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Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Wickednewb, Jun 27, 2014.

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  1. Wickednewb

    Wickednewb Starting Off

    Black Friday, the day that everything went to shit. The virus was released and killed almost everybody. Our job is to restore society and save what remains. We need to protect New York.

    The agents? We kill them all, we take what they have. We take everything they have and survive. We kill the weak. We take all that we can and survive. We kill to live.

    Take your role as one of these different people. One wants to save what's left, another wishes to kill to live, risking lives of innocents. Choose one side, but choose wisely, your choice will surely impact what others think about you.

    Agents, your job is to clean up the mess that the virus left behind. Restore what is left to society and save lives in the process of doing so. There is a plethora of bandits in New York that will try their best to kill you, and anything else. You will be supplied with a experimental HUD system. You'll be able to see the entire city map and mark points of interest. You can also listen to radio backup calls from citizens or police and go their location and help them. I bet by doing this you will be rewarded by them and you will be more recognized for good deeds.
    Your HUD should be looking like this
    WEAPON/AMMO: M4 30/120

    So, I see you want those shit head agents dead as much as we do. Well you're in luck. We are accepting anybody who wants to kill those agents as much we do. What we do you ask? We kill agents, kill anyone who has what we need. And take supplies and survive. Killing the innocent is wrong some may think. But only the strongest will survive. We have been watching some agents. Turns out they have something we don't. A HUD. We are at a strong disadvantage. But someone in our group killed an agent and took his HUD. Guess what toy you're getting? We have to reprogram the little device so it says who the real enemy is. If you kill an agent, take what he has and use it to your advantage. If you get the HUD device from a dead agent. Come back to our little base and give it to us so we can fix it up. Want a demo of what the hud looks like. Here:
    WEAPON/AMMO: M4 30/120

    Remember, you only have one job. Kill those who are weak, and take what you can.

    Are you ready? Welcome to the DIVISION

    The entirety of New York City is open for your exploration.

    GROUP: Agents/Bandits
    Character Description:
    ROLE: Mechanic, Hacker, Assault, Medic, Sniper

    Cheers, and have fun.

    Name: Josh Wilson
    Group: BANDITS
    Character Description: Brown haired, Five-o-clock shadow, wears a baseball cap with a leather jacket and some jeans, as well as a small camping backpack.
    AGE: 35
    ROLE: Mechanic.

    ROLE EXPLANATION: Mechanic has ability to make improvised explosive weapons such as molotov's and improvised mines, as well as being able to fix car engines to make noise to distract enemies.
    Hacker. Hacker has ability to manipulate others HUD's to make them confused. As well as the ability to reprogram HUD's that they have found so they can use them.
    Medic: Has the ability to heal others and also revive downed team members.
    Assault: Can Lay down ammo packs and has ability carry twice as much ammo and gear.
    Sniper: Snipers can lay down covering fire and cause critical damage to enemies. Can pilot RC drones that distract enemies
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  2. Kjolly99

    Kjolly99 Here To Help

    (Love the Looks of this, Will make A App tomorrow when I am in A writing mood.)
  3. Fear

    Fear Here To Help

    Looks good, Wicked. Good to see you back! Currently at work, when I get home I will whip something up! :)
  4. Dezuel

    Dezuel Got Your Back

    Sounds kinky....

    May I tag along? xD
  5. Matt419

    Matt419 Here To Help

    I shall make a bio tomorrow :)
  6. Ca$h

    Ca$h Here To Help

    Is this suppose to be The Division like...the game ?
  7. Wickednewb

    Wickednewb Starting Off

    Yes. It is sir.
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  8. Ca$h

    Ca$h Here To Help

    Gotcha. Interesting. I'll have to do some reading on it it's been awhile since I've done that.
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  9. FTcivic

    FTcivic Here To Help

    Yo Man! If I wasn't on vacation, I'd join. Glad to have you back with us! Hope you stick around long enough so I could join!
  10. Fear

    Fear Here To Help

    I might sound a little picky but do Bandits have to work together? Like honestly I don't think all bandits are going to hold hands and sing kumbaya.

    Like my character may work with some people who share her goal of surviving but her life mission isn't to kill all the agents.
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  11. Wickednewb

    Wickednewb Starting Off

    Bandits. Interesting beings aren't they. Do what you want. Be a dick and retaliate and make your own bandit group, go lonewolf, do whatever you want.
  12. Fear

    Fear Here To Help

    Ah good to know. When I get home I'll make a character. Limited to one character?

    Oh and also what about the 'innocent people' they aren't playable? Just the agents and the bandits?
  13. Wickednewb

    Wickednewb Starting Off

    I'll try incorporating innocent people into this somehow. Two characters are allowed as well.
  14. Kjolly99

    Kjolly99 Here To Help

    Name: Kyle 'Hedgehog' Summers
    GROUP: Agents
    Character Description: Kyle grew up in Manhattan, He lived in some of the more poverty stricken areas of the city, He was exposed to violence and extortion as A young child, After years of his family business being bullied by local mobsters and hoodlums, He joined the Police Force.
    He joined the Police to help clean up the streets, And to protect his family.
    After Black Friday, Kyle was left with nothing.
    His family home, Destroyed, His Police record, Destroyed, His family was no where to be seen,
    Eventually, He was reached out to by the Agents, He agreed with there goal and enlisted.
    Age: 28
    ROLE: Medic
    Picture: [​IMG]
  15. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Name: Bob 'Oneshot' Crees
    Group: Bandits
    Character: He learnt to shoot at an early age, and this helped him become a Sniper, when he joined the Army. Having left the Army he joined the Police Service, but spending cuts, saw him having to take early retirement. No lover of any Goverment, he is not a 'sniper for hire'.
    Age: 54
    Role: Sniper
  16. scarface4467

    scarface4467 Here To Help

    Name: Jason "Raz" Brown
    GROUP: Agents
    Character Description: Black hair, Wears a Grey sweat shirt (hoodie), Blue jeans, backpack.
    He learned how to hack at a young age. He helped community's with hacks that could ruin people. This doesn't mean he didn't hack a bank account once and awhile. He was reached out by the agents when things went to hell. He helps the agents clean up the streets.
    Age: 30
    ROLE: Hacker
  17. Kjolly99

    Kjolly99 Here To Help

    How long will it be until this starts up Op?
  18. Wickednewb

    Wickednewb Starting Off

    As soon as their are 10 applications. Anyone can join at anytime.
  19. Kjolly99

    Kjolly99 Here To Help

    Very well, It seems we only have three at the moment I will see if any of my friends are interested.
  20. Wickednewb

    Wickednewb Starting Off

    It's actually 4 if you count mine.
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