Title Update 1: 6/14/2013

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. Hooray! Now I can get back to playing :D
  2. New Version?

    What do you mean you had to release a new version? Was the game cut for germany!?
    That would be a shame...

    btw. do you have any plans for DLCs? Because I'm done playing and I would like to play some more... but I don't want to start a new game.
    So how about a new map after escaping? That would be great :)

    Oh, and I'm hoping for a Multiplayer or at least a CO-OP mode :)

    But I must say: great game! Love it! Better than DayZ ^^ even though it lags some times when you drive far away, and has some bug... but I guess I'll be waiting for TU1 :p

    ♥ you all
  3. This didn't fix or change anything for me :-/
  4. not sure how to create a new thread but ive mentioned it on twitter a few times,ive got 20 survivors in my group and needles to say ammo goes pretty fast.everytime i ask lilly to find were some ammo may be located she says ok ill put it on your map but nothing ever appears, its getting serious too as i have a locker which is full of mice military grade rifles and not 1 bullet to go with them its soo frustrating too please help
  5. i finished the main story on day 1 of release but im still playing at least 8 hrs a day i cant get enough,it dont mean the games finished cause ya completed the story theres still things to do ,theres always someone to help or an infestation to clear out ,man have fun im sure yhou cant be finished with this soo soon
  6. Undead Jeff

    Undead Jeff Got Your Back Staff Member

    This is fixed in TU2.

  7. update not here for the uk yet?? i did not get it
  8. It would be awesome if Zeds couldn't climb barbed wire fences around your base camp lol just saying.. Anyone agree?
  9. SoD is becoming too soft on the players, it needs a HARDCORE mode featuring slightly stronger zombies, no mini-map, the risk of loosing survivors and slightly fewer supplies to scavenge (ammo is rare etc.), also the ability to bring an AI companion at anytime will help out.
  10. If Coop is truly in the works it needs more missions as there were very little and a difficulty boost
  11. Idk about the whole get rid of the mini map thing
  12. Not really. You put up barbed wire to keep out human thieves, not zombies.
  13. I guess you were replying to me...
    but yeah I meant I finished the story :p of course I will still play it... for a LOOONNNG time, but still COOP or a new map after the story ending would be cool :p
  14. It is but didn't do anything to my game...
  15. This sucks it couldn't come a few days earlier. Yesterday three of my survivors, Marcus(whose levels I maxxed out), my top chef and another survivor, all went missing. I waited an hour for the mission to rescue them to pop up & when it didn't I logged out. Logged in a couple hours later to have a message saying that all three were found dead. Then Maya went missing, I log in this morning after installing update and she's dead too!
  16. Just confirmed. Wiped out all the infestations visible from every survey point and even some off the beaten path including the ranger station and the infestation glitch is still present!!! It's killing my game :(
  17. I wonder why it did not show up for me:S yes i see a phew people saying the update didnt do much but im sure if there is some problem they will fix it thanks for the reply man
  18. come on add a compainion/ follower system. i have 20 guys sitting on there asses back home and i would like to think i could bring at least 1 of them with me for back up when im just out scavenging
  19. Undead Jeff

    Undead Jeff Got Your Back Staff Member

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