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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Undead Sanya, Jun 13, 2016.

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  1. Biggles

    Biggles Here To Help

    Why is the game in Detroit?
  2. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

  3. Erudain

    Erudain Here To Help

    lies....that's too clean to be Detroit, looks more like South side Chicago....
  4. Biggles

    Biggles Here To Help

    Oh, buddy...
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  5. DJB204

    DJB204 Famous

    This might make SoD2 unmoddable. Microsoft will ban anyone running mods on Xbox Live. Unless UL does what Bathesda did by having mod support built into their game. Unfortunately though, those games with mod support are single player only games.

    I see a few scenarios playing out.

    SoD2 will be cross platform play, but will be unmoddable. If PC player do manage to install mods, the multiplayer portion might be inaccessible or have compatibility issues due to modded code. or...

    SoD2 will not be cross platform, but will be modable. Whether or not UL has plans to support mods officially or make it easy for multiplayer access using mods, we will see.
  6. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    At first I could have sworn this was an Audi, but on closer, I'm not too sure. Modern pickup was a GMC (I've got one owned by the guy across the street).

    Can we get a list of what vehicles inspired SoD 1&2 cars?
  7. CaptainAssassin

    CaptainAssassin Here To Help

    Sort of looks like an older body-style Nissan to me... a Maxima maybe? With some non-patent-infringing alterations...

  8. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    Could be. I was looking at the image on a phone, so detail gets lost.
  9. orgelambart

    orgelambart Here To Help

    we'll be lucky to get the game on steam period.. let alone being a steamworks game..
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  10. Darth_Necron

    Darth_Necron Got Your Back

    mod support would be great as long as it dosent affect the mp aspect as everyone who you play with would need the same mods and mod updates to sync everyone's games so i think for single player this would be great but your gonna miss the mods when you play with friends espcially if its like the mount tanner bridge fix etc

    the car looks very much like the audi A7 sportsback but with larger headlights and smaller front grille (nissan gtr front ) however the shape and design is to uncanny for it not to be an audi A7 / nissan gtr hybrid either way ill bet it goes bloody fast for an executive saloon
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  11. warbrand2

    warbrand2 Got Your Back

    I don't care much about the car, the cars in SOD where always a bit useless, trucks could take more of a hit and nothing like reversing over a horde with a farm truck.

    But the building. looking at that building, two story with a built in garage, that is something we didn't see in SOD1, the big thing is will be be able to jump from the second story windows onto the garages roof, and if so. how long until a co-op group comes in and boards the windows with their buddy on the roof giving their body a really good sniper spot.

    Also something i never got about SOD, running over zombies damages cars I get that, but reversing over them just takes out the tail lights and you can do it forever as long as you don't ram a big un.
  12. The Stray Cat

    The Stray Cat Got Your Back

    I wouldn't mind that either, although I'm probably not going for that look.
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  13. GR8ScottZ0MBIES

    GR8ScottZ0MBIES Starting Off

    So glad UndeadLabs is using Unreal Engine!![​IMG]
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  14. Cadeyrn

    Cadeyrn Starting Off

    Yeesh. Tall grass = creepers and loungers waiting in the weeds. Plus harder to see ferals. *Shiver* We're gonna need bigger guns. And maybe a flamethrower to clear the entire area.
  15. Arrowdweller

    Arrowdweller Starting Off

    Sure, let's use the bigger guns to draw more Zeds and get us caught in a ring of fire as a flaming feral jumps from his hiding place so my poor Marcus can die for the billionth time by being burned alive and torn in half. Great! Seriously though, totally stoked for the new look that SoD2 will take. Also that partial Jaws reference made me realize we could maybe even end up with a home base like on an oil rig or on a boat... could be cool is all I'm saying.
  16. Clyde

    Clyde Got Your Back

    I'll be doing it Spencer's Mill style with a lawnmower.
  17. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    Push mow: slow, no armor, attracts zeds!

    Riding mow: less slow, no armor, injury when getting yanked off, attracts zeds!

    I think I'll stick with fire & ninjas, thanks.
  18. The Stray Cat

    The Stray Cat Got Your Back

    Oi. Detroit native. It's clean.
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  19. ZombieKitty

    ZombieKitty Starting Off


    Can we have the game now?
  20. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Nope, not yet. :)
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