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Thoughts of an Enclave Survivor.

Discussion in 'The Zed Gallery' started by Bob Crees, Jun 7, 2016.

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  1. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Hi my name is Lexi, Lexi Stone and I lived, well still try and live in down town Marshall. For those of you that know the area, my house is at the junction of the main Southern Road and the road leading to our quaint Tex-Mex Restaurant.

    Why choose to live here, well my boyfriend worked at the Fire Station across the road. I had a teaching job at the nearby school and it was just a short walk to the large supermarket. A perfect place to live as we did not need to own a car. See we were saving up enough money to get married and move to back to Alaska, where my parents live. Well I hope that is the case and that they are still alive.

    I guess it all started about four weeks ago. I was at the school as normal; teaching history, when a couple of soldiers appeared wearing gas masks. It was difficult to understand what they were saying, due to their masks, but I was able to make out that we had to leave the premises and send all the children home.

    As I led my class into the corridor, I saw other teaches leading their children out and we practised the fire escape drill. You know, single file, no running, stuff like that. Once we were outside I stayed to make sure that the children from the outlying areas such as Fairfield and even as far out as Mt Tanner, got on their school buses.

    It was strange to see the army building what I can only describe as Sand Bag Bunkers near the steps to the school entrance and rolling out Razor Wire on top of the school fence. Several of those big army trucks appeared, whilst I was outside, and the soldiers were taking in a few people on stretchers into the school.

    Troy my fiancée came home that evening and we exchanged news. I told him about the school and he mentioned the air plane that had crashed. We both agreed that the school would be the ideal place for mass casualties to be taken to, but neither of us could explain why there were armed soldiers manning the sand bag bunkers.

    We had installed a CB Radio when we had moved into our house, if for no other reason than I could tune into the Fire Station channel, just to see if Troy would be late home. Initially this gave me some peace of mind, but it also became a thing of nightmares.

    It was the CB message about "Staying in Doors" that caused the mass panic I guess. I do not recall if it came from the army or the courthouse, but I saw many friends and neighbours heading towards the supermarket after that. Troy was out on a call, something to do with a crashed police vehicle. I did not want to disturb him to ask about that particular message, so made a judgement call, that's if others were stocking up on food, then I had better join them.

    The supermarket was in a turmoil what with people filling up shopping carts with all sorts of things. One middle aged woman had a cart full of dog food, gold fish pellets and bottles of bourbon. Some people were queuing to pay, whilst others just left with their full carts. To be honest the security guards did not know which way to look.

    From where I was near the isle containing toilet paper and personal hygiene I was not able to see exactly what happened over by the food isle. I just heard a scream and saw two of the security guards running in that direction. I think I counted five gun shots, before there were more screams. Everything seemed to flow in slow motion. I saw one man trying to run towards the exit carrying a boxed TV, when he was grabbed by a woman and pulled to the floor. The woman had no left arm, just a ragged stump, but that injury did not seem to affect her. I think I saw that woman sink her teeth into the man's thigh, I am not sure as I was pulled out of my trance by Logan.

    At the time I did not know him by name, but recognised him as one of the shelf stackers at the supermarket. I had smiled at him, when on occasion I had made a late night visit to the supermarket. What with Troy's work, sometimes he would not come home till the early hours.

    Logan pushed me into the storage area and started to fill up my cart with unopened boxes of snacks. Twinkies, Hershey Bars, Cheez-Its and lots of stuff like that.

    Behind us the screams were getting louder and once outside Logan was starting to panic.

    "Come follow me" I remember shouting to Logan. This was how Logan; Logan Juarez I was later to learn, joined me in my home.

    How often have you cursed a shopping cart with a 'wonky' wheel. Well try pushing one at speed, when all hell is breaking out behind you.

    Well we made it inside my house, 24 rolls of toilet paper and 18 boxes of snacks, not quite what I had in mind.

    The CB radio traffic was becoming frantic. Several Police Vehicles were sent to disturbances. There was even one message that was cut short, something about the Mayor and his entourage shot down on the way to Fairfield. Something about a road block before the radio went dead.

    I think it was the fourth day. Troy had not been home for well I forget, 2 days I guess. From my front window I had seen many army vehicles stopping outside my school and unloading stretchers.

    I had not slept that well so the CB messages I heard were a little confused.

    " Wagon 2 in attendance, vehicle on fire on the road to Spencers Mill"

    Muttered message " ...... Army ..................... Black Fever ......................"

    "This is Judge Lawson, hand in your weapons".

    "Wagon 2 to base its not possible, they were all dead. No Nooooooooooooooo its not happening. We need assistance............................................."

    The next day I saw the army set fire to the school and pull out of down town Marshall. I never did see Wagon 2; Troy's fire engine, come back to the station.

    That night I went to bed clutching a photo of me and Troy, taken in front of my parents log cabin. Sleep did not come easy.
  2. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Great story, Bob. :)
  3. The Veteran

    The Veteran Got Your Back

    That's great.
  4. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Thank you both - Part 2 to follow .........:)
  5. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Part 2 - It's starting to sink in.

    I was not sure what woke me up. Maybe the smell, the air was rank. There was the smell of burning wood and plastic, But there was also something else a more pungent aroma like burnt flesh. Or it might have been the noise coming from my kitchen.

    "Troy honey is that you" I shouted, pulling on my denims and a white T Shirt.

    Rushing into the kitchen I found a strange man and then it all came flooding back to me. Logan looked at me and with a shrug of his shoulders "Sorry I was just looking for some breakfast".

    Logan had been staying at my place for, well this would be the second day. The smell was coming from my school, which also included the smell of burnt flesh I guess.

    "Sorry for shouting like that, I thought it was my man at home" I apologised.

    "It's okay Miss Stone, I understand, I am sure he will be here soon" Logan smiled back.

    "I will not tell you again, please call me Lexi. Now did you find anything to eat" I asked.

    We had a bowl of cereal each, using up the last of the fresh milk. Whatever was happening I was sure it would be over in no more than a week, but during that time we would need more food and water. See what with Troy's shifts, we did not keep that much food at home, especially fresh things.

    "So Logan what food did you find" I asked.

    I was rather embarrassed when he loaded up the supplies on my kitchen counter. Two tins of mixed fruit and two of rice pudding. He showed me the contents of my own fridge / freezer. Two pots of strawberry yoghurt, a small slab of Dutch cheese. and a half used tub of margarine. The freezer compartment was not much better, a frozen loaf of bread, two steaks and a packet of bacon.

    "I was going to do a weekly shop today" I said by way of lame explanation.

    "Well the supermarket is not the place to shop today" stated Logan matter of factly and drew me by the arm, so I could see the loading area of the large building. There must have been six people milling around the lorry parking area. Wait no they are all injured. I was sure I could see blood on some of them.

    "Logan they need our help" I said starting to move to the front door.

    "No no no" Logan muttered, pulling me back. "I have been watching since sunrise, they kill people. Like what happened when you helped me get here. They rip and tear and kill. Trust me Miss Lexi, we should not go there".

    I was not sure what to think. Surely Logan was exaggerating. It was about three hours later, when I believed Logan was right. I had filled up the bath, sink, kettle and a couple of jugs with tap water, just in case. I was standing in my front window rolling a cigarette and was just about to go outside; Troy did not like me smoking in the house, when I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye. I had to do a double take. It was Mr Everest, armed with a baseball bat, running as best he could towards the Fire Station. I did not know him well, but had carried his wife's shopping for her, back from the supermarket. Both must have been in their seventies. They lived three houses from me.

    "Why would he be heading there" I said out loud, which brought Logan to my side.

    Mr Everest disappeared out of sight, somewhere in the empty fire engine bays. Troy was so proud of Wagon 2, looking all clean and shiny, parked in what was now an vacant space. Then it hit me, yes apart from the food they kept at the station for their meals, there was also the spare medical bags. I remember Irene; that's Mrs Everest mentioning such things, as before she had retired, she used to work there as a cook.

    I forget how long I watched, was it five minutes maybe ten, then suddenly Mr Everest reappeared. He was trying to run, but was dragging an injured left leg. Gone was the baseball bat to be replaced by a fireman's axe. In his left hand he was dragging what looked like a bed sheet. There was something contained with that sheet, as there was a bulge at the end, which bumped along the tarmac.

    It was the sight of Fire Chief Pearson running after Mr Everest that initially gave me hope. You know people should not loot from Emergency Services places. Yet it did not look like Chief Pearson. Yes he was wearing the right uniform, but his face well half of it was smashed in.

    By the time I had got to my front gate, I was just in time to see Mr Everest swing the axe and cleave it into Chief Pearson's skull. I guess it was the weight of the axe and his damaged leg that saw the old man sprawl across the road.

    I heard Irene before I saw her "Clive Clive get up" and then I saw the old woman. She was looking left and right as she ran to her husband. Logan tried to stop me, but I broke free of his grip and was able to help Irene get her man back into their house. His leg was a right mess, looking like some animal had bitten a chunk out of his thigh. He needed immediate hospital treatment, but after seeing what happened at my school, all I could offer was a medical pack that Logan had recovered from Clive's bed sheet.

    Logan started to pull on my arm and Irene smiled "Go back home girlie, the crews will be back soon, you will see"

    I gave Irene the best smile I could, before letting Logan pull me out of the house. My new lodger had had the presence of mind to pick up the bundled bed sheet that Clive Everest had been dragging, as well as the Fireman's Axe.

    I reconciled that we had not actually; what's the technical term, looted this stuff, but I did feel somewhat relieved when the bed sheet revealed two ' Catering Tins' of mash potato and scrambled egg. Both needing water, so I was glad about filling up the bath. Sacks of Apples and Bananas we found would also help.

    "I think we should give some of this to the Everest's" I suggested.

    "Maybe later Miss Lexi" replied Logan.
  6. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    +1 It's great to read your writing again, Bob. Got me right from the start. I'll be looking forward to any further chapters. :)
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  7. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Awesome second installment, Bob!
  8. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

  9. CotJocky466

    CotJocky466 Here To Help

    Very well done Bob ;-)
  10. Applesintime

    Applesintime Famous

  11. Fabian907

    Fabian907 Famous

    Very well thought!
  12. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Thank you all again:)

    It's something I have been meaning to do for a long time. For me SoD is more than a game. I like to get 'Into The Head' of my characters, when I am playing:)

    I am sure more will follow, that's if Lexi and Troy's house is not overrun in the meantime:)
  13. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    You should write a book, Bob.
    And have QR do the art work.
  14. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Who would produce the film:)
  15. Applesintime

    Applesintime Famous

    Micheal Bay. Lots of explosions & shit.
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  16. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Part 3 - Is it News or Lies

    I do not know what made me take the TV into our back bedroom. I used to love our big bay window at the front of the house, but now it did give me a sense of being very exposed. Like sitting inside a goldfish bowl I guess.

    Nearly all the TV channels; well those still left running, were reporting on this new phenomena. How people dying were coming back to life. "Well not back to life in the true sense of the word", explained one so called scientist, to a blonde haired reporter in a studio. "They are dead to the rest of us, but something is reanimating them". He went onto explain that in his opinion it was all down to electronic energy. Something was hot-wiring their brains.

    Flicking to another channel, there was a soldier sat in a studio with his face shaded over. The running banner at the bottom of the screen indicated that he was in the 'Special Force's' but that his face and name were withheld due to security reasons. The soldier was explaining that things were under control and advised that people should stay at home. There were a series of 'Words of Advice', such as making sure you have enough water. I smiled at that one, tick that off the list. There was talk on stocking up on food and other essential supplies. The male studio anchor then warned against panic buying and told the viewer that looting was against the law.

    One national channel was running kids cartoons.

    Sky News was showing a World Map with lots of Red dots on it. There seemed to be a lot of dots around major cities. Now I am not good at geography, but I know where New York and Washington are. I thought I recognised the areas of London, Paris and Moscow. Two men in separate studios were discussing the spread of a disease and it appears to be linked to airports or seaports. It all got a little confusing when they started to mention something or someone called patient zero

    We then switched to our local TV station. I say we as Logan was watching the television with me. The first we saw looked like a live stream being filmed from the overpass in Danforth. In the foreground was a crashed army helicopter, with a back drop of what looked like the top portion of a block of flats on fire.

    "Well Louise we are still being informed that everything is in order. Though as far as I can make out, the local police have asked the army to help fight these local acts of random violence. We do know that several small army posts have been set up in certain areas of the ci....." Words drowned out by nearby shots

    "We are being advised to move our location, so for the time being this is Randolf Wilkerson signing off and back to the Studio".

    The screen moved to a shot of the studio and the Anchor woman, Louise Collins.

    "I thought she was forced to retire last year" I said to Logan, "After that scandal over her daughter".

    "Before my time I guess" shrugged Logan.

    Louise had several people sat around a table. I recognised the uniform of a Fire Chief, one was female soldier, and I am guessing the last was a medic of some sorts. We did not get to hear what was being said, as we both reacted to the scream at the same time.

    "No Clive no" screamed a woman.

    "That's Irene" I exclaimed.

    From our fish bowl we were able to see Irene running into the road. She was heading towards the fire station, but one of those creatures wearing a blood soaked white T shirt and faded denims, was cutting her off from the right. Moving far quicker and from the left was a female nurse missing her right arm. Just a bloody mess of skin and bone below the elbow.

    Irene turned around and started to head back towards her house. It was then that I saw the blood around her face. She stopped as Clive her husband lumbered out of their family home. His skin seemed to be grey and there appeared to be an awful amount of blood, which had soaked out of the bandage around his wounded thigh.

    "We have to help" I urged Logan pulling on his arm. He simply stood in the window and pointed to the right. Just coming into my view I saw one of those army type vehicles, humvee's I think they are called. It screeched to a halt outside of the fire station and a soldier got out of the front passenger seat. He raised his gun to his shoulder and suddenly the air was full of blood and bits of flesh.

    I was later to find out that he had killed the three creatures attacking Irene with a bullet to the brain using a suppressed rifle.

    It was almost like Logan had a sixth sense or something, or that he did not trust people in authority, but he held me back as the soldier approached Irene.

    "Have you been bitten" the soldier demanded of Irene.

    "I was helping Clive" she sobbed and with a trembling hand, pointed to her now dead husband. "I was just getting him a drink of water and he must have been delirious. I am sure he did not mean ....., but then he started to chase me".

    "Did he bite you" the soldier asked again, but in a more softer voice.

    We do not know if Irene said anything, but I saw her nod her head. The soldier moved behind Irene and with a "Sorry love" shot her in the head.

    I was trying to pull away from Logan. He had his hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming murdering bastard. Slowly he pulled me into the back room and sat me against the wall. I know I was in shock and my hand was trembling as I tried to drink a glass of water.

    The TV was still on and the female army person was responding to a question from Louise, "Yes yes, please just stay in your homes and we will come and help you when we can".
  17. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    Great job as always Bob.
  18. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    eagerly awaiting part 4.
    surprised no one else has commented on part 3.
  19. FTcivic

    FTcivic Here To Help

    I hope we get a new character soon. Someone shaddy. Logan seems to just know, whats up.

    In the next story can we get a few pictures Bob?

    Awesome work like always Bob.
  20. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    You've always had a natural way of writing. Vivid, and feels real. Great work!
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