The Last Day on Earth (5/30/2013)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, May 30, 2013.

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  1. I'm group 2 and I'm Canadian mines Darren.A
  2. The Zomble Legacy

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    Vote for me: Zac, in group 7
  3. M >>>

    M >>> Got Your Back

    On the Other Hand.... Maybe I Don't have a complaint if it's a linking probelm !


    If it happened the way you describe, then I'd have no problem or complaint to lodge against my fellow State of Decay fan TLCDog.
    I hope the problem is addressed and fixed.

    ~ M >>>

  4. the only thing bad now is the repeated video, I've seen 3 of the same video where this guy starts off saying the end is coming and all this then runs off and you hear a few gun shoots then it cuts to pics and all and if alex wasn't lucky enough to get in oh well if you read the main page it says all entries now are just for fun. And about the voting being through this
  5. JCass

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    Yah I thought that was pretty weird...

    JIRWINKO Starting Off

    If anyone wants to vote for me, I'm Johnathan in Group 1. Now, I'm not going to sugarcoat it and say my video is the best thing ever, because it isn't, but I did put some work and thought into it, and I enjoyed my time making it. No hard feelings if I don't get your vote though. :)
  7. The Zomble Legacy

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    My video is in group 7, I'm Zac.....please vote in my favor

    JIRWINKO Starting Off

    [This was an accidental double post, and I'm not seeing a remove-post icon. Sorry people!]
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    JIRWINKO Starting Off

    Woah wtf? Why did it post twice. I'm taking one of those down I'm so sorry.
  10. If you mean me, I did get it in on time with a couple hours to spare, which is why it's on the poll, but it looks like there is a linking error for the videos. I would also post a reference to TCLDog's video if I knew for sure what it was. There's only one Las vegas one that comes up in the you tube search I did, but the search can take days to work properly so it might be someone else's.

    It's an unfortunate fumble. Regardless of what happens, it was a lot of fun, and honestly for me it was an excuse for a creative diversion :D
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  11. That's my video and I've tried to tell Sanya that those are not correct. I know one video got changed but another did not. Sorry that it occurred but it wasn't my fault :(
  12. Sorry Alec, I don't know why I wrote Alex - my bad. Though I'm sure I'm not the first or the last to mess that up. And yeah it's a bit unfortunate that things were fumbled. Poll #8 specifically is just a mess. Anyways, que sera sera. Competitions are best done when it's objective and random with results. Voting just means a popularity contest where people get 20 of their friends to come and vote for them. It really has nothing to do with the inherent quality of what's actually been done which is why I don't like that process. Sigh, if that's how the competition works then wouldn't it just be easier to not actually get anyone to actually do any work on making a short little video and instead just award codes to whomever has more facebook friends or twitter followers, or whomever can convince more people to join up to this forum? Cause that to me would be more genuine.
  13. Wow, thanks, i wasnt expecting such good response...
    Thats deep! not even i was thinking that much into it when i filmed it, but i agree, Ive always been facinated with zombies in the forms of films, books, comics etc. but theres never been a game that grabbed me as being realistic enough, sure left4dead was cool, but only as a very linear shoot em up... i want survival with free roam and open world... state of decay goes beyond that! Im so excited!

    Oh and those of you who enjoyed the film dont forget to vote for me! i'm in #5! ;)
  14. That's why nothing changes here on the forum or Youtube. You can have "friends" (i hope they'll check the IP of the voters) in both places who vote regardless of the quality of the video.
    Anyway, good luck everyone.

    My video is on the group #5 (the last one in Messina). Watch it and vote it if you like ;)
  15. My only vote is mine, no friends to vote... :( My video is on the groupe 5 but i'm really disappointed. I worked for nothing.
  16. No problem I get called Alex all the time :D They mean the same thing anyway (Alec is derived from Alexander).
    Most of the contests I've seen that involve submissions also involve voting. I agree that it's somewhat biased towards those that can convince enough of their friends to vote for them, and this is not a good motivator for trying hard, but I think that random selection is even less of a motivator. If winners are randomly selected, then no one has to do any work at all.

    This group version of voting is a good idea, and could potentially dissolve the friend-vote issue, if friends voted on each group. Then each group would have a collection of biased votes, but a potentially larger collection of unbiased ones. But that is in an ideal world.
  17. AnselmBlackheart

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    The final top ten scores as of 12:00 PST were:

    Spartan - 24
    Tom G. - 19
    Darren A. - 18
    Olin D. - 17
    Claudio F. - 16
    Dakota - 16
    MeteoraCedric - 16
    Keon - 14
    Cody B. - 11
  18. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    So, here's the deal, y'all. First, we changed the rules to do away with the risk of YouTube trolls. Then I tried to post the polls...and halfway through I got word that we'd cleared cert and were going to announce the release date. When I finally came back to the contest, the forums were teetering and it took forever to put up the last few polls.

    Then it took two hours to correct the mistakes because the edit page flatly refused to load.

    Then the forums were down for over an hour of voting time - a particularly hard hit for our friends in Europe and Australia.

    Basically, I shouldn't have tried to do this contest at the same time as our biggest news week of the year. There's no way the voting is or can be fair.

    Jeff suggested, and I enthusiastically agreed, that we should just declare everyone a winner.

    That's right. We're going to take codes (each good for a free copy of the game) that we'd set aside for other things and give them to all forty video makers.

    Seems only fair ;)
  19. AnselmBlackheart

    AnselmBlackheart Starting Off

    I totally support this ^_^
  20. Oh my god Sanya! I love you! UL I love you guys!!!! You guys are the best ever!
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