Things that drive u mad in YOSE?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Del44ZSlayer, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Famous

    As a Key Board User, 'W' for forward is right next to 'E' and being Right Handed, quite often I have jumped out of a moving vehicle for no apparent reason:)
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  2. GoodShotJansun

    GoodShotJansun Got Your Back

    The Tank that keeps spawning right next to my Trucking Company base. And zombies climbing over the barbed wire and glotchibg through a closed gate at said location. Keeps Snyders from being a great location.
  3. DeadlyTowersSux

    DeadlyTowersSux Starting Off

    When Lilly gives you a shit-ton of missions, then tells you to come home and rest
  4. TheFrightfulHog

    TheFrightfulHog Got Your Back

    When you're searching a house with a companion(s) and every time you go into an empty room and immediately try to leave, your companions are blocking the door because they are sticking like glue on you.

    I do like how close your companions try to stay with you, BUT, if you're inside a house maybe they can be a little smarter and stay back a bit, guard but not block the door. Tactical scavenging if you will.
  5. Del44ZSlayer

    Del44ZSlayer Here To Help

    Thats one of my peeves too lol. Was a nightmare till i figured out that pressing B and rolling, took me past said blocking person! Before i discovered this, i could spend many minutes bobing and weaving side to side to try trick them so i could squeeze past! :p:p
  6. Zamasu

    Zamasu Here To Help

    The zeds that can fly and bite me from far away, when I'm running at full speed.
  7. Del44ZSlayer

    Del44ZSlayer Here To Help

    Ohhh i hate those Superman zambamboes, i watched one leaping for me yesterday and i swear it literally nearly took off flying he flew that far an fast lol! :eek::mad:;)
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  8. TheFrightfulHog

    TheFrightfulHog Got Your Back

    Yeah but still...
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  9. mystyk

    mystyk Famous

    You just don't drive fast enough, then. Dirt road, top speed, preferably in a rally or high end exotic, something delicate, lol :D
    I've yet to flip one of those station wagons. They don't go fast enough, although cornering without braking can almost tip it over. Almost. I'll be happy if every one of them awful cars gets trashed. Sometimes I deliberately drive them into the river (but bail out first).
  10. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Famous

    I must admit I do not like driving those cars.
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  11. FreedomFighter

    FreedomFighter Here To Help

    Them laser guidance zed. Once it locked on to you, it never miss, no matter how fast you run. Unless you roll, then it will face slam on the ground.
  12. Zamasu

    Zamasu Here To Help

    UL and their trolling, lol.
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  13. Terrafutan

    Terrafutan Got Your Back

    Just failed a besieged mission. Cleared out everything, get the message to clear out stragglers, look out back and there's a jug growling at me. Close the door so that I can approach from another side and one of the survivors run out the door and gets ripped in two.

    1 dead, the other 2 ran away and the enclave is still standing.

    Bloody idiot survivors.
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  14. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    Pack from a fallen survivor is inside the bridge towards Snyders. Not on the road, or on the slope, or in the creek, but 5 feet underground. I think I had a good gun in there too.
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  15. Sailorwolf

    Sailorwolf Famous

    Most of these I just think are funny and they don't bug me the only one that does is

    losing a enclave member to this or a big um clipping thru the back door. So anymore I take 4 pipe bombs and take out the big um before he can get to the house :D
  16. xGbHx

    xGbHx Here To Help

    Zeds phasing through doors
  17. Zamasu

    Zamasu Here To Help

    Or getting stuck under them, lol.
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  18. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    Or watching a forehead moving frantically across the floor.
  19. mystyk

    mystyk Famous

    I was looting a shed, slowly (character wasn't a ninja), there was a zed on the other side of the wall but by the time he shambles his way around to the door I'd have been done and gone. So what does he do? Walks clear through the wall and grabs me :mad:
    I was so annoyed. After I killed him I fast-searched the rest of the shed and dared any more to come and get me, I'd give them what for :D
  20. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Famous

    One of my 'pet hates' is when you move up a level. It all seems a little rushed at the start.

    1) Find Home Base
    2) Set up a couple of outposts to protect it.
    3) The first Infestation appears on the map.

    If you do not take care of (3) then people will start to go missing almost immediately:(
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