The best homebase possible?

Discussion in 'Polls' started by Tsewe, May 9, 2015.

  1. A school

  2. A farm

  3. A (small) airport

  4. A (small) hospital

  5. A (somewhat big) church

  6. A jail/prison

  7. A stadium

  8. A manor

  9. Other (please write down your idea!)

  10. A warehouse

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  1. Tacticalgrenade

    Tacticalgrenade Got Your Back

    Control burning would also prevent any type of uncontrolled fire from lightning strikes.
  2. SomeRandomGuy

    SomeRandomGuy Famous

    It's true that just burning a place down would be a waste, but think about how many stores and homes are burned during riots for no apparent reason. I would expect things to be much worse in an apocalypse situation when there's likely no organized law and order left, granted it would not be as bad in rural areas but eventually some of the dregs of society would spread out from cities. They'd learn how to survive through trial and error which would make them even more dangerous by the time they get out into the countryside.

    You're right though, controlled burning would be the easiest way to go, if you scorch the area enough to sterilize the soil then nothing will grow back for a long time. The downside to that is it would also chase off the wildlife meaning hunting would be that much harder.
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  3. Tacticalgrenade

    Tacticalgrenade Got Your Back

    You may be dead on here. I try to think in a logical perspective of what I would do if the situations were reversed. I don't think I have a plan for dealing with insanity. The whole idea that, if I can't take it from them I will simply destroy it so no one else can have it. I guess the only way to fight against that would be to rig everything with explosives and simply say fine, you win nothing. Boom. Everyone becomes zombies. I don't want to go that route, but if painted into a corner I guess that would be the end result.
    Bringing in the hunting aspect isn't one of my biggest concerns. Hunting by legal standards to prevent making species of animals extinct is what most modern hunters are limited by. Most people I have met who "hunt" animals are far away from my opinion of a "hunter". Example: bow hunters sit on tree stands along the trails of frequent use by the animal they want. Why did the animal create the trail? Because "hunter" has continually left food in a designated area. No law prevents them from dumping a load of corn on their property. Laws do say they can't bait and hunt area of a dump location. Hunters circumnavigate this law by following the trails from the bait and put up the tree stands where they know the animal will come from. Not very sportsman like. Smart thing to do if your life depended on it. The smartest thing to do is domesticate, trap, breed, eat the young and old animals instead of the one time only method. Do not domesticate near where you live. Diseases from animals are not friendly. I'm not against bait and hunt if there are no more supermarkets. If I find a pond or lake that has fish I will use small explosive charges or electricity to "stun" fish. I will also net off and create a hatchery so I don't need to so in the future.
    Most animals I have encountered on agriculture farmland are of the vermin type. Mice, rats, opossums, raccoons, etc. scavenger and opportunistic feeding habits. Burning the land could prevent them from becoming a disease factor. What I know about animals is that they need food. All animals go where food is. Predatory animals hunt where kills have been successful in the past.
  4. SomeRandomGuy

    SomeRandomGuy Famous

    Well you're pretty much right about raising animals being more productive than hunting, but as you mentioned disease is a factor so hunting/trapping can be safer. Nothing says you can't do both though.

    What we usually consider vermin can be eaten too, I've never tried any myself but my neighbor says where he grew up in Tennessee they'd eat them, he says Raccoon and Woodchuck are actually quite tasty but Possum not so much, it's edible but there are much better tasting meats out there. Rodents can be easily controlled by having cats around, which is usually not a problem in farm country. Depending on where you are your biggest animal issue may be predators like Mountain Lions or Coyotes, but then again without all the silly restrictive laws you could just hunt them yourself.

    Fishing with explosives can be problematic. Electricity is a better option if it's available since you can reliably stun them instead of outright killing them, what you don't need you just leave there and chances are good they'll recover on their own but if you're using explosives it can be hard to not overdo it and kill more fish than you can use. Of course, the upside is fish makes great fertilizer.
  5. Tacticalgrenade

    Tacticalgrenade Got Your Back

    Agreed. I've never tried any rats or coons or opossums. I have caught them all with pressure plate humane traps and I will say that the opossums have the worst smell. I don't like them. I also have read that they can carry and transmit leprosy to humans by handling or eating the animal. Same for armadillos. I live in Florida so it is a good thing to be aware of. Most vermin species animals will also expose a person to salmonella. Had that one time and it is not pleasant. Poisonous snakes are fairly high on the threat scale here. Watch where you step. I watched a man pour a bag of lye into a pond once. I guess it takes the oxygen out of the water and the fish start coming to the surface to breathe. I could have simply used a net to catch them. Not sure about eating any fish you have done this to. Probably not a good idea to eat lye. I have accidentally shocked fish a had in an aquarium before. Poor bastards. I can't believe they survived.
  6. Tsewe

    Tsewe Here To Help

    Hey everyone, now is the time to give our dear Devs some great homebases ideas for soD 2!
    Who knows, maybe they'll make your dreambase come true haha
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  7. in an report from walking dead, an doktor there says, the best survival home is an castle/ fortress from the middelage with water arround and big walls up to 5 meters. i think he was right with his opinion. when it stopps people with brain, it will stop brainless zombies. in the castle/fortress are enough place to plant foot and raise animals. the most of old castles/fortress have an fresh water well/ or cistern.

    overrun army bases by infectet are a good home too, clear them and start to life there, but after time you will run out off food, and you have to start exploring again

    in sod the best chance to get an safed home is an area with strong Npc-friends how do there job, and strong walls and outposts arround, with fire power and trapps* like deep holes in the ground , kabel trapps, etc. but it have to be far away the citys, where are the most/ hordes of the zombies are
  8. Doomen Gloom

    Doomen Gloom Famous

    I know of a place with high walls only a few gates made of high chain link fences a fresh water source, lots of places to set up lookouts and watchtowers its big about 100 acres, large under ground connecting the whole place, it has a mountain, river, treehouse, castle, a island to fall back to, and in the zombie apocalypse no one would go there, so there would be very few zombies to clear out.
    Magic Kingdom utilidor map.jpg
    Andif your lucky maybe a Princess, Its a Small World would make a good gun range:p

    This place would be awesome just think whats in those containers.
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  9. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    I drive through Oakland, CA daily, and because the shipping port is there, they have not only in-use containers full of stuff but also vast fields of 'abandoned' containers. All sizes, shapes, and colors, including refrigeration containers, are right along 880 freeway, ripe for harvesting in an apocalypse.

    These would make wonderful walls, dorms, anything else you can think of. All you need to do is find the correct forklifts to play with these jumbo legos!
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  10. JollyZed

    JollyZed Starting Off

    a military base, like fort knox.....:D
  11. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    or Area 51 :D
  12. Tsewe

    Tsewe Here To Help

    @Doomen the Gloom: Disneyland is indeed a good idea, but I fear there would be many people going there to find refuge. Plus, it would be really complicated to defend with all those passages if you're starting off as a small community.

    @others: About the military base, I wanted to add them as a poll option, but it seems I've reached the limit because I can't add another one unfortunately.
    And about the castles, we unfortunately have very few of them in North American (and therefore in a SoD scenario).
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  13. Doomen Gloom

    Doomen Gloom Famous

    Yes the most serious issue is the 30 million people tn California
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  14. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    15 million:
    -5 mil leave. They went to surrounding states, Mexico/otherwhere south, or back overseas.
    -5 mil die out. Infrastructure failures, disease, vehicular/industrial accidents, random accidents. Seasonal fires (Cali burns quite well for half the year!), psychological issues resulting in murder or suicide, despair, lack of medical care. Essentially, any and all aspects of societal collapse.
    -5 mil+ get zombiefied! They are the ones trying to convert you to their new lifestyle choices.
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  15. Doomen Gloom

    Doomen Gloom Famous

    When the infrastructure stops working the average city has one week of food then its anarchy. I would thing after the first month the mortality rate would be around 90 to 95%, in major cities. There would be cannibalism and disease from the dead bodies, not a good place to be.
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  16. Geoff728

    Geoff728 Got Your Back

    I agree, the prison probably would be the best choice. It has a lot of built in advantages. Towers, fencing with Barb wire, Big walls, There are only a couple of entry points to worry about. There is plenty of beds. A kitchen, Guns , great storage areas, I am sure there is a basic medical facility in the prison. Yard space that is already fenced for farming and gardening. Batons, night sticks, pots and pans for some in house melee weapons. Body armor, Riot police protective gear. Work out areas, plenty of weight equipment. An in-house chapel. A library. It seems like it could be the best option for a long term base. All those years of State and Federal funding produces alot of goodies. I am probably reiterating what has already been
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  17. Shadowreflexion

    Shadowreflexion Got Your Back

    Jail and other. I believe that being stationary for too long can be a terrible idea in the long run. My other is the road. Not because I'm some disillusioned badass survivor but skills would stay sharper.

    Who knows what could be found out there? Some place not considered before? I don't know where exactly but I do know having some good people with you would be a valuable commodity.
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  18. Geoff728

    Geoff728 Got Your Back

    I think that would be a good spot, the only worry I would have is to many entry points to defend. It is quite massive also.There seems to be alot of space to keep an eye on too. It does have alot of good qualities for a base though.
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  19. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    A nice little island:)

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