The best homebase possible?

Discussion in 'Polls' started by Tsewe, May 9, 2015.

  1. A school

  2. A farm

  3. A (small) airport

  4. A (small) hospital

  5. A (somewhat big) church

  6. A jail/prison

  7. A stadium

  8. A manor

  9. Other (please write down your idea!)

  10. A warehouse

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  1. deadlineclick

    deadlineclick Got Your Back

    And yeah, a pic of the domes crib would be dope. Another contractor we sometines do business with built a dome shaped house but underground too. He has an upper part (upstairs I guess? But kinda seperate) above ground. Small greenhouse too. He is eccentric too, an award winning architect. I'd love to have that place. It self heats and cools within normal weather ranges for VA. Only thing I don't like is it practically sits directly underneath powerlines. He probably got a deal on the land because of that.
  2. JCass

    JCass Got Your Back

    This is a photo I took before we put in the walls.

    The reason its centered on the floor is because I was showing off the Concrete Stain that was applied. I have some pictures of when they were putting up the initial walls, but I haven't been keeping up on development since Early January in terms of photos.

    In any event just having that floor put in was a miraculous feeling although they kinda screwed up the Floor in the Library because it wasn't properly leveled, and there is a noticable dip...
    What we did to alleviate this was take a minor Load bearing post, and Contoured to fit in that spot so as to make the best use of the area.

    Anyways I'll try, and go in there tomorrow with a TLR-1 "Flashlight", and snap some photos.

    Without a Flashlight it feels like I'm walking through "Pennywise the Clowns Happy Time Playhouse of FUN!"
    Oh and FYI in the photo that is one of the full Bathrooms on the Right...Consequently the guys who put in the Floor removed a Box Full of Sand that was marking where the Shower Drain was supposed to go which cost me another $200 because I had to have them cut out over half a foot of Concrete to connect the Pipes...I'm not exactly sure why they didn't simply connect it to the surface, but I honestly don't care at this point...Its done!:rolleyes:

    In Photo 2 you can see one of the 3 Primary corners of the Dome, and on the Right side is where the Utility room currently resides. I'll make a point to get some more photos up soon.
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  3. SomeRandomGuy

    SomeRandomGuy Famous

    I'd be going for an island on a freshwater lake, and being in Michigan that's not so difficult to find. Zombies can't swim and no longer have their higher brain functions (arguably some of them may not have had much in the way of higher brain functions beforehand either) to do things like correct for current, so even if they try walking across the bottom they'd wind up being pushed way off course. Growing crops would be no problem, and I'd see about getting some Chickens for meat/eggs. Solar panels would also be a priority.

    I would, of course, be fortifying it for the inevitable hostile incursion because no matter where you go there's always going to be losers who want to take your stuff.
  4. JCass

    JCass Got Your Back

    You'd probably still have to worry about Zeds randomly popping up on the Island Shores in all directions due to the fact they are scattered too, and fro, and being that it would be on Water as you said your naturally vulnerable to incursion.

    Also Growing Crops COULD be a problem, but seeing as you'd be on the lake the Growing Season would be the longest compared to inland areas.
    Finding Solar panels would require repeat trips back to land which would not be fun.

    Something to also take into account is what is your Region's Solar Output for most of the year? If you have a 275 Watt Panel, and it only draws 1/4 of that on most days your going to need a crap load of panels...

    Also in terms of Chickens those SOBs are quick, but keeping that in mind the Zeds would probably have a worse time of it with the exceptions Chickens inherently are not distance runners, and would probably become overwhelmed from all sides, and dog piled unless they are imbued with an overwhelming sense of terror that forces them to make an unofficial attempt for the Chickalympics...o_O

    Anyways here is a link from MSU regarding Growing Seasons in Michigan.

    PS: How do you safely harbor your Ship against Heavy Storms for Long term Habitation? Only thing I can think of is that if the Island is large enough... Attempt to build an artificial harbor, but this would require an immense amount of Heavy Equipment, and Constructive Knowledge.

    Other Alternative is collect as many Dingy Craft as you can muster, and drag them to High Ground to ensure you always have spares.
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  5. SomeRandomGuy

    SomeRandomGuy Famous

    Chickens would actually be easy to get from the plethora of Chicken coops around farm country. Solar panels wouldn't be for constant power, more to charge battery banks to use for stuff that's not on all the time like a washing machine (hey, clean clothes are good to have), water pump for irrigation, etc. Yeah they'd be a bit hard to find but worth it in the end. Though honestly windmills would probably be better for power depending on where it is, where I've moved to near the middle of the thumb it's almost constantly windy and there's even a windmill farm not too far away. The added benefit that they can also be used to pump water directly if set up properly.

    As far as the random Zombies that would pop up, that's what fortifications are for. A moat with sharpened sticks at the bottom would be plenty to keep them at bay, add a log barricade inside that perimeter and they're not getting inside unless there's so many that they fill the moat and make a pile high enough for others to climb over. Probably not going to happen out on an island.

    Boat, yeah, likely wouldn't be going for anything big, I'd most likely not be alone so we'd go out in one or two boats and each bring one back, a few trips like that and we've got a dozen or so small boats. Easy enough to drag a few into whatever fortifications we have set up to keep them out of the weather. But I also wouldn't say no to a nice cabin cruiser or catamaran to use for big supply runs when we need a lot of something or some big objects, like an engine or generator.

    I'm fairly familiar with growing seasons so crops wouldn't be a big issue, the possible exception if it's a wetter than normal season. If it's dry you can irrigate but if it's too wet there's not a whole lot you can do unless you're on really sandy soil.....which may well be the case on an island.
  6. Well a prison would be good because it has fences and you can farm outside of that, and a airport would be kinda good for reasons like flat surface like the runway so you can see far
  7. JCass

    JCass Got Your Back

    Hey on that note Brother in terms of washing Clothes instead of using a Straight Washing Machine, and Dryer...There is another matter to consider.

    Water...I'm not sure if you'd intend to use a Slow Sand Filtration method, but being that your essentially living on an Island at this point....
    The off chance of procuring the essentials for Digging/Drilling a Proper well that isn't subject to Surface Contamination would not be easy...So in terms of Laundry I'd settle for a Wash Board, or better yet a 5 gallon bucket +Lid with a Hole in the Top in addition to a Laundry Plunger.

    Regardless it sounds like you got some Great ideas, and I'm thinking for long term it might be wise to look into Off the Grid Solutions as well to preserve your Energy System....

    For example since I'll be Off Grid probably come Winter this year...

    I've got an Offline Copy of the entire Wikipedia I downloaded Legally from Kiwix that I definitely would probably spend more of my Electricity committed to keeping my Offline Digital Library functioning then I would trying to run a Dryer, or Washer. However on that Note when I called the Solar Company I specifically stated, and I quote..."Come Fall I need to get my Fallout 4 on...So I'm gonna need me some Panels!"

    In any event my neighbors have been living their own Version of the ZA for the past year, and a half with no Electricity, or Running Water....and on some Days the Husband looks like Rick Grimes on a bad day only Dirtier.

    Oh and fyi I Helped Kill a Rattlesnake today...

    Thats twice in Two Weeks...

    Tis the Season...What I found impressive was the fact my neighbor has killed so many of them he pretty much decapitated this 4 Foot Long Snake in a well placed strike.

    Scary thing was it was 3 feet from where everybody had been walking, and nobody had a clue until the Cat poked its head under the Generator...

    Friggin Zombies man...And yes that analogy is sound...You chop a Rattlesnakes head off it still tries to bite you....Friggin Zombie Bastards! :mad:

    Oh, and as a continuation of those Photos... Here they are as promised, and I hope you like. First two are Backdoor, Then looking from Living Room, Through to Kitchen, into the Cloak Room (Zombie Detainment area) and finally random shots horizontally of the Library, and back towards the Utility Room, and then into the Attic wherein the Lovely Ms. JCass does her best to pose like a Jackass while pretending to be a Zombie attempting to eat my Meaty Roast...and yes I know that sounds bad, but y'know its what Zombies Do...
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  8. JCass

    JCass Got Your Back

    If its Underground it probably won't matter as much being that it would be in theory Grounded, and if its anything like my place it has Grids of Rebar running all throughout the Structure, and honestly with Cost of Land in VA I think his approach was a great idea given the nature of living under powerlines....I.E Tommy Boy...In terms of Heating it generally is 15 Degrees cooler then the Outside, but with the added Insulation I suspect this winter is going to be damn cozy...I also originally had plans to integrate the front of the house as a Greenhouse, but that plan went down the Drain due to Funding, and Drainage issues. Consequently an old Trailer I picked up as a Freebie got Torn up when 50 Cattle Plowed through it...Not sure what happened, but suffice it to say it ain't going to be moving ever again... Should be fun trying to Jack it up again so we can build a Proper Floor.
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  9. SomeRandomGuy

    SomeRandomGuy Famous

    Sand+charcoal filtration (charcoal helps take out residual taste) and good old fashioned boiling would be my preferred methods. Hadn't really given a well much thought, me and my dad have tried our luck with wells and had basically none but then again being on an island there probably wouldn't be too many dry holes.

    I'd forgotten about laundry plungers, I'll have to remember not to forget again. I used a washboard once and my knuckles have never forgiven me for it so not real keen on trying that again.

    I hear Rattlesnake meat is pretty good, haven't had the chance to try it myself though. Only rattler (only native anyway) that we have in Michigan is the Massassauga and they don't live in the area I'm in.

    I'll have to post some pictures of our new house, not quite as underground as yours but you're right about one thing, the dirt is a great insulator and in winter it should be pretty nice. Ours stays above 40f without any heat and a single wood stove keeps it nice and comfy around 70f.
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  10. JCass

    JCass Got Your Back

    Love to see some pics. Also think you guys got the right idea about being in Northern Michigan versus a more Suburban Rural Area...Although I've read reports that Detroit has begun to establish Urban Farming.

    FYI Being that your in Michigan you might want to check out Neo Scavenger. Interesting game.:cool:
  11. SomeRandomGuy

    SomeRandomGuy Famous

    Neo Scavenger has been on my steam wishlist for a while, been waiting for a decent sale but so far I've managed to miss them, or there were other games also on sale that I bought instead.

    Detroit is a festering cesspit not fit for human habitation. I've got a lot more to say on the subject, but don't want to derail the thread. Though urban farming IS a good thing and it's nice to see it catching on in more places. Only downside is you need vacant land for it, and in a city vacant land that's been sitting long enough to be considered for farming means the city is dying.
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  12. Biggles

    Biggles Here To Help

    Tastes like bacon.
  13. JCass

    JCass Got Your Back

    Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom its Bacon!

    Sorry I just couldn't help myself. :D
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  14. I think being able to build anywhere you want on the map would be best. Of course finding the proper building materials and having the people with the right skills to build certain structures would have to be implemented. Giving players control of where they place structures would be awesome as well like in Fall Out 4. Being able to strip buildings for wires, pipes, bricks, hollow block ect. would be great too. Assigning characters to buildings and controlling who is on what shifts would be nice to implement as well.
  15. It would be nice to build in the homebase the laundry, sewing room, carpentry room, laboratory.
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  16. CoreWorld

    CoreWorld Got Your Back

    I would say those state parks with them refurbished or kept up old Forts and Missions. People in Europe have castles that can be reused for protection. In the States I would have to go with the Forts and Missions that dot all over the US. Some of these place's still have water in there wells and high walls that are built to withstand mob's of enemy force's. Plus spacious area's for farming, hell some of these place's have the reenactor's keep up gardens to show how people lived in the old days. Some of them even escape tunnels.
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  17. The local high school in my town is hands down the best place, in my opinion. It's 3 stories tall, made of concrete and steel, with very few windows. It's combined student and staff population is somewhere around 1500, so it's pretty spacious. Some of it's advantages:

    -Lots of classrooms for storage, sleeping areas, medical facilities, whatever you need. Lockers for extra storage. It's got a lot of room, is what I'm saying.
    -Upper floors are only accessible via less than a dozen staircases... perfect chokepoints. And that's if a zombie could get through the easily- installed barricades on the ground floor.
    -Large store of food in the cafeteria, with ability to feed hundreds at a time.
    -Machine and automobile repair areas, for the shop classes. Easily could craft tools, weapons, and barricades, and possibly repair cars. Plenty of reference material on hand for research. Plenty of improvised weapons around as well- music stands, desk legs, weightlifting equipment, etc.
    -Several acres of fenced in athletic fields behind the school, perfect for farming. Even better, a creek runs right through the property, so there is a water source.
    -Rooftop access = sniper positions.
    -Between the desks and other furniture, there is enough building materials to secure the place.
    -Close to hospital, downtown, and suburban areas for scavenging.

    Of course, it would take about 100- 150 people to clear, secure, and hold, but it would be a viable long term fortress. So long as I have the manpower, I would choose that place for sure.
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  18. Sapper Jay 12B

    Sapper Jay 12B Here To Help

    Out of the available choices, I picked the mansion.

    I feel it would be big enough to house 30-40 survivors pretty comfortably. The biggest plus is that you can defend it with 4 people if you play your cards right. The yards are usually big and open with no places for zombies to hide.

    Most of them have iron fences already there. You could further fortify that with sharpened wooden steaks.

    You could also build 4 towers and have pretty good spotting & sharpshooting opportunities. People could also engage from the second floor and maybe even the roof if its a flat top.

    Most mansions have swimming pools. Some lore shows zombies cant drown but its pretty much up to the director. If they can drown, great. If they cant drown, great. Either way I have never seen a zombie swim so if its deep you can have a great zombie trap at best or at least an obstical to slow em down.

    If you can find a gas generator you can even have exterior lighting & most likely cameras.

    The point is, its already partially fortified. You can do a lot with it to further enhance that. It would be a very viable shelter.

    The stadium and the airport are too big to completely control in a zombie outbreak. Finding enough fuel to keep power on would take dozens of people. Defending it would require just as many if not more and thats around the clock. It would be a logistical nightmare. The military could do it but I doubt a group of survivors could hold either for long.
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  19. Mr.Atoz

    Mr.Atoz Got Your Back

    I like the treehouse idea but unless you have access to the forests on Endor I think space will be limited. I also like the idea of an island but swimming would never be the same once zeds started walking around the lake bottoms.

    I know it's cliché and unoriginal but I've always been a big fan of big shopping malls to hole up in. All you need for awhile, plus an expansive rooftop to build your garden, land your helicopter, fight kites or barbecue...whatever strikes your fancy really.
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  20. SupraDork

    SupraDork Here To Help

    If the apocalypse took place in Dublin, I'd say Croke Park. LOL. No one gets in or out of there unless someone wants them to.

    Additionally you could completely board up and fortify all windows/entries/exits into the house on the ground floor and build ladders that lead into a first floor (above ground level) window or balcony, pretty much an additional guarantee that, should the grounds get overrun, no zeds can get into the house.
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