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    don't worry me and my coworker are fine and the guy who tried robbing the store is in custody (with 7 stab wounds thanks to yours truly)
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    Dang. Good job, bud.
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    God damn that's truly savage.
  4. Bob Crees

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    Did you run out of ammo?

  5. Dbomb 12

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    A must have for sod2.
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    Anybody got any experience with hexmag? There is an awesome sale going on and they're way cheaper than pmags. Bought a few to try out in my latest AR build.

    I give you my latest build: Liara

    In case you're wondering:

    Barrel: FN 16" CHF 1:7 twist
    Upper reciever Palmetto State Armory
    Lower Reciever: Anderson
    Trigger: Wilson Combat TTU 4lb
    BCG: Bravo Company
    Charging handle: Bravo Company Mod 4
    Furniture: Magpul MOE handguard and grip, Magpul CTR stock (got a great deal on a "package set"
    Carry handle sight: UTG

    Total cost of build: >$800

    Any other details you want let me know.

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    Here's some more Hi-Point press... sort of...

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  13. Jeanna_Q

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    According to Rheinmetall the RS556 with a 16 inch barrel and a fully loaded 30 round mag weighs 9.2 pounds. So with a fully loaded mag weighing 1.1-1.2 pounds it is safe to assume it is still an 8 pound rifle. Which to AR15 standards is heavy as hell, but comparing that to the ACR it is roughly the same.
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  14. OldDogF14

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    Dear Brant:

    If you were ever allowed to add more guns to State of Decay 2, you know, perhaps as part of a DLC, could we interest you in including a KAC SR-47? Something sufficiently different from an AR, but still recognizable as one while at the same time firing the 7.62x39mm round (or just 7.62mm in original game terms) of the AK?


    The Concerned Zombie Pacifiers of America
  15. CaptainAssassin

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    Neato.... VSS ammo:

    Wolf Performance Ammunition’s New 9x39mm Wolf Cartridge


    'It was only a matter of time before a dark horse appeared from the East to challenge the 300 AAC Blackout. A few days ago, at the Big 3 East Media event in Florida, the challenger appeared when Wolf Performance Ammunition introduced their new 9x39mm Wolf cartridge. It’s a cartridge many hardcore Combloc collectors and video game buffs have hoped for, but never actually expected to see reach US shores. Developed for Russian Spetsnaz units, the 9x39mm started life as a specialized military cartridge for use in suppressed weapons...' (more at
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  16. Gmutant

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    Does that mean that there are plans to bring in or manufacture accompanying rifle platforms?

    Edit: AR15 and AKM platforms are being planned for release. Cool.
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  17. LiNanMian1984

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    IMG_1342.JPG What weapon is that? Know the rifle that the guy busying disembarking is a South African R1 rifle. But the belt fed gun my father is holding. What gun is that.
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  18. MattyDienhoff

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    Looks to me like an FN MAG.
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  19. Undead Brant

    Undead Brant Developer Staff Member

    probably not, here's why: We are still just going with the diameter of the ammo, 7.62 as opposed to x51 or x39 and this rifle was never put into production so there are a ton of 7.62 AR style platforms out there that would fit the bill a lot easier than this one. It's a cool concept that frankly, I'm surprised hasn't been adopted in some way in the last 15 years of war. Apparently the Knight's version requires different powder than the standard AK ammo you'd find in abundance in theater. I hope to add tons-o-guns through DLC and random packs but I have not been informed yet of any solid plans.
  20. Dunadain

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    I am always in favor of additional toys!
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