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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Akinaba, Sep 30, 2016.

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  1. Akinaba

    Akinaba Got Your Back

    No Heavy Weapon in SoD have that problems, though. 'Cause, you know, it's still a game ;).
  2. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    Yep! In-game, all is good.

    This is The Heaviest weapon I've swung at a zed indoors:


    Needless to say, her arms are tired.
  3. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    :eek: I have never seen a truck go through the front door. This is awesome!!
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  4. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous


    ADAMANTIUM Got Your Back

    All my training comes from kali,
    duel sword, stick, dagger and mixed. Long n short , stick n dagger, stick n sword. Dagger n dagger. And small sheilds.
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  6. Aaron V

    Aaron V Famous

    Ooooo. I'll take the maddock Bob.
  7. Del44ZSlayer

    Del44ZSlayer Here To Help

    The other possible solution to that problem, would be to create a museum in the town in which u can scavange older type weapons such as this, maybe a Viking axe n shield, or some Oriental throwing stars? With the museum option, what u manage to scavenge would all be dependent on what the museum itself was excibiting at the time the apocalypse hit.
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  8. shinigami

    shinigami Got Your Back

    Anyone ever in the SCA? I founded the chapter at my college in New Hampshire and one of my friends in it bought a 6' claymore from the friendly neighborhood blacksmith at the Ren Faire. The sword was as big as him, and weighed almost as much, and bro had a STR of like 6, but he had to have it... Big, big swords may seem like only found in fantasy, but I assure you that you can find them in small town America... Also, they don't need to be sharp. They were big in order to cut down horses, then the swords were dropped for more reasonable weapons for the riders.
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  9. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    Here are my lovelies, very sharp and lethal. :)
    (Inspired by Chronicles of Riddick)
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  10. Del44ZSlayer

    Del44ZSlayer Here To Help

    Beautiful and deadly, perfect combination.
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  11. Geoff728

    Geoff728 Got Your Back

    That looks perfect to take off a Juggs head...
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  12. Del44ZSlayer

    Del44ZSlayer Here To Help

    Oooo a "heavy" weapon that's a blade, interesting! I'd love to go swinging around Spencer's mill with one of those bad ass weapons. :p
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  13. Gmutant

    Gmutant Here To Help

  14. Gmutant

    Gmutant Here To Help

    This is the kind of weapon crafting/blacksmithing that I want to see in SOD 2:

    Part 1:

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  15. Gmutant

    Gmutant Here To Help

  16. DicheBach

    DicheBach Got Your Back

    Re: the idea that "swords," etc. are not readily available in a "typical American town," or at least "not as readily available as firearms."

    I live in a very typical American city, and my next door neighbors have (respectively)
    (north): registered full auto M-16A1 (Vietnam Vet), plus sundry other shotguns, handguns, and rifles (nicest folks you'll ever meet).
    (northwest): at least one handgun (two ladies one of whom is a Navy vet and the other one a CDC researcher).
    (Me): one handgun, 3 axes, 3 shovels, 2 mattocks, 3 machetes, 1 bear knife, multiple smaller knives, multiple iron bar sorts of implements . . .
    (west): not sure
    (southwest): not sure, but I reckon they have at least one home defense hand gun
    (south): at least 3 handguns, and 3 swords including a two-hander and a bastard sword (attorney who used to be into RenFair type reenactment stuff). As far as I know these are the real deal, i.e., fully-functional.
    eastern side: no idea

    The amazing part is, I'm pretty sure this street is only slightly purple and verging on blue, not red! :D
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  17. Jeanna_Q

    Jeanna_Q Here To Help

    I was having this discussion with a friend the other day, not sure why but whatever, we were talking about the perfect melee weapon for a zombie outbreak. The one thing that comes up is everyone chooses a weapon that is way, way too short. If the zombie can grab you the zombie can bite you and then it's game over. The longer the weapon the better so a spear, halberd or bardiche would be so much nicer.
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  18. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    @ Jenna: something like this?

    I love how the hardware store is still the best (melee) wepon shop!

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  19. DicheBach

    DicheBach Got Your Back

    Nice gasoline powered pike :p
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  20. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    Yep, chainsaws! The only melee weapon you need to refuel, and VERY loud.
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