick person died while I was sleeping last night" and it was one of the main reasons why I wanted the game. Because if a zombie apocalypse really did happen you would have very little control over what happened.
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  10. Personally, I don't think every game should be made for casual play anyway. It seems like many of the games I have loved over the years have been made easier, more accessible, etc in order to please the casual players, but this has often wound up making those games less appealing to ME. Breakdown is not the vanilla game, but rather a game mode that aspires to be a little bit more "hardcore" (even though it still really isn't that hard). It is described as a game that you WILL NOT survive, the only question is how long your eventual demise will take. In my opinion, off-line deaths during the simulation are an important part of the difficulty level. They remind you that when it comes down to the line, there is NOBODY you can truly trust and rely on. In a zombie apocalypse, people will die. They'll run away. They'll commit suicide. None of these things can be completely controlled. I think the simulation is an ingenious way to keep this uncertainty alive. I LIKE logging in to see if my colony is doing as well as I left them.

    Besides, if you want casual games, there are thousands of them released every year in the Apple store. ;)
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  11. FreedomFighter

    FreedomFighter Here To Help

    Titus, deal with it, you can't complain it when it is the system and rule of the game. Would you complain that soccer won't allow hand to touch the ball because it is on it rule? And the "I have RL stuff to do" can't be use to bend the rule either.
    Still, one thing that UL fail here is they not inform player about what player will get into. I wouldn't mind the big "Read This" on first time you start this game up and you can't skip it until you read it all or scroll down and hit "Accept"

    Good for me that i have useful thing that call "Google" to find information of this game and it DLC before i decide to bough it and play on it rule, i hope more player will do like i do, research and gather info first before file complain.
  12. KatArus

    KatArus Got Your Back

    Aw, come on, both SoD and Breakdown are extremely casual.
  13. TitusMaxThong

    TitusMaxThong Got Your Back

    I am perfectly fine with having survivors die because I failed to rescue them in time. I am perfectly fine with having a game that punishes you for mistakes you make DURING THE GAME.

    And perhaps you can't deal with having up to a hundred bloaters and screamers attacking you at the same time or occupying a single infestation site, and I can, that's not the issue.

    And I would appreciate not being called a 'casual'. In every sandbox game, I have modded it my games to increase the difficulty multiple fold. I have modded my game to make resource packages deliver less resources, for commons to down even max level survivors in one bite, for there to be dozens upon dozens of specials appearing at the same time and for even a single zed to total a vehicle if hit head on. Does that sound like a casual gamer to you?

    My issue with this is that it seems the only way the game can beat me is when I'm not playing it.

    @ FreedomFighter. That's a stupid example. One that could be likened to my complaint is if TEAM A decided to play a game against TEAM B while TEAM B was not even present in an unscheduled game, won, and decided to claim that as a legitimate victory. And it's called football everywhere else in the world

    but whatever. I'm entitled to my opinion and you are to yours. Have a good day everyone. I hope ferals get you >:3
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  14. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Hey you are entitled to your opinion, but from now on, you are required to follow the rules of the forum and be civil / polite etc.

  15. monolith1985

    monolith1985 Starting Off

    it doesnt just happen with moods, i had a character out doing a run, and "something just came in over the radio" meaning hordes spawned in and the character went missing, played for ages before going to bed because it never gave me the find missing person mission, character is dead the next day. unavoidable
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  16. Jsnazz

    Jsnazz Here To Help

    You said you return back to the game after 30 minutes of meeting. May I ask what kind of meeting? because if you care so much about your survivor, you should just pause the game and do your thing while leaving the PC on but monitor off : )

    Why? because this game teach us a very important lesson that serve us well in real live and that's you never leave your friend or family member stranded when they needed you the most. This mean if you love them , you'll have to pause what ever you're doing and go help them right?

    Even the badass Rambo need friends too to make it out alive.

    You get my drift brotha?

    ps. Don't use mod to ramp up your difficulty because one thing lead to the others.

    And by that I mean you're force to enable infinite grenade spam, God mode car, infinite ammo etc and now you'll have to deal with out of control infestation and missing survivors.
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  17. FreedomFighter

    FreedomFighter Here To Help

    Accept and follow the game rule peacefully or walk away. Majority of us are fine with it. Why would we care for only for you? Your post are nothing but fill up with rage and anger that the game not play by what you want so it is clearly that you don't like the rule and mechanic that this game offer, i recommend you to find other game that fit with you best.
  18. VladimirKenju

    VladimirKenju Got Your Back

    Vanilla before the first TU was especially dangerous during the simulation. And i absolutely loved it. Butterflies in your stomach every time you logged back on. " oh shit, 5 People ran away, 3 died, 4 people are sick and I can choose between 2 friends to play. Well shit, guess i better get my ass kicking boots on, its gonna be a long ride."
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  19. LiNanMian1984

    LiNanMian1984 Here To Help

    Vanilla before TU was A form of Hell...

    Well compared to what we got now... Far more Hell than Hell.

    If BD could work under a Non-TU (no new loot system, no reporting in/roof ride, no fixes, changes or "upgrades" then xbox version would be almost impossible to progress past level 12.

    But as for harping about how the Sim kills you every time...

    I am not allowed to laugh on forum... But the instant I have done typing... I will burst out laughing at your expense.
  20. GTigers55

    GTigers55 Here To Help

    ^^^^ What do you mean you aren't allowed to laugh on forum?
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