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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jan 10, 2014.

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  1. Just to clarify....Class 4 will be for Xbox One right???
  2. MstrJedi Kyle

    MstrJedi Kyle Here To Help

    X1 and PC most likely although nothing is official.
  3. Negnar Holf

    Negnar Holf Here To Help

    Class 4 isn't exactly confirmed, either. We need to wait while Microsoft and Undead Labs sort out their business. I also believe UL is under a contract of secrecy right now, and they're doing an... Interesting... Job of keeping things from leaking.

    I'm expecting an announcement no sooner than after the next State of Decay DLC has been out for a month or two.
  4. iceman2050

    iceman2050 Starting Off

    Still no update on the next title update? This is becoming absurd now. The game, in its current form, is completely unplayable. To be honest, I don't care about anymore DLC until the game is fixed.
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  5. XajNyne

    XajNyne Got Your Back

    Amen to that! :)
  6. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    I wouldn't say that. :) The game is still playable and we're working on getting the update out as soon as we can. :)
  7. Negnar Holf

    Negnar Holf Here To Help

    Chill, brother. The game is far from 'unplayable', trust me.

    The next 'title update' will probably be part of the upcoming DLC.
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  8. Nengtaka

    Nengtaka Here To Help

    Unplayable? I haven't had any problems besides the occasional flipped car on both the Xbox 360 and Steam.
    The next TU will most likely be released with "untitled upcoming DLC" *cough*lifeline*cough*
  9. I agree; the game isn't unplayable. It's just a very rough and unforgiving game. It's unforgiving because you're playing nobodies in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. This is the closest to playing Walking Dead comics. :p

    However, I'm concerned about the upcoming Title Updates... Will they patch the original game, or only Breakdown? Will I have to buy Breakdown in order to have the original game patched? I really appreciate that I only had to pay 20$ to play this game, but I wouldn't want to have to pay for the Breakdown DLC just for a patch...

    As I said, I think 20$ wasn't that expensive, but... still... I spent my money on SoD instead of spending it on, let's say, The Stanley Parable...
  10. XajNyne

    XajNyne Got Your Back

    I haven't played this game for months.................what bugs have been fixed?
  11. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    I can assure you that you won't need to buy Breakdown in order to receive a patch for the bug fixes in SoD :)
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  12. IrishDead

    IrishDead Here To Help

    I believe they said they signed an exclusivity deal with Microsoft. It isn't being worked on but the deal is done (I could be wrong though)
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  13. Negnar Holf

    Negnar Holf Here To Help

    Correct, but I'm presuming they're still discussing future plans and goals. Designing the outline of a game isn't as simple as signing a contract. The deal itself is done, as far as I can.
  14. iceman2050

    iceman2050 Starting Off

    Sorry ladies an gentlemen, but the game is unplayable. I like the game, but I'm sick of waiting for updates. It seems every new update breaks, rather than fixes the game. Spare the rhetoric of being a rough game, because that's not the problem. I don't wanna run down what I find wrong with the game, I don't need to, because most of you already have. It would be counter-productive. I'm sure the PC version is better simply because the updates happen more frequently than the 360. However, my rig is broken, and I simply do not have the money to fix it. Otherwise, I'd play the PC more often.
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  15. Negnar Holf

    Negnar Holf Here To Help

    The game is broken because you're too impatient to wait for updates.

    Whelp, I'm done with this conversation.
  16. iceman2050

    iceman2050 Starting Off

  17. Hi Undead labs...will be a story DLC for this wonderful game?? i want more of this game..i had some issues with the autoscrolling and autoactivating Sprint in Breackdown, but i simply can't stop f playing this game. Is my best 2013 game for i need more. any new? thanks
  18. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    We'll be getting info on Lifeline shortly. :)

    Meanwhile you can check this thread out if you want:

  19. DayZ

    DayZ Got Your Back

    Might be one reason to buy an X1 after the three X360s we have in service here wear out, though right now it appears a hefty investment with little to offer and expensive bells and whistles that I'd need to deactivate. However, in 2015/16 it will probably be time to get a PC upgrade anyway.
  20. Is it safe to assume that any future SoD game for X1 is going to be more polished because UL won't be working within the 2GB limit imposed by XBLA?

    It' s kind of amazing what they were able to pull off with the 360 version so I'm just imagining what they could do with a normal 20–40GB install with an X1 version. :)
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