Tired of NPCs taking all the good weapons?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Biker Steve, Nov 16, 2017.

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  1. Biker Steve

    Biker Steve Got Your Back

    I've learned over time to be absolutely ruthless when it comes to inventory and people management. I figure, if they're not coming with me on the RV at the end of the level, I'm not going to part with things I've found for my own group. It's beyond annoying if you go to grab something and it's with an NPC that's "on a mission".

    Also, I lost an SUV full of rucksacks when some IDIOT NPC grabbed a grenade launcher and manned the watchtower.

    So, as soon as I bring someone into my enclave and can switch to them, I make sure they have only the inventory I want them to have. I don't want them completely unarmed, so they'll typically keep whatever melee weapon they start with. If they have something good, I'll swap it with a 2x4, as I keep a few junk weapons in the back of a car outside the base just for that purpose. I'll also remove their backpack if equipped and whatever meds or random items will get stored in a trunk for trade purposes. If they had a gun, it'll either go in my locker or get deposited with another enclave for the influence. (I'd like to thank Joel Macon for my latest .44 Automag.)

    Then I'll go to my locker and equip them with 3 bullets of different calibers.

    Their inventory will remain full, meaning they'll never pull anything from your locker. If they happen to get killed, all that you have to remove from your locker is their junk weapon, as you got your ammo back.

    I *think* this also works well for watchtower duty, as only my main people are armed, and they all have weapons with suppressors. Whether or not their shooting XP comes into play I can't say, but it seems like they do make kills from farther away.
  2. YojimBeau

    YojimBeau Famous

    Yep, been doing this for years. Difference though, I give them 1 crap melee, 1 snack, 1 med and one junk item (noisemaker, flare, whatever).

    However, be aware that if they spawn a morale or training mission, they will auto-equip a BZ-75.
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  3. Biker Steve

    Biker Steve Got Your Back

    What if I don't have BZ-75s for them to take? Will they spawn one automatically?

    That'd be a free gun for me in the end. (Whether or not they survive the mission.)
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  4. Erudain

    Erudain Here To Help

    they spawn one free, in fact that survivor might have the AK on it but on a training mission he will use the BZ
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  5. CaptainAssassin

    CaptainAssassin Here To Help

    It usually spawns in the last inventory slot.
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  6. mystyk

    mystyk Famous

    All my newbies get a basic inventory - 3 snacks, 3 aspirin (I usually have loads of those two), a silenced pistol and that's it. Backpacks in the locker unless I have an over abundance of small ones then they get that.
    My main 6 only have the best, naturally, plus before I switch out from them I unequip their gun. Newbies get tower duty. I find as soon as I bring a new group in one always runs for the watchtower, anyway. They seem to like it so I only stop them long enough to silence their gun.
    My crybaby missions (morale missions) time out in 5 minutes, I don't like them so never do them. Before editing that they *never* timed out.
    It was @YojimBeau who showed me how to add a timeout. Can't live without it, now :)
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  7. Biker Steve

    Biker Steve Got Your Back

    Well, I'm on the XBox One, so I can only take advantage of exploits, not mods. ;)

    Since my main 6 are armed, I've never had a problem, one of them take the watch tower. (It's usually Ray or my Army Medic, both of who I never take out anyway.)
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  8. MrsFish

    MrsFish Here To Help

    I don't mind them taking good weapons-- it gives an easy opportunity to get extra influence. In my current games, I have nothing but high influence weapons. It allows for me to get lots of influence quickly whenever I need it. I don't keep grenade launchers in the storage locker.

    The only time that it matters when they take a good weapon is when you want to leave the valley, and then yeah, in those cases I'll fill up their 4 slots with garbage.
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  9. Sailorwolf

    Sailorwolf Famous

    I let them take what they want :D But I don't put the guns I want in the box....always seemed pointless to put a gun in then pay to get it back later
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