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  1. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    Agents, incoming State of the Game transmission:

    During the last State of the Game, Designer James Norris from Ubisoft Leamington was back to discuss more Underground in 1.8 with Petter and Terry.
    This week, Community Developers Petter Mårtensson and Yannick Banchereau discussed the release date of Update 1.8, the delay of the upcoming Global Event, the future of State of the Game and much more.
    If you missed the stream, you can check out the VoD link here - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/201711527?t
    Update 1.8 is coming in early December.
    The reason the update is taking longer than usual to be released following the conclusion of the PTS, is because it is a large content update and requires a longer fine-tuning and testing period compared to some previous updates the game has had.

    The next Global Event will follow shortly after the release of Update 1.8. We realize that we haven’t been able to run the Global Events on a monthly basis as we originally planned due to the third Global Event being a part of Update 1.8.
    We have also noticed that a common community request is to re-run the existing Global Events during the downtime. The reason this isn’t being done is that it isn’t as easy as it sounds to setup on our end.
    In addition, we also feel that due to currently only having two events in the game as well as because a portion of the community having already received all the rewards possible that this is not quite the time to do it.
    We would rather look to re-run the events in the future with modified rewards and when we have a larger amount of events to rotate.

    We will be looking to do other forms of streams in the future focusing more on all the awesome stuff that the community does in and around the game.
    This is a part of a larger revamp of the State of the Game format that we are working on, with the aim to create better weekly content for you guys.

    Another reason for experimenting with these changes is that we realize a community expectation exists to deliver news during State of the Game. Weeks with little to no news can cause unnecessary frustration.
    We will therefor likely incorporate a more irregular, news-heavy segment during our future weekly streams utilizing the new format.

    Until we are ready to roll out this new format, we will not be hosting a State of the Game stream in weeks when there are no news to share. The gameplay streams with the community teams will continue as per usual.
    We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to revamp our weekly streams to the new format.
    Today we announced that we are aiming for an early December release date for Update 1.8 and that the next Global Event will follow shortly afterwards. More details, dates and complete patch notes will be available closer to release.

    Enjoy a Double Weekend starting today, November 16th at 4PM PST. Daily and Weekly HVT contracts will give twice the amount of loot, currency and XP reward for the duration of the event.
    • Starts at: November 17th 00:01 UTC
    • Ends at: November 20th 00:01 UTC
    Stay tuned to future State of the Game streams for further details on Update 1.8 and the next Global Event!
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  2. osamaclees

    osamaclees Here To Help

    just bought this in the bargin bin $20, crossing my fingers i dont need xbox gold account just to play single player??? otherwise yeah i just wasted $20 haha

    its installing at home now while im at work, jeez games are getting worse the time it takes till you can actually play them!!

    any tips for a newb who only wants to play solo?
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  3. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

    Stay the F*ck out of the dark zone.
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  4. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    ive made three characters so far and ive found that an LMG/Sniper Rifle combo works well in most situations, get a sniper with high damage, (higher the better, m44 and m700 are great) I lean toward the M60's for LMGs, anything that has a mag size of over 100.
    LMGs are great for shredding enemies in the open, out of cover and for suppressing foes. When an enemy is hiding in cover, suppress them and then swap to the sniper and headshot them when they poke their head up.
    Using cover will be your best tool, and try not to get flanked by the enemy.
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  5. Gmutant

    Gmutant Here To Help

    You tried the MG5 at all? That thing is a beast in PvP. Higher RoF and damage than an M4.
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  6. osamaclees

    osamaclees Here To Help

    ok so i played a little last night and found out the game doesnt save while on a mission arghhhh
    up to the police station siege so havnt gone far in game yet. did all the outside, cleared garage, building and upstairs, and outside again with all those charging grenade dicks, but then someone came round so i left it going in a safe place, on character screen (there seems to be no pause? normal for mmo though i am playing SP) came back and had been logged out and have to start again from beginning of mission dammit.

    grenades suck, they suck ass. the part after you secure the police station and go back outside i must of had 100 grenades lobbed at me wankers i spent more time rolling around than anything heh

    the soldiers that help you out on the missions can they die or nah? i spend a lot of time trying to protect them or am i wasting my time? they seem to be invulnerable to friendly fire which is nice or is that only while im on the "tutorial"?

    the cover mechanics seems incredibly awkward, cumbersome and clunky so far especially trying to leave cover when a baseball bat dick charges you. will have to get used to it. i like the charging between cover and moving around cover but it seems to stick when you want to move alot so instead of moving from one cover to the next or so i end up just moving around the cover ending up out of cover right in the line of fire. takes an eternity to leave cover too, leaving me to find melee bad guys are the hardest in a game with guns lol purely because of the awkwardness of leaving cover to get a bead on one. in reality (yeah i know heh) any dick whos armed with a melee weapon is dumb enough to charge someone armed with a gun is just doing the human genetic pool a favour.
    been playing it like mass effect so far zipping from cover to cover and pushing forward the whole time, i think this is a bit more setup for staying back??

    there doesnt seem much to loot so far, but pretty much every bag ive looted i cant take cause im full of whatever it is, its been 2 things, a med pack easy to tell what that is and has same symbol as indicated in my pouch but the other thing that drops there is no symbol like it at all in pouch? its like a winged envelope thing? the only thing im full of apart from med packs is frag grenades, so im assuming this "thing" is frag grenades?? the symbol is nothing like the frag grenade symbol in pouch (or anything else for that matter) every non-red medpack bag ive looted has dropped whatever this thing is and i havnt been able to pick up a single one.

    im finding it seems to be better that if your mag runs out its quicker and better to switch to pistol to finish someone off you didnt quite kill with your main weapon before reloading, especially grenade dicks.

    speaking of grenade dicks can you shoot the grenade? in their hand? havnt hit one yet been too busy dodging, but wondering if can be done?

    pretty sure i cant enter DZ as i dont have gold account

    the character models are uuuuggllllyyyyy, and hardly any customization, is there customization later or anything?? do you have to purchase decent looking heads or??

    level 3 and only have starting weapons, a shit mp5 and pistol, and a shit shotgun as a reward from a mission. seen a nice AK in the shop but no monies.
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  7. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    The higher the fire rates the harder it is to keep the crosshairs from climbing up in sustained fire.
    I like the m60 cause it is lower on the rate of fire and easily for me to control the spray without sinking alot stats points in stability on the weapon mods.
    I tend to drop 5-6 normal enemies before I need to reload my LMG, and my sniper one-shots (headshot naturally) anything less than an elite. :)
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  8. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

    You talking about the game... makes me want to get back into it. But I deleted my fully leveled up character, just in case I'd get that itch again :)
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  9. osamaclees

    osamaclees Here To Help

    oh just saw something about global events and daily quests etc, are all those things locked behind having a gold account? or is it just DZ and grouping locked by gold account?
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  10. Gmutant

    Gmutant Here To Help

    Doesn't sound like you've used it then. It's WAAAAY more controllable than an M4 when in full auto, but then again, I have some stability mods on my MG5.
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  11. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    the 50 round mag was the deal breaker for me, anything less than 100 on the mag size for an LMG gets no love from me.
    M4 is an assault rifle and I avoid using those because I dont like spending alot of time in combat reloading, hence my huge magazines.
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  12. osamaclees

    osamaclees Here To Help

    lvl 5
    green enhanced g36 with scope and suppressor, green shotgun, green storm pistol
    got some reasonable stat boosting armour pieces too, nice

    re shooting grenades, oh yes you can hehe!! been popping grenade dicks all over the place. what was once extremely dangerous is now certain death to the enemy.
    had one really sweet one. came round corner all stealthy to see a rioter shooting at something he stopped pretty much straight away (no idea what he was shooting at) and started to walk into a garage. saw he had the grenade symbol so followed him. stealthed up to garage door and took cover, poked around and saw him standing there with 3 others. opened fire and hit grenade boom all 4 dead, nice

    need lockpicks, found a locked door no lockpicks. dont seem to be for sale guess have to find some.

    money is tiiiiiight

    wondering if i should finish off chelsea district or head straight for base of operations?
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  13. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    as you level up, you'll unlock more stuff.
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  14. osamaclees

    osamaclees Here To Help

    so you have to unlock lockpicks? (ha thats irony)
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  15. Gmutant

    Gmutant Here To Help

    No, you pick up lock picks from enemies.
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  16. osamaclees

    osamaclees Here To Help

    ah ok, dammit i liked the irony haha. are they craftable?

    sorry @Cejao what were you referring to?
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  17. OldDogF14

    OldDogF14 Here To Help

    ^ What he means is that as you level up, you'll gain access to better weapons, gear, mods and blueprints. And no, you can't craft lockpicks, you just use them to open locked doors to access loot boxes which generally contain crap that is far inferior to what you can pick up from completing missions and killing Elite and Named enemies.
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  18. osamaclees

    osamaclees Here To Help

    oh right, yeah already knew that hehe thats gaming 101 :)

    ok will have to find some, even if loots inferior my gaming ocd cannot leave a locked door behind!!!
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  19. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    you can play with other people who have lockpicks as well and they can open the door for you. :)
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  20. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    Agents, incoming State of the Game transmission:

    During the last State of the Game, Community Developers Petter Mårtensson and Yannick Banchereau sat down to announce an Update 1.8 release window and discuss the future of State of the Game as a segment.

    Yannick is back again this week to confirm Update 1.8’s arrival next week. Creative Director Terry Spier and Lead Designer Keith Evans from Red Storm Entertainment joined in to discuss more design decisions around Rogue 2.0 and Update 1.8 as a whole.

    If you missed the stream, you can check out the VoD here - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/205533548?t
    If you’re currently on the move, we have you covered with our Podcast Recap.
    With no State of the Game last week, we are back this week with news for everyone! To start, Update 1.8 is releasing next week and we will announce the official release date on Monday, December 4.
    We will also be hosting a 24-hour stream to celebrate the launch of our biggest free update to date, and we hope everyone joins us for the event! Global Event Strike is coming the following week, so mark your calendars Agents!

    With all that being said, a huge shout-out goes out to our community members. We have noticed a flux of new players to the game, and Update 1.8 would not be possible without everyone, both old and new.

    With our newer players in mind, here is a general recap for all things coming with 1.8:
    • Resistance—a new PVE horde mode activity in which Agents use SHD-Tech to build fortifications against allied enemy factions.
    • Skirmish—a new 4v4 PVP mode that emphasizes close-quarters combat and gunplay.
    • Revamped Underground—the same Underground Agents know and love, but with new Directives, Checkpoints, chances for Classified Gear, and Hunters.
    • Rogue 2.0—a voluntary rogue toggle for PVP flagging that we hope will rebalance the Dark Zone.
    • Gear Optimization—a new system that allows players to spend D-Tech to upgrade weapon/gear statistics to maximum.
    • West Side Pier—a map expansion on the left-hand portion of Manhattan.
    • New Exotic Weapons—the new ‘Big Alejandro’ exotic LMG, the new ‘Devil’ and ‘Heel’ exotic MMR pair, and of course the new ‘House’ SMG.
    We recognize there is plenty of passion around the Dark Zone, but we also want to remind everyone that The Division is a live game. As such, we are always evolving to best suit the overall balance of the game.
    Our intention was to create a zone that was an equal 50/50 percentage split between PVE and PVP activity.
    When it comes to Rogues in the DZ in 1.7, our data reveals that the balance is entirely off. 75% of player deaths in the DZ are exclusively PVP, and that is something we want to change.
    Of course, there is always the challenge of community feedback not matching our analytics on the back-end, but we really want to assure our players that we are confident in the changes that will occur with 1.8.

    We want to remind everyone that player motivation on the PTS differs from the live game. When it comes to the PTS, Agents are consolidated to discuss builds and play with the new systems.
    On the live servers, players are more spread out, actually executing their farming routes. As a live game, the system can evolve if Rogue 2.0 does not play out as intended.

    As a reminder, movement changes are going live with Update 1.8 as well. While it may not be the same as the pre-1.7.1 turn speed, the changes have improved over the PTS to give more deliberate control over individual characters.

    We have heard the call for improved Classified drop rates and confirmed that these rates will increase once all sets are released into the general loot pool.
    As a reminder, all named bosses across all areas of the game—the Underground, the Dark Zone, Resistance, etc.—have a chance to drop Classified loot.
    We have also implemented crates in Resistance that have a chance for Classified Gear, opened with SHD-Tech. In addition, Classified caches will be awarded in intervals when raising PVP rank in Last Stand/Skirmish.

    In terms of exotic weapons, our design intentions for 1.8 are to increase their viability across all areas of play. As a result, a number of weapons have seen a damage increase with the Pakhan as an exception.
    When assigning a consistent damage increase to each exotic when compared its respective base weapon, the Pakhan sat slightly above that bar. As a result, we reduced its damage and are excited to see players experience the changes.
    Update 1.8 is confirmed for release next week, with patch notes and an official release date scheduled for Monday, December 4.

    Do not forget that Global Event Strike arrives the following week and contains Classified Nomad, D3-FNC, Predator’s, and Banshee.

    The Xbox One X patch is coming but not with the launch of Update 1.8. As soon as we have more information on the patch, we will share it with the community.

    Lastly, players can expect a State of the Game next week! We want to discuss the launch week of 1.8 alongside player feedback/suggestions.
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