The Last Day on Earth (5/30/2013)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, May 30, 2013.

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  1. Yes, when can we get hold of some awesome UL merchandise?

  2. Good form!
    Looking forward to the game, will be buying copies for friends without a doubt.
  3. Hey ho,

    This is fantastic news, but, um, When do we get the codes? I have taken tomorrow off work to play it, and dont want to have to end up buying it if I have won a free copy ;)

    Is this a really cheeky post? Yes it is, but I really want to play SoD at 10AM GMT when it comes out. Its not my fault you made such a great looking game ;)

    JIRWINKO Starting Off

    Man oh man oh man, I am so pumped. SO PUMPED. Everything I planned on doing today became null and void and I've just been sitting here refreshing my inbox. Gah, it's like being a kid again wanting to open just one gift under the christmas tree, so close but so far away!
  5. FallenHawke

    FallenHawke Starting Off

    Well Arcade games go live roughly around 2am on the pacific coast (5am on the east.) It's likely our codes will be waiting for us either when State of Decay goes live or when Sanya wakes up and gets to work to send all the participants a code. In short keep an eye on your inbox and be excited like I am ^_^
  6. O my god I had been so busy at the hospital that I hadn't had time to read this until I got an email from sanya thank you so very much is there any way I can donate to y'all I am so very thankful
  7. just got my code to
  8. codybuck0

    codybuck0 Starting Off

    I just received my code as-well thanks undead labs you guys are awesome.
  9. Euan

    Euan Starting Off

    Wow <33 I already bought the microsoft points though, so is it okay if I give it to a friend.
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  10. M >>>

    M >>> Got Your Back

    Congratulations to My Fellow Video Contest Makers and Thanks to Undead Labs !

    Thanks to Everyone at Undead Labs !

    Please know that your efforts at bringing the dead back to life are appreciated....!
    Um...and pass the ammunition !

    Congratulations to my fellow "Last Day on Earth" video makers.
    I really admired your efforts. Special recognition to the following Video makers who I voted for ( or would have voted for if I had an extra vote to spare...! )

    Group 1: Martin S. : Great production ! I really liked your story telling of the progression of the Viral Outbreak !

    Group 2: Dustin S. : Liked your moving voice over about your home town.
    Loved the photo of friends with guns in each others faces !

    Group 3: Old Fogie : Liked your narration about Liverpool.

    Group 4: Alec B. : Great use of what's close to home ! Really believable and moving. Good work with the tv video !
    Nice work by the spouse and young one ! Great emotional content !

    Honorable mention to Justin C. : Great work on the opener of your video - my favorite part !

    Group 5: Claudio F. : Nice production value and some of the best low-light video I've seen here !

    Group 6: J. Cass : I liked your narration and description of the new post-apocalyptic challenges of survival !
    Good live action work !

    Group 7: Curtis Z. : Nice work on your voiceover and reminisces about the pre-infection days of your town.

    Honorable mention to Zac for costuming and looking badass !

    Group 8: D. Eskin : Really great video chop effects and best answers of Sanya's question - "What would You miss most ? !"

    Alec : Outstanding live action and great emotional content !

    Salute Vos !

    Looking forward to some enthusiastic gameplay !
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  11. DeadOldfoggieo

    DeadOldfoggieo Starting Off

    NOOOO, I couldn't wait long enough so I;ve bought the game and now got a code for a free copy, but at leat the 1600 points went towards the most deserving people I can think of at undead labs so I'll take some comfort in that:)
  12. TenaciousMarine

    TenaciousMarine Got Your Back

    Sanya could you post a picture of everyone on the UL team, I'm scheming up a gift for you guys. >:3

    Also I'm loving the enthusiasm from the community, It's like Christmas in June! I bought 1600 MS points for one friend and if I get the code from this I'm giving it to another friend! Spread the Decay!
  13. Euan

    Euan Starting Off

    I just gave my code away - givingmy money to UL was deserved.
  14. I've got a friend who i'd love to buy the game for, cause she's broke too. but sadly I barely was able to afford it for myself

    ooo vinyl, awesomeeee
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  15. Am I the only one that didn't get a code yet? :(

  16. where i can use this codes
  17. few bugs aside....the game is reasonably priced and just amazing :D thank you magical pixie game designers for making this game. i wuv you xxx <3 (from a game vet for many many years) p.s please keep the sequel/retail release mechanics/general idea the same!! dont change your style to suit cod kids or WoW fans when u inevitably gain the money and fame u deserve to make more games just like this. my new ultimate favourate game of all time so far. a real diamond in the rough.

    please excuse my grammer etc. new to forums, i just felt the need to express my luuurve to the developers or designers or whoever made this awesome freaking game!! this is the only reason i registered. xxx

    and please people, dont bitch at the makers for the rough edges!? :/ again ur awesome
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