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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jan 10, 2014.

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  1. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

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  2. Rusty

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    Intriguing! Here's to great things ahead!

    Grats UL! :)
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  3. Jim Fear

    Jim Fear Got Your Back

    "...and the road ahead of us will take years to travel. We hope you’re up for the trip, because we think it will be well worth it."

    Quick! Everyone in the NORMA!
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  4. So this means you can open a Texas office and hire some of us to run it right? ;)
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  5. Last Post

    Last Post Got Your Back

    Congratulations on sealing the contract !

    Many more good years ahead to the Undead Labs team :D

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  6. Good luck guys, the pressure is on now :p.
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  7. Doctor Invictus

    Doctor Invictus Got Your Back

    *puts on hipster glasses*

    Success, Undead Labs? So mainstream.

    Just kidding! Congratulations and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I'm looking forward to your future output.
  8. King of AR

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  9. Axios

    Axios Got Your Back

    Congratulations! Now SoD MMO is sure? :)
  10. Sawblades

    Sawblades Starting Off

    Congratulations!!! With the new technology in Xbox One and some of the other great games being developed, I can say that this project has me waiting on pins and needles for it to release.

    Yes, I know it won't be for at least a couple of years, but looking at games like Ubisoft's "Watch Dogs" and "AC4: Black Flag", as well as some non "mainstream" games like "Project Spark", this game in particular has me really excited.

    There is major potential in this game. State of Decay was amazing with the time and resources available to produce it. However, with the new support and tech, "Class 4" has the opportunity to be one of the best all time games.
  11. Congratulations! Enjoy your big bag of MS money!
  12. Undead Jeff

    Undead Jeff Got Your Back Staff Member

    Of all the thanks we have to dole out, the most enthusiastic, heart felt, and humble thanks certainly goes to those of you who have spent your time here in these forums expressing your hopes, telling us when we do well, keeping it real when we don't, and helping other players enjoy the game. You guys are the fuel that keep us going every day, and we're incredibly grateful to you.

    I'll probably post variations on this theme for the next few weeks at least. You've been warned.

  13. Shadowfogkiller

    Shadowfogkiller Here To Help

  14. King of AR

    King of AR Got Your Back

    as long as you don't start going "we're not talking about that at this time " we should be good :) keep it up guys I still have money in my wallet it is your sacred duty to part me from it :D
  15. Undead Jeff

    Undead Jeff Got Your Back Staff Member

    Talking about what?
  16. King of AR

    King of AR Got Your Back

    you know how most game companies *cough bethesda cough* will answer every single question with that line ,even "what time is it? " "we're not talking about that at this time ",as long as you keep the current level of communication with the fans you guys will be around for a long time :)
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  17. Jim Fear

    Jim Fear Got Your Back

    I wanted to reply to you, but I'm afraid I can't talk about it at this time.
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  18. King of AR

    King of AR Got Your Back

    see ,bethesda regular ?
  19. Vangald

    Vangald Got Your Back

    Can't wait to see what all you folks come out with next. SoD related or otherwise.
  20. Hardfighter7

    Hardfighter7 Here To Help

    *get's in the NORMA Jean truck* :p lol i too can't wait for Class 4 to release but i'm patient (somewhat) and i can wait just don't. mess. it. up lol can't tell ya how many do it irks me lol but i have hope ya'll won't.
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