Teaser: New Game. Not SOD.

Discussion in 'News From the Lab' started by Undead Sanya, Jul 30, 2014.

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  1. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    This relates to the release of Moonrise.
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  2. Vixrock

    Vixrock Starting Off

    What happened to the SoD MMO? Is that not happening anymore?
  3. Que es lo siguiente? quiero mas zombies, mapa grande en Ciudad y praderas, co-op online de 30 a 60 jugadores, clima, personalizar a tu jugador, vista primera persona y vista tercera persona, motocicletas, crear fuertes, murallas, helicópteros, sniper, cocinar, camuflaje, zonas de cuarentena con dificultad alta y recompensas, misiones de suministros, crafting, cazar animales, trampas!!! Woooooow creo que es mucho lo que pido, pero seria excelente y un gran reto y por su puesto un gran juego, queremos ese algo que le faltan a otros juegos y que sobran esos elementos en las películas, porfavor que sea un juego de zombies para la nueva generación :D
  4. Zombie_Coats

    Zombie_Coats Here To Help

    lol... yeah snap your fingers thrice, twirl on the spot twice, blow candy kisses four times and your wish may come true! :p

    Seriously you do know that stuff gets worked on over time and dev companies never work on just one project at a time!? :)
  5. Translation:
    "What next? want more zombies , big map City and meadows, online co -op of 30-60 players , climate, customize your player, first person view and third person view , motorcycles , build forts, walls , helicopters, sniper , cooking , camouflage , quarantine zones with high difficulty and rewards , missions supplies, crafting , hunt animals , traps !!! I woooooow think it's much I ask , but would be excellent and a great challenge and of course a great game , we want that something that you are missing other games and leftover those elements in the movies , please make it a zombie game for the new generation"
  6. XzerothreeX

    XzerothreeX Famous

    Thank you, Kid. I approve this message.
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  7. Dat Necro though...
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  8. K2fbliss

    K2fbliss Starting Off

    Sanya has stoked the fires to get people chatting
    its not about zombies, but I wonder if the game will have easter eggs of zombie references in it
    this is undead labs after all
  9. Their game is called Moonrise and so far, I personally have seen one easter egg for a member here.
  10. Vixrock

    Vixrock Starting Off

    A full blown MMO requires tremendous amounts of resources. Unless your Blizzard or another mammoth gaming company you are dedicating everything you have to its development, and even by doing this you are planning for a 2-4 development cycle.

    I'm not discounting Undead Labs efforts in creating games - far from it. To create a AAA type MMO (and not a single player RPG with a tacked on co-op) small to medium sized publishers will be hard pressed to develop side projects in parallel with an MMO.

    Hence my question still stands.
  11. Zombie_Coats

    Zombie_Coats Here To Help

    Why would you think they would cancel production in the main franchise....? Completely. Without even an announcement however small or informal....
  12. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    We're not done with the SoD franchise but we cannot talk about any future projects right now.
  13. ArcherBird

    ArcherBird Got Your Back

    No quiere más zombies porque son muy mal. El administratós no les Gusta personalizar porque no es correcto. El videojuego tiene jugedor specifico Para más videojuego. "State Of Decay" tiene cocinar y sniper. yo quiero Los animales también. ¡Los animales son fenomenable!
    No co-op online de 30-60 porque es pequeno. ¡Online co-op de 100-200 es muy grande y perfecto! Pero el "thread" es veiejo. El videojuego es MoonRise. El thread de class four Es para vas.

    (Sorry for my Spanish, but as the teacher always said practise practise practise. ;):):)tehe)
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  14. TitusMaxThong

    TitusMaxThong Got Your Back

  15. Tu español está bien y gracias por la respuesta, pero todos queremos mas zombies, mas acción, tener mas retos y poder jugar con toda la comunidad de State Of Decay en línea, sería increíble jugar contra 100 o 200 jugadores a la misma vez
  16. Rock33B

    Rock33B Here To Help

    NDA's everywhere :)
  17. ArcherBird

    ArcherBird Got Your Back

    Habla englés? Tu Lees mi englés, ¿verdad? o_O:rolleyes:
  18. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Guys, one of our rules is that we speak English on the forums. Simply because I am unfortunately not multi-lingual and I can't moderate. :)
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  19. I (Google Translate and Bing Translate to clarify the general message) could translate? :)

    The language barrier nowadays, when technology is present, isn't much of an obstetrical.
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  20. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    *whispers* It's in the rules.
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