SwissArmyKnife's State of Decay Classic (Base Game) Mods

Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by SwissArmyKnife, Jan 20, 2014.

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  1. Did you remove your source code for some reason? I don't see any xml files in your downloads and I wanted to see how various things were changed and to what, and apparently no one has ever figured out how to decompile .bmd's(so basically it's Exactly like Skyrim modding; if the author doesn't include their source, you're boned, as there's no .pex decompiler)
  2. The XML downloads should be in there now.
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  3. Very many thanks.
  4. breakm

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    Hey SAK. Which facilities can be upgraded? I merged Brimstone with Better Facilities, Custom Mission Timers and Military Surplus into a single mod and im trying to figure out if everything is working as intended.

    Im at the church at the moment and none of the built in facilities can be upgraded.
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  5. @breakm
    Any facilities that already come with the base should be upgradeable to the max form.

    As an example, Savini's watchtower should be upgradeable if done right.
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  6. where can i download the mods, the links appears broken.
  7. YojimBeau

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    Swiss has his mods available on the new fan forum, since this one is shutting down tomorrow.
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