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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Undead Sanya, Jun 13, 2016.

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  1. noah

    noah Got Your Back

    lol. I dont even remember if i have any mods. I know i have at least one that adds TWD characters, and a couple are apart of my breakdown team.
  2. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    Twas a reference to all the levels of Breakdown which have been played.
  3. C.C Garcia

    C.C Garcia Here To Help

    I think they should do what Bethesda did with Fallout 4 on console. You can get mods without violating the Microsoft terms of service or anything. That would be pretty awesome I do say.
  4. Erudain

    Erudain Here To Help

    SoD 2 will run inUnreal 4 engine. It's one of the most "mod friendly" engines out there (the others are Valve's Source engine and the multiple Bethesda engines)

    The new web Bethesda created for their mods is so ugly and clumsy to move in..... Nexus FTW!
  5. The_Bro

    The_Bro Got Your Back

    Thought occurred to me, 4 player co-op is likely to be in an "instance" driven thing. Like having to enter a lobby and have friends to meet up with etc, but will the co-op be like Breakdown and the 4 co-op players advance from one level to the next with increasing difficulty? I know that's asking a lot because that would require game saves, but then where do you save it? And what if one co-op member isn't available does that mean the other 3 can't play.... it raises a lot of issues, but it would be a nice feature if possible. Maybe for SoD3. :)
  6. Vanilla

    Vanilla Here To Help

    My theory is it'll be drop in drop out like the story experience. So if player 4 left the other 3 could continue regardless. Basically whoever the host is controls when they progress to the next level.

    As for saves SOD 1 had a auto save feature after events and such which i liked and i have a feeling will carry on into SOD 2.

    This is survival! there are no manual saves :p
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  7. The Judge

    The Judge Got Your Back

    I thought we already knew that it was a drop in/out system
  8. The_Bro

    The_Bro Got Your Back

    Manual saves in Co-op wouldn't be a bad thing though, think of it like playing old school D&D, sure you and your three friends can play for 3 hours tonight, but now you all agree to put it down until later, hence, manual/hard save, until your next gaming session and then boom, resume where you left off. I think it would make the experience far more like friends meeting up to play together like "game night"... I'm not saying I expect this in SoD2, but it's a hope to see co-op have more of a "friends playing together" feel.

    When I play MMO's and I'm in a guild, we get a little bit of that when grouping to do a hard quest, but really if it weren't for the fact that we all play the same game I wouldn't otherwise socialize with those strangers in my guild. I can see Co-Op kind of as a meeting between those two worlds, the intimacy of real world friends getting together to game as in D&D, combined with the MMO feel of guildmates working together to each others mutual benefit in a game world.

    Yeah, I know I'm off on more of a philosophically nostalgic tangent, but I can dream can't I? :)
  9. Vanilla

    Vanilla Here To Help

    As far as we know for story. Breakdown may be different (if there even is a breakdown mode)

    I never played D&D but i can see the appeal of manual saves in that scenario. I can't see it working here though.

    Like i stress before in a game like this you have to deal with whatever bad things happen instead of reverting to last save because you didn't like the outcome of a certain event/tragedy .
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  10. The_Bro

    The_Bro Got Your Back

    A. If there isn't a Breakdown mode I'm gonna lose interest in SoD2 really quickly to me Breakdown is one of the strongest elements unique to SoD.

    B. It could work, but, it would take a LOT of effort to make it work, SoD2 might not be the place for that to happen. Like I said before, I can dream can't I? :)
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  11. Dest45

    Dest45 Here To Help

    Wouldn't need a breakdown mode if the base game was interesting and kept you on your toes. Id rather have a more believable option than getting in an RV and going to the same place with tougher zombies and more loot. What there could be are mass zombie migrations and travelling survivors setting up outposts/communities/safehouses which you can raid or wait til the zombies kill them then take their supplies. That way there would be a constant flow of zeds and supplies without "advancing to the next level" of the zombie apocalypse
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  12. The_Bro

    The_Bro Got Your Back

    Could be made to render randomly created levels that way each is a new challenge because you won't automatically know where to look for particular loot etc... I like the idea of travelling survivors too... the thing about SoD is it can go in so many different new directions. Time will tell how SoD2 works out these issues/details.
  13. Mospus

    Mospus Got Your Back

    May I ask, other than multiplayer drop in and out, what other things are coming that have already been said?
  14. Vanilla

    Vanilla Here To Help

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  15. Mospus

    Mospus Got Your Back

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  16. JCass

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    All I have to say is Brothers, and Sisters if the anticipation is killing you...A little Escrima....a Little Kali, some BJJ...You'd be surprised how fast SOD2 will be here plus you'll have an entirely new set of useful skills. :cool:

    Consequently if anyone in UL is reading this post I strongly suggest you consider putting in Drones. A modded Drone with Bait, Air Horn, and, or Noise, and Flashing lights would be infinitely useful tactically in combating Zombies.

    Its a pity Walking Dead the show happened circa 2010...

    A few years more, and upswings in Solar Tech, and Drone Technology would have become far more accessible to the common man.
    DJI Phantom 4 carrying Fresh Bloody Meat + Cliff or tall building= Many Dead Zombies.

    That said Technologically you are limited to the Cannon of the outbreak obviously.
  17. wootwoots

    wootwoots Starting Off

    I beg you, please no windows store for the pc version
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  18. Dest45

    Dest45 Here To Help

    Not really anything new. It does say something about new communities carrying the legacy of old ones. Sounds kinda like a new game + or breakdown. Hopefully sonething with a bit more depth.
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  19. Doomen Gloom

    Doomen Gloom Famous

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