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  1. RossBeeUK

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    Why is Karen not there?
  2. Jeez man... why are you obsessed with her?
    Not that it's a bad thing, but she's anything but appealing.
    She's a drunk, not the sharpest tool in the shed, and so on and so forth...
    Why's she your favorite?
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  3. Nengtaka

    Nengtaka Here To Help

    She helped me get the Blaze of Glory achievement.
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  4. RossBeeUK

    RossBeeUK Got Your Back

    Karen may be a drunk... but there is no booze around for her to drink so how can she be drunk? She just has a history of drinking. Everyone loves a flawed character...
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  5. It was late when I threw the script together to pull the data for generics so I went to sleep after my post. Heroes have a few extra pieces of data to account for so I'll pull it out when I get home this evening :)

    Edit: Okay, I tried finding Karen in the hero list and she wasn't there :eek: So I checked out the generics and noticed that a few of them have set names, one of which is Karen. So I'm assuming that's the one you are referring to :D

    Vanilla Generics with set names;

    "Makes a mean stroganoff."
    Daydreamer, Caterer, Natural Athlete,

    Is always called Ben Greene

    "Life was going pretty well until this happened."
    Gossip, Dentist, Bad Back,

    Is always called Virginia Dalhgren

    "Obsessed with anything sports related."
    Alcoholic, One-Time Jock, Drank a Lot, Tough as Nails,

    Is always called Frank Johnson

    "Her first emergency call resulted in her entire team's death."
    Autocrat, Paramedic, Total Lush,

    First name is always Danica

    "One of the first responders to the Marshall food riots."
    Trumbull Local, Loner, Cop, Liked Range Shooting, Dim Bulb, Natural Athlete,

    First name is always Martin

    "Built his house with his own two hands."
    Alcoholic, Handyman, Hoarded Stuff, Tough as Nails,

    First name is always Terrence

    "Was working on an article about the death of small-town America."
    Born Leader, Historian, Enjoyed Antiquing, Absent-Minded,

    First name is always Laura

    "If it doesn't come in the form of a folksy saying, Janet doesn't trust it."
    Team Player, Accountant, Loved "Idol", Tough as Nails,

    Name is always Janet Weiss

    "Everybody signed her yearbook "Have a great summer.""
    Trumbull Local, Thinker, Dentist, Bad Back, Bum Knee, Asthma Attacks,

    Is always called Sue Rose

    BD Generics with set names;

    "Owner, sole waitress, and part-time cook at the Fork In the Road Diner."
    "Team Mom", Waiter, Actor, A Pack a Day,

    First name is always Alice.

    "Everybody in town called her "Crazy Marley.""
    Trumbull Local, Gossip, Unemployed, Hoarded Stuff, Total Lush,

    First name is always Marley

    "Hits the bottle a little too hard."
    Alcoholic, Student, Drank a Lot, Total Lush,

    Is always called Karen Tolbert

    "Just some thug. He doesn't even know how to describe himself."
    Trumbull Local, Braggart, Plumber, Liked to Tinker, Dim Bulb, Natural Athlete,

    Is always called Aaron Felder

    "About as big-hearted and generous as they come. If it were up to him, he'd hand out all the food in the store to anybody who needed it; that's just what people do in a crisis, right?"
    Kind, Foreman, Absent-Minded,

    Is always called Quentin Barnes

    All of the other generics have names in their description tags but they have no effect on their possible name choices
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  6. And here is the BD Heroes and their traits;

    Ed Jones
    "Local boy who moved off to the big city, but still comes back to visit every year."
    Trumbull Local, Team Player, Accountant, Loved "Idol", Nimble,

    Sam Hoffman
    "As far as Sam is concerned, Trumbull Valley and just about everyone in it can suck her dick."
    Problem Solver, Liked to Travel, Loved Cycling, Eagle-Eyed, Nimble,

    K. C. Winters
    "He's the kind of guy you know will have your back, even if you've treated him like shit. Logged hundreds of hours at the shooting range."
    Natural Athlete, Soldier,

    Maya Torres
    "Here in the valley for a hunting trip with some old Army buddies. A veteran sharpshooter."
    No Nonsense, Soldier,

    Erik Tan
    "Since the outbreak, he has been tasked with maintaining some semblance of order in Trumbull County. Has access to an artillery site in the mountains nearby."
    Jerk, Officer,

    Shark Hoodie Guy
    "We're pretty sure that isn't his real name. But we're afraid to say anything. You never know when he might be standing behind you."
    Loner, WeekendNinja, Nimble, Eagle-Eyed,

    Leon Montague
    "A few weeks ago, this was not the kind of guy you wanted to see knocking at your door. Now ... it's a relief to have him around. Him and his land mines."
    Problem Solver, Mercenary, Natural Athlete, Fast Hands,

    Walter Degrasse
    "He was sent in to research this disease and find a few answers. Now all he wants to do is find a way out. His hazmat suit is the ultimate defense against freak attacks."
    Problem Solver, Soldier, Demolitionist, Hazmat,

    Evan Woodrow
    "Used to blow stuff up in his backyard with a buddy. Never thought he'd get to do it for a living!"
    Autocrat, Soldier, Demolitionist, Natural Athlete,

    Judge Constance Lawton
    "A strict enforcer of the law whose reputation as a hanging judge has only added to her credibility as a leader in the aftermath of the outbreak."
    Autocrat, Lawyer, Studied Linguistics,

    Eli Wilkerson
    "The youngest Wilkerson brother. A reckless hoodlum with a bigass wrench."
    Thinker, Liked to Hunt, Practiced Taxidermy,

    Lyanna Carter
    "Her friends used to make fun of her annual trip to the Renaissance Faire. They're not laughing anymore."
    No Nonsense, Total Lush,

    Marcus Campbell
    "Just came to Trumbull Valley for a fishing trip. An imposing guy who knows how to swing an oar."
    Born Leader, Clerk, Loved Hiking, Tough as Nails, Natural Athlete,

    Lincoln Voss
    "The hunter has become the hunted. And then the hunter again. It's complicated. This guy can shoot."
    Bro, Liked to Hunt, Practiced Taxidermy,

    Mickey Wilkerson
    "The oldest Wilkerson brother. He's a psychopathic son of a bitch. Can snipe zombies for you from across the map."
    Natural Athlete, Drunk, Liked to Hunt, Practiced Taxidermy,

    Owen Lykins
    "Used to pantomime fighting zombies in his basement with a video camera. Now it's his full-time job."
    No Nonsense, Cop, Liked Range Shooting,

    Zeika Rivera
    "She's been hiding from the authorities for years. Hiding from zombies shouldn't be a problem. Knows her way around an AK-47."
    No Nonsense, Mercenary,

    Dan Hovenden
    "Trained a generation of SWAT recruits for the Trumbull County sheriff's office. He stays in contact with his cop buddies, and can call them in at a moment's notice."
    No Nonsense, Officer,

    Jacob Ritter
    "A good kid, but a little flaky."
    Daydreamer, Student, Practiced Photography, Tough as Nails, Natural Athlete,

    Becca Collins
    "As bad as the situation is, in a way Becca welcomes it. The end of the world is an opportunity to forget the past and move on, and she's ready to become a new person."
    Loner, TattooArtist, Autocrat,

    Alan Gunderson
    "Alan has been a forest ranger with the Department of Fish and Wildlife since he graduated from community college."
    Autocrat, Cop, Liked Range Shooting,

    Job Wilkerson
    "The middle Wilkerson brother. A cold-blooded schemer, and a sneaky bastard."
    Braggart, Historian, Enjoyed Antiquing, Profiteer, Intimidation,

    Pastor William Mulroney
    "Heads up the church in Spencer's Mill. Good at building up our spirits, even in the darkest of times."
    Team Player, Preacher, Loved Literature, Bum Knee,

    Thomas Ritter
    "Local carpenter, one of the first to help organize survivors. Great with any kind of repairs."
    Father Figure, Liked to Travel, Enjoyed Camping, Natural Athlete, Born Leader,

    Doc Hanson
    "An old country doctor who knows everyone in Trumbull Valley, inside and out."
    Team Player, Doctor, Bad Back, Bum Knee, Asthma Attacks,

    Joel Macon
    "Can fix just about anything... as long as he's got a steady supply of whiskey."
    Drunk, Electrician, Practiced Photography,

    Calliope Morris
    "She's been learning to grow and store her own food for years, waiting for the end times to come."
    Trumbull Local, Autocrat, Horse Trainer, Liked Gardening, Liked Gardening, Tough as Nails,

    Heather LaRue
    "Zombie apocalypse? Whatever. Try raising five kids."
    Gossip, Watched Liked to Cooking Shows, Intimidation, Tough as Nails,

    Charley Marshall
    "Direct descendant of Ezekiel Marshall himself. Spends a lot of time in the library, reading about it. Great at research."
    Trumbull Local, Autocrat, Historian, Enjoyed Antiquing, Asthma Attacks,

    Amelia Crasman
    "Used to play one of the zombies in an annual "zombie run" event. Doesn't seem quite so funny anymore. At least she's in great shape."
    Daydreamer, Parkour, Tough as Nails, Natural Athlete,

    Carl Parsons
    "Comes across as a quiet, patient, introspective sort. He's a long-time veteran of the force, and the department frequently partnered him up with rookies, trusting him to show them the ropes."
    Thinker, Cop, Liked Range Shooting, Born Leader,

    Diane Montressor
    "Demands nothing but the best from herself and those around her. Her subordinates privately call her the Monster for her mercilessly high standards. "
    Braggart, Officer, Intimidation,

    Ray Santos
    "Former county commissioner. Slick bastard. Good at procuring whatever you need ... especially if it's a car."
    Gossip, Loved Books, Loved Movies, Born Leader, Tough as Nails,

    Andy Pimms
    "Ol' Andy Pimms."
    Alcoholic, One-Time Jock, Drank a Lot,

    I haven't put in their modified skill levels yet, just traits and names but I'll edit them in once I've modified the script to pull them out

    Intresting note, Shark Hoodie Guy doesn't have a surname, Shark Hoodie Guy is all in his first name tag. He actually has 24 different first names in the file, I don't have him unlocked but is it random in game?

    Edit: It is random, details in this post if interested >
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  7. Ah fair point... i honestly hadn't thought about that.
  8. RossBeeUK

    RossBeeUK Got Your Back

    You must have a favourite?
  9. TitusMaxThong

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    sprang girl for World Leader 2016
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  10. Sprang Girl AKA J.W.
    Her negative trait is braggart i think, but i've never had problems with her.
  11. RossBeeUK

    RossBeeUK Got Your Back

    My first playthrough ever I got the Sprang girl, Coward butcher girl and the outdoors nimble girl in my first ever enclave. Unfortunately sprang girl and nimble girl were both killed by Pastor Will...

    I know one is Rick. Another name is Ghoul.
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  12. So is it possible to get all these dudes and dudettes in Breakdown?
  13. Sarkis

    Sarkis Starting Off

    One of my favorite survivors because the reflexes and I wanted to know how many of these survivors have the reflexes skill because it is amazing, it can do the melee combats a lot of easier I can even knock down a feral with a single spin kick. This survivor also has the problem solver ability which allows her to be perfect for the ninja position of the team.

    Now that I restarted the BD mode I was on level one and she was already mastered on wits, reflexes, fight and cardio and I hated the game when she go miss and then later she appeared dead without a single rescue mission!! Man I was so depressed... BD level one!! come on!!
  14. Tsewe

    Tsewe Here To Help

    Thank you for this list, I've been looking for something like this.

    However one question still remains; how could I know which "head" corresponds to which skin color? I'd like to replace some with others.
  15. Applesintime

    Applesintime Famous

    Is it just me or is the dude who was on the show with the talking dog a Family Guy reference?
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  16. Jakeypake

    Jakeypake Got Your Back

    I read everything you post in Peter's voice and everytime it's twice as entertaining.
  17. AzJeff

    AzJeff Got Your Back

    I found this guy in one of the enclaves, didn't see him in your list :


    "A meathead who's more concerned about the lack of football than he is about the zombies"
    Jerk, Mechanic, Liked Tailgating, Tough As Nails
  18. Matty Goodfella

    Matty Goodfella Got Your Back


    Sleaze, Mechanic, Liked Tailgating, Bad Back

    My dude. :cool:
  19. AzJeff

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    welp, nevermind looks like the site is back up :cool:
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  20. osamaclees

    osamaclees Here To Help

    one of my favourites too, shes Amelia Archer in my game. Also probably because of being idealistic if her mood drops to unhappy of any sort (usually only ever from getting sick or hurt, some dick accidentally shot her once) all it takes is one rucksack to neutral and one more to a happy one every time (usually relaxed for me)

    This one too.

    "Loves the great outdoors."
    Team Player, Enjoyed Camping, Liked to Travel, Nimble

    She is Caitlin in my game, and same as Amelia if her mood ever drops just 1 rucksack to neutral then 1 more and back to full happy (usually welcoming for her) as she is also idealistic

    Found both these 2 on level1 BD and they are always my go to characters
    I love them both and would totally rage quit if I ever lost one.

    Both have edged weapon proficiency and focus aim
    always armed with broadsword/pirate cutlass/falchion and a 7.62 assault rifle with these and wheel kick nothing is unsurmountable and everything is destroyed.
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