Teaser: New Game. Not SOD.

Discussion in 'News From the Lab' started by Undead Sanya, Jul 30, 2014.

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  1. Yes Ma'am, I won't bring it up again :)

    (And I can't believe I made another typo in a message... I try and proofread these things... ughghhgh)
  2. Spell-check says ughghgh should be ughughugh :p
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    No co op ......................
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    Also, as Undead Labs stated before, development of State of Decay helps them build towards the MMO. But building small chunks of systems helps them work out the design. They can use the a good deal of the logic for the systems behind State of Decay for use in whatever projects they work on in the future.

    It would take a longer period of time, but then they are getting feedback more often instead of near the end of the MMO's initial development phase.
  5. <<<<
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    So I can't stop loving them zombies... I just... I've been playing since the original and now yose and its honest to gerawedd my absolute favorite game. Over anything. Which I never thought something that started as an indie game, albeit the most amazing indie game created would ever do for me. And I love zombie apocalypses and the roleplaying that comes with that. Now I've seen that moonrise you guys have made and it looks to be really good. So I think I want to try that out as well as everything you guys make (despite no zombies, which I must separate my love of that game for all your other lovely games that will come in this future.) So I am excited. My only regret is not having joined the undead labs forums and community sooner! : )
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    now that you told me that sod or zombies arre not involved i am very VRY
    and also drunk
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    I got it! you are secretly making the new sims (zombie addition) live the life of a zombie right?
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    H1Z1. Open world zombie survival MMO
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    Just had a crazy idea for a State of Decay MMO: players can choose to play a zombie and depending on how many non-zombies they kill, they can advance up to one of the bosses. I think I will be a feral because I hate them soooooo much. :)
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