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Discussion in 'State of Decay Guides' started by Jakeypake, May 6, 2014.

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  1. Is there a list somewhere of all possible surnames ? I'm trying to remember this characters name for three days and can't. His first name was Garrett
  2. I could go grab them from the code, but the problem is each character has about 1000+ possible names total, so unless you can figure out it's tag name it doesn't do much good. It eliminates maybe 5-6 characters if you have a random gen name.
  3. Thanks. I'll just look when I get home but it's been driving me crazy. I have a spreadsheet of all my characters and their skills. Lol. And I cannot remember his last name to save my life and he's very forgettable anyway. But still I'm going bonkers if I could jude browse a list I'm sure it would pop out.
  4. tough as nails are so under rated
  5. Alan Gunderson

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    Just letting you know that a lot of characters share the same possible names, meaning learning the name wouldn't do much to decipher who. Some characters have unique names, although the combinations are always different for everyone else.
  6. In another thread I already went through every possible entry and came out with 5-6 different possible characters.

    It's kind of like a police line up now, he just needs to point the character out.
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    Does anyone else think the girl who "Was in her senior year of college." looks a bit like Zoey from Left 4 Dead? She was also a college student during the outbreak, although not a senior.
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    Are all the images down, or is it just me?
  9. They are, because photobucket had bandwith issues. If you wish to see all of them, you can download the images from this link:
  10. Wolfwood824

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    Thanks, but it doesn't really help as much without having the traits listed with them, unfortunately. =(

  11. Hi
    I'm glad to found a encyclopedia about survivors, i have just a suggestion in state of decay wikia for some characters they said "While her name is randomized in each playthrough, Devon Wall is the name used in the game's file", And i just want to know what 's the names used in the game's file for all characters because there are not all characters in wikia (and i want just one name for all survivors just like aaron felder or sue rose)
    It's possible to add all names ?
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  12. Bob Crees

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    @Céline - Welcome to the Forums:) - It might be best to also post your question in the PC Mods field, found in the For PC Players thread.
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    Pic's don't show up, am I missing something?
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    Not just you, several of us.
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    Just says IMG on mine. o_O
    Opening in a background tab does not work either.
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    Nope. There are way too many. The character you mention 'Devon Wall' has 57 possible first names, and 230 possible last names. The combination of the two has 13110 possibilities for the character name.

    The reason you can't see the pictures is because the original poster linked to someone else's page, which no longer exists.
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    Ah, much thanks. Welp, maybe update the first page if no one can see any of the characters?
    I dunno, sounds like a lot of work, but otherwise can't see anything.
    Not worried about it really, was just curious if there was anyone I haven't seen (always possible).
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