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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jan 10, 2014.

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  1. Great... now we get an MMO with endless PvP, bad graphics & all the assorted things that come with MMO's..
    Sigh this franchise would have been much greater with co-op model and NOT MMO...
  2. I also fear the whole MMO move for State of Decay due to the afore mentioned reasons. Given Undead Labs previous track record of not only listening to the will of their fans during game development, but also having them actively involved in the implementation process; I'm inclined to believe that whatever they're working on is going to appeal to everyone. Hopefully this applies to even those of us in fandom that despise multi-player driven games like myself; if they do go ahead with a purely multiplayer format, I truly hope though that they include a "couch co-op" version of the game so friends and family can enjoy the horror of State of Decay together. Cheers.
  3. Negnar Holf

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    Show me where you read ANY of that, please. I've been following Undead Labs for 4 years (on both of their forums, I might add) and haven't heard even a whisper of what's in store, be it MMO or Co-Op. If you're privy to some sort of inside information, I demand you tell us!

    Only time will tell, my friend. Only time will tell :)
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  4. I read somewhere that they acknowledged it would be an MMO format.
    Been some time though & cannot remember where. It WAS an official part though
  5. Negnar Holf

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    Whelp, let me explain what I know.

    Originally, UL planned on creating an MMO. That was Jeff Strains main goal when he decided to strike out on his own. However, as time went on, they came to realize that the MMO they dreamed of creating would've taken far too long, and Microsoft wasn't willing to fund them forever. As such, they decided to release Class 3 (State of Decay) as both a starting grounds for the MMO and proof for Microsoft that they could deliver. The game grew, and grew, and grew. Eventually, they decided to create the game as a full-on single player experience, which is what we have now.

    Whether or not the game is going to still be used as a base for the MMO, I can' tell. Ever since the multi-title (Keyword: Multi) deal they struck with Microsoft, they've been very quiet on the whole situation. The hiring of Patrick Wyatt may be evidence of a future MMO, but past experience has taught me to presume nothing.

    So, in conclusion - UL has not confirmed anything about an MMO, but evidence supports it being their next game.

    NOW, moving on to your post that I quoted earlier -

    Endless PvP? Bad Graphics? All the things that come with MMOs?

    These are the things I was referring to when I asked you for evidence. I've actually only found information that completely contradicts your post.

    1. PvP seems unlikely, considering UL was against putting in AI human opponents in SoD. That aspect may not carry over (I hope it doesn't), but it's still refuting evidence.

    2. It'll likely come out on the Xbox 1. Now I know 720p isn't exactly real-life graphics, but that's still pretty damn good for a console. Not only that, but you have no supporting comments from UL that even makes your dismissive post logical.

    3. Undead Labs has already stated that they aim to design a completely new field of MMO. That generally means you can't associate it with other MMOs, cause it's different. That's basically that.

    Whelp, there you go. Fanboy defense post over.
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    I did see a post where Sanya said there was to be no survivor vs survivor violence in this game, making that edit to save her future self from grief.

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  7. Kid Kayole

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    I'm almost 30, shouldn't be getting as fanboy as I am over this game hahaha
  8. I love you too :D
    I don't care, was just saying stuff to seem intelligent :p
  9. Negnar Holf

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    Lol, it's all good. I do that myself all the time :p
  10. Undead Nicole

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    Man, I adore you guys. So damned much. :) It had to be said.
  11. Nengtaka

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    Believe me, you should by Breakdown right now. Just for Breakdown. It's amazingly awesome.
  12. Wake up NE0

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    Great news, so i am very behind catching up, played a lot of the xbox version at release, now on a PC playing again with Breakdown ... So is this new deal..I hope in some day to play a sequel to SOD on my PC... Keep the faith :) And congratulations Undead labs,, came such a long way now one of the best zombie games of all time. :D
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    Bad graphics... really?? Have you seen any other arcade games pull off anything close to this?? Remember that brand new this game is 20 dollars... has free updates with new features no matter how long they take. Maybe you haven't played it enough to find all the nuances this game has to offer. And they're hired some of the best multiplayer minds in the game-making business... Ok I'll stop... just get a lil defensive of one one the best games out there EVER!
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  14. Will state of decay come to Xbox one??
  15. xtra dave

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    The time has Come
  16. i'm glad to hear u got a contract, i really enjoyed your game, i played it many hours, and i wish BD had another story to tell...but it's quite good too. i didn't purchased last DLC, but i will sooner or later, just because i need more SoD! but, i wish u will release a State of Decay 2,maybe with a Co-Op mode, but no MMO pls, for god sake, i swear you, no MMO..i like a good story and maybe a co-op mode, that's it. Congrats UL
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    Any SOD news???
  18. I think military vechicles and military outposts or even flying vechicles should be added called the military falls
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  19. Sod is my favorite game loved the work ul put into it. For a future title I agree no pvp but a co-op campaign while surviving with friends building up your community and defenses. Also maybe adding bandits that come to attack your community and steal supplies. Also being able to raid AI camps or help them survive trading goods. Multiple campaigns/expansion packs, my favorite part of sod was that there was 3 different story lines I could play out. That would be amazing to bring back. Sod is awesome and UL rocks!!!
  20. Any news at all? I'm worried that there has scarcely been a peep about the MMO for 2 years.
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