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    Since the events taking place at the end of The Division’s main storyline, we’ve been fighting in the Underground and escaping a snow storm in Survival.
    We’ve fought Rogue agents in the Dark Zone in Last Stand and taken part in an Outbreak in Update 1.7. But while we’ve been busy, the factions – the Rioters, Cleaners, Rikers and the Last Man Battalion – have not been standing idly by.
    They have been gathering their forces and in Update 1.8: Resistance, they are returning with a vengeance.

    With Update 1.8, we’ll be introducing new, exciting features – for free - to The Division. We’ll discuss them in more detail over the next couple of weeks, and as before we will have a Public Test Server for the update available in the near future.
    These are some of the things you can expect:

    West Side Piers
    Update 1.8, we will be expanding the Manhattan map with a brand new playable zone – the West Side Piers. In the middle of this area stands the mighty Intrepid, the famous aircraft carrier. Here the factions have been gathering, and the new zone will introduce a range of new activities for you to take part in.

    In the Resistance game mode, you and other agents group up to take on waves of increasingly powerful enemies in an attempt to stem the tide of the now allied factions.

    With Update 1.8, we’re also introducing a brand new PvP mode, where you fight other agents in intense 4 versus 4 death match battles. The matches take place in brand new arenas, specifically built for this game mode.

    We hope you are as excited for Update 1.8 as we are. We will have much more information about the additions coming in the update soon, but until then – see you in Manhattan!
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    Agents, incoming State of the Game transmission:
    During the last State of the Game, Community Developer Yannick Banchereau sat down with Community Developer Hamish Bode to discuss some internal miscommunication regarding mask rewards associated with Global Event #1.
    This week, Petter, Hamish, and Yannick were joined by Creative Director Terry Spier and Lead Designer Keith Evans from Red Storm Entertainment to talk upcoming Update 1.8 content and leaderboard changes.

    If you missed the stream you can catch the action here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/171176183?t
    If you currently are on the go, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered as well, take a listen to our Podcast Recap.
    Today’s maintenance resolved some issues where players would not receive retroactive commendations.
    We do have a fix for the RPM glitch, and the patch is awaiting deployment. If players do exploit this glitch, action will be taken against them.
    A final patch will be implemented before Update 1.8 launches.
    We have a client-side fix for the marksman rifle-jamming bug. We are aware of a visual bug at the recalibration station in which players can see the five and six piece bonuses for Classified Gear.
    While we understand the excitement around these gear sets, remember that these are still under development and the numbers may change.
    The next Global Event will be Assault, but no date has been confirmed yet. Remember that Global Events were never designed to run back to back, but rather once a month. For Assault, we may be looking at a one/two week delay while rewards are fixed.
    Again, if you missed the information regarding update 1.8, be sure to view the VOD above. West Side Pier is the new map expansion that consists of two zones. With new challenges and dynamic content, players will find WSP plays very differently from pre-1.8 PvE content.
    As the new PvE mode, Resistance is a highly replayable horde-mode activity available for both casual players and our most-dedicated fans.
    The new PvP mode—Skirmish—is a dedicated 4v4 game mode without enemy AI. Players will find less running and more fighting here, with a heavy emphasis on combat.
    Update 1.8 will also introduce a number of balancing changes, one of which being changes to hip-fire. Weapon balances will also be introduced alongside new exotic weapons.
    A rework to the rogue-system is also on the way, making both sides of each encounter more rewarding. D-Tech will also play a significant role in Update 1.8.
    A 1.8 PTS has been confirmed, but we have no further release date details at this time.
    Based on community feedback, masks are now tied to Commendations for Global Events going forward. Leaderboards will still see some use, with the top-placing players rewarded with Classified Caches based on their placements at the end of each event.
    Masks from the previous Outbreak Global Event are still on their way, and so players should expect to see their rewards at the end of this week/early next week.
    We have an event this weekend! Extra rewards dropping from named bosses will be granted starting midnight UTC on Friday, September 1. Taking Labor Day into account, the event will extend to 7 AM UTC Tuesday, September 5. Keep in mind that Classified Gear will not be included in the extra drop rewards.
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    We are well into Year 2 for The Division, and we felt it was time to raise the stakes. We have heard the community’s requests for more content since launch, and we’ve been working hard to deliver new experiences to our players. For the first time in The Division, we are expanding the PvE open world in our newest map expansion—West Side Piers—available to everyone for free in Update 1.8.

    West Side Piers
    West Side Piers is located farther north of Camp Hudson on the western border of Manhattan. Scaled to about the size of two named zones, the map expansion grants players access to previously unexplorable NYC terrain. WSP is large enough to split into two pieces for reference—North and South. Offering players the opportunity to escape the crowded landscape, the NYC skyline is now visible alongside the iconic aircraft carrier—the Intrepid. We hope players appreciate this breath of fresh air as much as we do.
    Camp Clinton
    West Side Piers will also come with a new Forward Operations Center. In Update 1.8, the new hub for all things West Side Piers is Camp Clinton. Camp Clinton will feature all things Division Agents will need to prepare for the field—ammunition restock, recalibration stations, weapon/gear vendors, and much more. Without giving away too much, Camp Clinton is the place to set up shop in this update.

    Introduced in WSP is the concept of enemy factions working together for the very first time. Allied LMB, Rikers, Cleaners, and Rioters are united on the offensive for unknown reasons. As the player, it is your job to take back the area and uncover the mystery through a series of audio logs. You’ll find dozens that will add to the lore of The Division.

    Dynamic Spawn System
    A new dynamic AI generator will be integrated into West Side Piers to change the way players experience PVE content. As Agents travel the zone, enemy factions will spawn unexpectedly in proximity to players. This system brings the combat directly to all Agents, and no two play sessions will feel the same.

    Side Missions / Assignments
    With this new procedural spawning in place for enemies, players have the option of participating in two types of activities in West Side Piers. As the first activity, West Side Piers Side Missions will always offer a specific objective for players to complete in the zone. With one mission active in the North as well as the South, these replayable objectives will keep Agents on the move.

    The second option, Assignments, are lighter and more passive activities comparable to the current Daily Combat Assignments. These challenges are timed events and can only be completed within a limited window. While only one Assignment can be active at a time, another will automatically be activated and shown on the HUD after the previous event timer closes.

    We’ve heard the call for more open world gameplay, and we can’t wait for players to uncover all that’s waiting for them in the West Side Piers expansion. This is the first of many articles detailing the exciting new content coming with Update 1.8. Stay tuned for future updates and an in-depth look at what’s in store.
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    Agents, incoming State of the Game transmission:

    During the last State of the Game, Community Developer Hamish Bode met with Creative Director Terry Spier and Lead Designer Keith Evans from Red Storm Entertainment to preview the West Side Pier map expansion coming in Update 1.8.
    This week, Terry and Keith joined Petter to provide an exclusive look at the new 4-player PVP mode, Skirmish.
    If you missed the stream you check out the action here - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/172976098?t
    Weekly maintenance completed this morning with no issues.
    We’ve done a ban wave for many users abusing the RPM glitch. Remember that this glitch is a bannable offense, and more ban waves will be implemented if necessary. Multiple offenses will result in a permanent ban to player accounts.
    As the new PvP mode, Skirmish is characterized by more gunning/less running. Teams will fight in this first-to-20-kills TDM, with arenas being roughly the size of the DZ landmarks.
    Skill-based matchmaking will be employed to keep games balanced, and Last Stand normalization will apply in Skirmish as well.
    Last Stand ranking will become an overall PVP ranking, with Skirmish being included under this umbrella. This means that playing both Last Stand and Skirmish will increase one, consolidated PVP rank that is now capped at 99.
    Players can expect Classified Caches among other rewards for increasing their overall PVP rank.
    Gear Optimization is the next evolution of gear-improvement in The Division. This allows players to chase the perfect build by rolling best-in-slot statistics for every piece of gear available. Gear Optimization Stations will utilize D-Tech as the primary currency.
    As a result, World Tier 5 now ranges from 256 – 286.
    In Update 1.8, Gear score will reflect the quality of rolls on all items. We wanted to provide a simple indication to players of how powerful gear is, and so items will be given an individual gear score.
    Remember that a PTS for 1.8 is on its way, but no date is available yet. We are currently finalizing a schedule for the next Global Event as well.
    We have a fix for the RPM glitch, but it requires a client-side patch. We understand the community is requesting a fix as soon as possible. As there are usual certifications with console patches, we are aiming to push the fix to PC first.
    Stamina and Toughness are being adjusted in 1.8 to allow players to push further into PvE content.
    Changes to the Rogue System are coming! Rogue 2.0 will introduce a voluntary toggle for going Rogue, thus preventing unwarranted friendly fire in the Dark Zone. Next week’s State of the Game will address further changes to the Rogue System, so be sure to stay tuned!
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    We recognize that PvP is a huge part of The Division, and it’s time to expand on the offering. New to Update 1.8 PvP is Skirmish—a 4v4 Team Deathmatch mode without enemy faction interference or objectives.

    Team Deathmatch
    The game mode itself is simple—TDM with the first team to reach a total number-of-kills taking the match. Short time limits will be implemented to keep matches fast-paced, and Last Stand PvP normalization applies to keep Agents at the same tier in Skirmish.
    While all equipped gear statistics are maxed to full power here, Agents will have to rely on their build-tuning to dominate the competition.
    Players who wish to participate in the new PvP mode can access Skirmish from the new Camp Clinton social space as well as the Last Stand Hub within the Terminal. The option to queue into Skirmish from the mega-map is also available.

    Skirmish will feature three PvP-focused maps within West Side Piers. While we can’t reveal too much just yet, these arenas offer a variety of options in terms of lanes, cover, and overall flow.
    This promotes build diversity and encourages a variety of playstyles that Agents will need to win as a team. Our goal was to deliver an experience that keeps players in the action, and we’re confident that players will find excitement behind every corner.

    Skirmish utilizes a dynamic wave spawner to push squadmates into the action together. Agents who respawn within seconds of one another will re-enter the match simultaneously to promote balanced firefights.
    For the Agents who worry about spawn camping, fear not. Skirmish also employs spawn swapping based on enemy team proximity.

    At its core, Skirmish creates an opportunity for players to face off in arenas without AI complicating their engagements. Nothing will come between players who desire a focused PvP experience.
    Remember that Update 1.8 has even more content on the way! We’ll have more information rolling out in the near-future.
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    Taking another extended break from The Division.

    Gotta hand it to Massive and Ubi. They sure know how to fucking troll their players.

    "Here, come grind for classified gear sets during a limited, time exclusive event with no guarantee that you'll get anything good. Then, next month, we'll release a new free update and increase the gear score making that lovely classified gear and those beautiful exotic weapons you JUST got obsolete."

    "Fuck you and have a nice day."

    Your friends,
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    OldDog is how I got to 256 :p
    now its back to hard mode extreme for me, alone. :(
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    Agents, incoming State of the Game transmission:

    During the last State of the Game, Community Developer Petter Mårtensson met with Creative Director Terry Spier and Lead Designer Keith Evans from Red Storm Entertainment to preview the upcoming 4-player PvP mode, Skirmish coming in Update 1.8.
    This week, Community Developer Hamish Bode was joined by Terry and Keith to provide an exclusive look at the new PvE horde mode, Resistance as well as the Rogue 2.0 mechanics meant to overhaul the Dark Zone experience.

    If you missed the stream, you check out the VoD here - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/174694871?t
    If you are on currently on the move, you can also catch up using the Podcast recap!
    Weekly maintenance occurred this morning with no issues.

    Resistance is a new wave based horde PvE mode coming to Update 1.8. Resistance will surely put even the most skilled teams to the test, as enemies will become stronger and increasingly more dangerous for every stage that’s successfully cleared.
    Check out the VoD of today’s stream for a detailed interview with Terry and Keith as they get into the gritty details of the game mode.

    Rogue 2.0 aims to refine the Dark Zone’s mechanics while still retaining its identity as a tension filled, high risk environment. Amongst other changes, you will now be able to choose if you want to go rogue or not in order to avoid accidental rogue status.
    This will also work in groups, where if a group you are a part of goes rogue you will be able to decide if you want to leave the group or join them.

    A PC free weekend is starting today, September 14th at 7 pm CEST. The free weekend is available on both U-Play and Steam and it will be running until September 17th 10 PM CEST. More information regarding the free weekend can be found here.

    Earlier this week we have performed an additional ban wave against players who were found to have exploited the so-called RPM Glitch.
    Remember that this glitch is a bannable offense, and more ban waves will be implemented if necessary. Multiple offenses will result in a permanent ban to player accounts.
    On Tuesday, 19th of September we will be deploying Update 1.7.1 on all platforms. This update will include fixes for the so-called RPM glitch, the sniper jamming bug as well as a number of fixes aimed at reducing desync and improving the overall quality of play.
    This is a part of the ongoing effort to minimize latency and desync problems experienced by our players.

    We are aiming to start the 1.8 PTS on September 26th on all platforms. The exact criteria and invite process for the consoles is still not set in stone, but if you had access to the 1.7 PTS you will automatically have access to the 1.8 PTS.
    We will also be sending out additional invitations via email, and to be able to receive these, you will need to be opted-in to receive communication from Ubisoft. Remember to tick that box if you are interested in participating!

    The next Global Event “Assault” will start on October 3rd.
    The theme of this event will be proximity to the enemy. Enemies will do less damage the closer you are to them and they will do additional damage the further away you are, so make sure to get up close and personal!
    Assault will introduce the classified versions of the Striker’s Battlegear, Sentry’s Call and Reclaimer gear sets and following the conclusion of the event, these classified sets will become available in the general loot pool of the game.
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    The PvE content doesn’t stop with the addition of West Side Piers.
    Resistance is our newest 4-player horde-mode activity, and it’s coming in Update 1.8 for free.

    Faction Unity
    In Resistance, the enemy factions have rallied themselves against a common goal—the Agents of the Division. In this mode, all players have a massive target painted on their back. Rioters, Rikers, LMB, and Cleaners are hunting together, and they’re more than prepared to let the bullets fly.

    Against the Odds
    We wanted to ensure that players felt a real threat when playing PvE content. In Resistance, Agents will be outgunned and outnumbered.
    A dynamic wave spawner similar to the one available in West Side Piers will be utilized during the activity. As players explore the Resistance spaces, enemy factions will spawn dynamically around their location and engage.

    Difficulty will directly correlate to wave number. The deeper players venture into Resistance, the more challenging waves will become.
    Players will face all versions and incarnations of enemy factions to eventually enter Endless Mode. At this point in the activity, the difficulty ramps up exponentially.

    Resistance will feature three arenas. The first will bring shipping containers, barges, and construction equipment straight to the players. The second will pit players deep within dark sewer systems and close-knit tunnels.
    The third will offer fast-paced combat aboard the inner sanctions of a monumental NYC aircraft carrier. Each arena will introduce a unique style of play to the table, and we are excited for players to choose their favorites!
    Agents can fast travel to any of the three arenas from the mega-map once their locations are visited within West Side Piers.

    Wildcards/Critical Objectives
    In addition to hordes of factions, we are introducing additional modifiers to Resistance to keep things interesting. On the one hand, Critical Objectives are urgent alerts that appear on random waves. Inability to complete these challenges will result in an immediate mission failure. On the other hand, Wildcard Objectives will require adaptation as they are thrown to players while progressing through the mode. The goal is to keep players active, alert, and mobile.

    SHD Tech
    While fighting through Resistance, players will find familiar fortifications available for assistance. Players will utilize SHD Tech from defeated enemies to build/upgrade/repair turrets and pulse stations.
    We are also introducing healing stations into the mix. When in need of ammo, MedKits, and grenades, players can spend their SHD Tech for a quick restock.

    With the addition of West Side Piers, Skirmish, and Resistance, Update 1.8 is aiming to deliver community-driven content. There are still more things to discover in 1.8, and we’re excited for the future. Stay tuned Agents!
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    Update 1.7.1 - Patch Notes

    • The Face Masks vanity rewards are now tied to Global Event Commendations instead of the Leaderboards. Global Event Leaderboards now reward a number of Classified Caches, the amount depending on an agent’s placement on the Global Event Leaderboards once the event ends.
    • Fixed an issue where agents would be prompted with an incorrect reward notification.
    • The first column in both Dark Zone Leaderboards and Global Event Leaderboards will now display Rank even though the text says Position.
    • Fixed a RPM related exploit.
    • Fixed an issue where agents could experience weapons jamming with low-RPM weapons, such as shotguns and marksman rifles.
    • Fixed an issue where an agent could get desynchronized if the agent cancelled the animation of entering cover with a combat roll.
    • Fixed a desynchronization issue which could occur after an agent jumped off a high structure.
    • Fixed a desynchronization issue which could occur during corner swaps.
    • Fixed a desynchronization issue which would occur when climbing off a prop and then quickly going into cover.
    • Fixed another desynchronization issue which could occur if the agent would perform a combat roll before finishing a cover to cover move.
    • Made several improvements in order to prevent various desynchronization issues.
    • Updated the description of the Striker’s set 4p bonus to now state that the bonus will be lost when exiting combat.
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    Agents, incoming State of the Game transmission:

    During the last State of the Game, Community Developer Hamish Bode met with Creative Director Terry Spier and Lead Designer Keith Evans from Red Storm Entertainment to preview the new Rogue 2.0 mechanics as well as the new PvE mode, Resistance, coming in Update 1.8.

    This week, Senior Design Lead Paul Turland and Designer James Norris from Ubisoft Leamington joined Hamish to discuss the changes coming to Underground in Update 1.8. Terry and Keith from Red Storm Entertainment followed with changes coming with the 1.8 PTS.

    If you missed the stream, you can check out the action here - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/176403646?t
    If you’re currently on the move, we have you covered with our Podcast Recap!
    We are aware that the RPM glitch can be stacked once, and it will not be a bannable offense. Other issues are being investigated post-1.7.1, such as the Skill Power issue with loadouts.
    We’re monitoring the issue and gathering community reports, so please don’t hesitate to send any irregularities our way.

    PC PTS begins tomorrow, September 22! Consoles might be slightly delayed, but we’re still aiming for September 26.
    We have a limited amount of keys and will be using a signup page, but more news on that will be coming soon.

    When the PTS launches, expect the following during week 1:
    • Emphasis will be placed on Skirmish, Rogue 2.0, new Exotics, and new Classifieds (Hunter’s Faith, Predator’s, D3-FNC, FireCrest, Nomad, and Banshee). Resistance will be offline.
    • Alerts in West Side Piers will not be available, but players can still roam the area and engage with dynamically-spawning enemies. Players will have access to the new social hub, Camp Clinton.
    • Tactician and AlphaBridge Classifieds will not have their 5-6p bonuses active.
    • Underground and Survival will be offline. If players visit their locations, an infinite loading queue will ensue. Relogging will fix the issue.
    • A list of known issues will be posted on the forums.
    If you missed the changes coming to Underground in 1.8, again be sure to check out the twitch link above.

    Based on community feedback, Hunters will spawn in UG as random encounter in Hard and Challenging. The number of Hunters is group size + 1, and they will have a chance to drop Exotics.

    New Directives are based on experimental technology and offer high risk/high reward gameplay. Electro-tech, for example, increases skill-usage but disrupts elements of the UI.
    As another example, Shock Ammo can be used against enemies but a cap is placed on its usage, shocking players if used excessively.

    We are introducing checkpoints into the Underground that will make runs less punishing, and rewards have been tweaked to add Exotics from all Underground bosses. In addition, players now have the opportunity to complete Weekly UG Assignments.

    If you missed the notorious Rave Room, don’t forget that it will be back in Update 1.8!

    Movement designed to alleviate abusive chicken-dancing went live earlier than expected in 1.7.1. While all of the changes are not available yet, the present alterations to player movement will be available on the 1.8 PTS.
    We encourage players to provide feedback as we continue to monitor/update movement mechanics. The same goes for new hip-fire changes as well as changes to the Adept talent stacking once with a critical-chance of 7.5%—test away on the PTS Agents!

    1.8 PTS will also feature a balancing pass on all existing Exotics, including changes to weapon damage and recoil. Exotic weapon talents have not been changed.
    Players will find Gear Optimization on the PTS as well, and we have provided max D-Tech so the min-max’ing testing process can get underway.
    Again, PTS for PC begins tomorrow! The invite criteria for consoles is coming soon, but remember that all players who had access to the 1.7 PTS will have access to the 1.8 PTS.
    PTS forums will be available tomorrow, so please be sure to provide feedback!
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