The Decaying State Se.1.5 (Let's Survive State of Decay Breakdown)

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  1. Waiting for SoD2, we go back to Breakdown for a second round. We follow Erik Tan army man as he travels to find signs of his military brothers. A familiar voice & drone are following.

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  2. The Decaying State Se.1.5 Ep.20
    'Kristina In Action'

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  3. Episode 55 'Wrong House Jacob!'

    Lily's brother takes a wrong turn, will he survive?

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  4. We're back! Patiently waiting for SoD2!
    Great time to see how our survivor Erik Tan & the gang are fairing.

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  5. chikawowwow

    chikawowwow Here To Help

    So the mod worked ok? You didn't need to start a new game?
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  6. I feel like i have been playing this game ALL wrong. Over 300+ hours and I was bringing in the supplies myself.
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