The Giant Enormous Mega Class4 Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Undead Sanya, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    We are not ready to encourage Class4 discussion - as soon as we're ready for that, I'll be creating a Class4 subforum!

    I've been moving such things to the Off Topic forum, but I've become convinced I was wrong. Therefore, I am creating this thread. ALL Class4 chatter goes here. All of it. I hope you understand when I say I won't be able to talk very often, because honestly, everything I know about Class4 that I can discuss is... in Class3 already :D
  2. I believe i was about to reply to Raymond, in one such case, saying that area of effect chat is common in MMOs. Could whispering have a smaller AOE, talking larger, yelling larger still? Thus attracting respective magnitudes of zombie fun! :D
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  3. Unless you have a Kinect, there's no way for the X-Box to pick up on that. Even then, I'm not sure. I've never been interested in Kinect, so I have no idea what it can really do.
  4. Bturn

    Bturn Starting Off

    It's fine Sanya, but right now for me its good just to guess and daydream how Class 4 is going to be like but I might have some interesting near future questions about how Class 4 is doing and etc.
  5. Hmm, true. PC MMOs tend to have at least 5 buttons reserved for this though
  6. Yup, that's why I can't wait to see how UL handles communication.

    Then again, it depends on how much Microsoft wants to push console MMO's. If they're serious about it (and I mean SERIOUS) they could always bundle a Kinect with the game, without jacking up the price. Then they could do it like you were suggesting (which would be really freakin' cool, IMHO).
  7. This is Microsoft your talking about right lol ? :p Also known to have extremely tight pockets when it comes to freebies :(
  8. Haha, doesn't mean I can't dream! :eek:
  9. In Class 4 will we be able to see another player everywhere we look or will the map be big enough you can't?
  10. Demoniku22

    Demoniku22 Starting Off

    One thing I hope for in Class4 is not to have a to massive player count. I know it's a MMO but if the game has to many survivors in it, then it really wouldn't feel like a survival game. It would just feel like evryday life with zombies and everyone live in shanty towns. Thats just a personal prefrence.
  11. i dont get the need for kinect? you are able to plug a mic into your controller. plus kinects are horrible for comunication because they pic up ALL the noise going on, your tv included. everybody that gets in my party with a kinect always gets kicked because of all the noise, it gets anoying. and everybody i talk to HATE it when people use kinect to comunicate.
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  12. i would say any where from 100 to 300 people per server depending on how big the game is. maybe more if its HUGE.
  13. DariusG187

    DariusG187 Starting Off

    Well let me explain what Kinect can actually do really quick here - absolutely fu*king nothing.
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  14. I would like it if in class4 cars actually ran on gas so you had to go out and risk getting gas for your car o end up running around everywhere, and if you can just randomly find a building and move furniture in front of doors and windows if you're in a tight spot and can't put up boards.
  15. Every 2 years they should have an Olympic-esque event! Could have land and water races, could do feats of strength, shooting contest, even melee pvp-ish events.
  16. Baja

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    I keep wondering if the class 4 game would have been finished by now if the forums had been put up immediately. Aren't fans the real muse?

    I like the first half of that video before the guy starts backtracking in two directions at the 12 minute mark.
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  17. Would zombification be possible or would you just die (perma death or not)? Your body could be brought back as a zombie AI where you die to help spread diversity throughout zombies, aswell as novelty :D
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  18. Lilbuffalo

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    Class4 thread OHHH YEA!!!
  19. I know the quote but can't place it... hmm, i shall have to do my meditation levitation. It helps me remember things.. and hover :D
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