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Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by SwissArmyKnife, Jan 20, 2014.

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  1. Updated.

    It was missing "cal" at the end of the bullet line.

    .50 Cal bullets were also reporting errors, fixed it as well.
  2. MTM1977

    MTM1977 Here To Help

    Thanks for the quick fix, i will test it next time i play (later today).
    Another thing i have noticed is that 44 and 45 bullets both show "44" in the Ammo press (45 is shown in the details text though).
    They both work correctly, but just wanted to let you know.
  3. angrysquirrel1

    angrysquirrel1 Starting Off

    Wondering if you could incorporate QMJS Minimal Facilities -Breakdown- Destroyable Parking Lots-110-1. It would be nice to have destroyable parking lots but it looks like if I use this mod I'll lose your mods (I want to run your dreams of a spaceman and expanded mission timer mods).

    One other thing. Is this compatible with your brimstone mod? Do I install brimstone first and then dreams and extended mission timer second? Thanks!
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  4. Files that are changed by Brimstone are generally not compatible with other mods.

    Dreams will take out any other Brimstone changes to facilities. Extended mission timer should be okay as I don't think anything important got overwritten in it.

    QMJS' big mod (assuming Parking Lots is part of it) makes a lot of changes and I'm not comfortable incorporating it until QMJS is ready to let others experiment with it.
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  5. myfirstme

    myfirstme Starting Off

    I am using the Custom Mission Timers mod and it works well. Maybe too well, since I am not getting any missions. How long should it take for new missions to show up? Can more than one mission be offered at the same time? Can the mission timers be changed without starting a new game?

  6. RecentMissions turns off most missions for up to an hour later. Story missions shouldn't be affected.

    I can remove the RecentMissions changes and then it should be firing off missions about every 30 minutes if that'd be easier.
  7. myfirstme

    myfirstme Starting Off

    That would probably work better for me. Will changes work on a current save game or do I have to start over? I should also be able to do the changes myself, if you point me in the right direction. Then you don't have to change the mod just for me.
    1. Open Missions.xml
    2. Find/replace OutputDuration="30m" OutputId="Status.RecentMission.Neighbor" with OutputDuration="3m" OutputId="Status.RecentMission.Neighbor"
    3. That resets the RecentMission timer back to 3 minutes (default timer)

    1. Open rtsevents.xml
    2. Go to line 1723 <Event Id="fsEvent.RecentMission_Neighbor">
    3. Change the following lines to a reasonable timer for yourself
      1. <RTSStat_SetBool DurationCancellable="" OutputAmount="true" OutputDuration="1h" OutputId="Status.RecentMission.Neighbor" PauseWhenOffline="" />
      2. Missions are set to be longer early and then decrease as you progress.
    4. Go to line 1767 <Event Id="fsEvent.RecentMission_Away">
    5. Repeat step 3
    Default is 7, 4, 3 for rtsevents.xml changes

    Changes should work on a current save game as it has to call/update the timers every time you complete a mission.
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  8. myfirstme

    myfirstme Starting Off

    Many thanks, great guide.

    I applied the changes but either it didn't work or it's still working too well in blocking missions. In about 90 minutes I got 1 story line mission and 2 "too many hordes" (is that even a mission?).

    So, how could I change the mission timers themselves?
  9. Hello, i would like use your mission timer together with shens compilation. I had a look at your file but, being a novice, didn´t get much out of it. Would you be so kind and tell me wich lines have you changed for your mission timer, so i can merge it with
    shens rtsevents?
  11. Thank you. Do i still need your win.bmd file?
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  12. @lasch Nope and you'll need to use xml2bmd to make a new one.
  13. Cool, i learned something. :D Thanks!
  14. BloodnAshes

    BloodnAshes Starting Off

    What lines of code do I need to change/add to facilities.xml to create any ammo for a cost? I came here to download the mod that used to be the first one in the thread (dreams of LL, I think), but you seem to have removed it yesterday; I was going to look for myself how to do it, but I figure now I'll just ask...

    Edit: I have your "better facilities" already from about 2-3 weeks ago, but I've done many modifications to the facilities.xml since then so I just want to add the ammo options, thanks already for the better facilities though!
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  16. BloodnAshes

    BloodnAshes Starting Off

    Thank you, but I think I have to change my "screen-name" as being called "blood" makes me feel like a serious d-bag LMAO
  17. BloodnAshes

    BloodnAshes Starting Off

    Should I fix this? Or is it supposed to be like that?

                      <DescriptionText Flags="" Notes="" Text="Very powerful round for large frame revolvers, pistols and long range rifles." />
                        <InventoryIcon Name="Ammo_50cal" Id="63" />
                      <NameText Flags="" Notes="" Text=".45cal" />
  18. Fix it.

    I wrote the Ammo mod before Lifeline actually released so it's using my not-so-proofread version of coding. I actually had to go back and rewrite some of it when a NexusMod commenter pointed that out too.
  19. BloodnAshes

    BloodnAshes Starting Off

    Thanks, I hate all the UI changes you have to make when you change a value like that; bound to miss one at least...
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