Survivors still dying offline when 'missing'

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TitusMaxThong, Feb 10, 2014.

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  1. LiNanMian1984

    LiNanMian1984 Here To Help

    It is very impolite and a form of insult to laugh at another's misfortune.

    And as my mother once said..."If you ain't got something nice to say, shut it, and don't say anything".

    But unfortunately.... I respect the Mods, and I respect their forum rules (even we are almost all guilty of breaking 1 or 2 rules now and then)

    But as for "not laughing on forum"... At a harmless meme, yes sure we can laugh... Laughing
    at the Above guy's post about how he is "Epically Awesome" and is the ("world's greatest SoD player") "good" and how we should "worship" and "respect" him... That is where laughing is not allowed.

    As we have to respect fellow forum members as we wish to be respected ourselves.

    But otherwise. I use the functions on forum given to us to deal with people like that.

  2. GTigers55

    GTigers55 Here To Help

    I thought it was some chinese internet thing honestly (saw you couldn't get on some blog)... sorry for my over thinking.
  3. therhino

    therhino Here To Help

    I believe that is actually related to Mood. From what limited understanding I have of the Mood system, events trigger reactions based on existing Mood. So if you get the Too Many Hordes event (which I seem to get three minutes after logging in every time), a character with a "Stressed" mood might flip out and run. One with a Suicidal mood might off themself. Someone with an Optimistic mood might be simply downgraded to Normal. (Those are all theoretical examples of moods, I don't know all the names and tiers).
  4. Redstar

    Redstar Got Your Back

    I dont know why some people are saying it's the players fault and to just "deal with it", when it isn't the players fault. Sometimes it is, but not when a character dies when you literally cant stop it, because you arent playing. I'm going to be able to record gaming footage soon and keep doing that when I play the game until a character dies when the game is off to prove how unfair it is to force you to keep playing when you dont want to or literally can't, and then lose a character because of that. Having nothing to do with the player. If someone goes missing and I dont go and find them, then they die. that's obviously not a problem, because I had a chance and failed to use it.
    If I'm not even given that chance, that is 100% unfair. Life is unfair?Yeah, so what? This is video game. You cant play it 24/7 like you can life. So we shouldnt be expected to take care of fictional characters 24/7. This isnt a virtual pet/tamagotchi that we can take with us.
    If someone goes missing, that is not the problem. The problem is when you can't save the person because of real life. People need to understand that.
  5. Hardfighter7

    Hardfighter7 Here To Help

    heheheh i'm not even gonna try anymore since people don't get what this game's intentions are and what makes it an amazing game. i'm sorry i just can't get anything past the complainers heads anymore, i'm done. goodbye. sorry if any of ya'll think it's unfair to lose characters over the simulation but count the blessings ya'll have compared to vanilla when this type of thing was still active. it's tremendous lol i just can't do it nomore i'm washed out with explaining....
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  6. Kolobian

    Kolobian Got Your Back

    I'd say it's 95% preventable, 5% random. There is a little bit of randomness, but it's largely preventable if you keep your survivors feeling safe (outposts set, cleared infestations, enough supplies, etc.) and feeling productive (by rotating who you play/watching moods). If you have a problem of runaways where it's happening frequently, it's something you are doing or not doing. The only time it's out of your control is during the simulation, and if you have a counselor they'll stop runaways/suicides. Seriously, I can count the number of runaways I've had on Breakdown on one hand--and that's including multiple games (on different accounts) where each group has made it to level 15, at least. It did happen once in awhile, but very rarely.
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  7. Bea$tTeam101

    Bea$tTeam101 Got Your Back

    can you fix that please
  8. WillieSea

    WillieSea Famous

    What's to fix? Take a look at Kolobian's post above. This is a 'group survival' game not a single survivor game. You must keep your entire base safe or people stop feeling safe and run off and usually die. Especially during 'simulation'. I keep my base safe and have NEVER lost anyone to simulation death. And Steam says I have 578 hours played in the game, so its not because I have not played the game much.
  9. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Willisea is right, keep your people happy, clean out all Infestations, have a Medical Center (not sure if a Kitchen also helps). The first time around in BD, I was having 3/4 people for missing and die at the same time. At level 8, I restarted and now I have had only one guy go missing, but that's been during 'Game Time', never during the Sim. Having just moved to Level 2, I hope I have set everything okay, else when I log back in, I might have lost everyone lol.
  10. Bea$tTeam101

    Bea$tTeam101 Got Your Back

    I always do that they still fucking run off im getting sick of them dying that's why I'm not playing sod until lifeline comes out please fix that thing where your missing survivors die when your not playing sod breakdown.
  11. GTigers55

    GTigers55 Here To Help

    Don't leave missing survivors when you get offline. It is a game feature for a reason.
  12. ZedHuntress

    ZedHuntress Here To Help

    I agree with the people before me.

    Keep your people happy (enough supplies, high morale, no pending morale related missions before logging off), the environment relatively safe (establish outposts, clear infestations, have a good medical facility) and pick up any survivors who are missing or in trouble before logging off.

    It's probably not what you want to hear, but I don't think this is going to get fixed, since it's a feature of the game :)

    Just give all the suggestions people gave you a go and you'll see that this problem will become near non-existent (except for the random events of course) :)
  13. Bea$tTeam101

    Bea$tTeam101 Got Your Back

    If it doesn't happen to the vinilla game it shouldn't happen to breakdown I almost have every hero in my community every time they go missing its all a bunch of bullshit I always keep them happy they keep running away for NO FUCKING REASON this should not be a game feature at all how do I bring down morale for does bad things to happen like lily getting killed
  14. ZedHuntress

    ZedHuntress Here To Help

    You shouldn't forget that breakdown is a lot harder than vanilla. Less resources, more freaks, more infestations etc. Therefore it is harder to keep morale up and survivors will go out by themselves more (to hunt freaks, find supplies, etc.), which brings more risk of them getting in trouble/killed :)

    Also Lilly cannot be killed (unfortunately for some :D)
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  15. ZedHuntress

    ZedHuntress Here To Help

    I'm starting to see why your survivors are running away :D ;)
  16. Alan Gunderson

    Alan Gunderson Here To Help

    I don't think you understand the severity of when the game tells you that somebody has physically gone missing and is in trouble.

    Choosing to put other priorities ahead and having them not come home because you basically left them out there is your fault for having them WANT to leave or HAVE A REASON to leave and having them show up dead is the consequence because you didn't get them back when the opportunity was there.

    It's not a bug, it's not a bad decision. Your friend was lost and in trouble. And you turned off the game, whether with a legit reason or not, and they turned up dead when you got back.

    And technically, them going missing the first place is a consequence for something else you had done. The fact you actually have the opportunity to rescue them back is a lucky situation.
  17. Bea$tTeam101

    Bea$tTeam101 Got Your Back

    yea I got a very bad temper even when my survivors take resources with out a good reason they get punished but if its one of my good people I wont care
  18. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Bea - I don't really think you can blame Lily for your poor Gaming. That's like complaining that your machete has just broken, even though it went 'yellow' a hour ago. And please don't use the C word, as its not very nice.
  19. Bea$tTeam101

    Bea$tTeam101 Got Your Back

    im not really blaming her for that besides my character's skills are better than that bitch shes bad at everything except for gossip like that's useful I kill survivors that sucks at everything except for the men cause they got awesome character models that bitch can die for all I care i'd bury her in her mothers grave
  20. UlsterFry1690

    UlsterFry1690 Got Your Back

    Bea, just keep telling yourself - "it's only a game"...I mean, you "punish" game characters...really?
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