Title Update 1: 6/14/2013

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. What???
  2. The punching out of the windshield does not work. Everything else is fine!
  3. please can there be multiplayer in the next update i completed the campaign 3 or 4 times now it would be great and maybe state of decay 2 :rolleyes::D
  4. Everything's ok, no more infestation bug.
    Thanks guys, keep up good work
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    greatest insult lol dude i just telling how it is i bought the game on release downloaded it again thurday or so and i got this newer version that didnt update like told in the blogpost that update will come next week , so did i say something wrong no and i dint insult anyone did i ?

    but if this is your style and trying too get cheap credits i know enough about you oke , my opinion is different than yours its just normal and good too if we all had the same opinion this world would be a sad place.

    greatest insult LMAO !!!!
  7. I can see where you're coming from, if we're honest it's not realistic and those that say it is are totally missing the point and have gone full retard.... It's a game end of, it's meant to have some enjoyment/entertainment. In real life if you got bitten by a a human with decayed, sharp teeth you would bleed out so quickly it's stupid. That would make a pretty impossible game though lol.

    Anyway good game UL, hope you get the issues fixed, base survival and some co op in there and it's job done in my book. Then you can concentrate on the next game ;) that I hope.... no i beg is coming to a decent console not the xbone!
  8. when i opened the game its not telling me or installing any update...
  9. Don't know if this has been reported yet or not but after the update everytime I load up SOD my players who had snacks and painkillers on them when I last played the game lose all snacks and painkillers in their inventory.
  10. I got sod on Monday but when i came on, on Wednesday it pop up with an update just like normal updates do on XBL??? So do i have it??
  11. I'm not DiabloDave, but I think I can explain why he posted that video in response to you.
    First off: if you had actually watched the video instead of just reading the title, you'd have realised that he was trying to tell you that what you wrote sounded insanely idiotic to him. [And to be fair, your "rage quit", your complains about the difficulty and your statement of the "this game ain't for me" variant really do not fit this topic.]
    Secondly: I'm forced to hear the idiotic statement of "if everyone had the same opinion the world would suck" on a close-to-daily basis and it's one of the dumbest things I've heard. If everyone had the same opinion, the world might be somewhat boring, but in exchange it'd have pretty much no problems for humanity at all. [No war, no discrimination, no racism, no crimes.] The only reason people still use this phrase is because they don't understand that not all opinions are valid and that some opinions can indeed be wrong.

    Well, anyways, he basically didn't try to insult you, but rather just the statement you made in that post he quoted. [There's a decisive difference between the two.]
  12. I'm from Poland and i still got no update. I got the game few days ago, what's wrong?
  13. Great work with the Patch Undead Labs!!!! I'm loving the game.

    So, I dont know if someone posted this, or if this is the place to post it, but is anyone else still having trouble with the infestations? When I logged into the game after the update I got spammed by about 9 Seek and Destroy missions and, upon finishing one, the places I have been clearing out (as directed by the mission) becomes infested again when I attempt another Seek and Destroy. Basically, I am being sent to the same place over and over again to clear it out. I also had an instance were I cleared a place (not directed by a mission) and then walked about a block away to accept another Seek and Destroy mission, which gave me the same place and it was reinfested (this was within a 5 min period). I am unaware of whether this is a glitch or is intended. I am not complaining by the way, just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. My base is at Snyder Trucking.

    Also, I had an error with the date recording in the journal. My internet was out and I logged into it the other night. When I logged in today it said the last time I played was 5/13/2005 lol. Sorry about the big post guys lol.

    Sorry about the post guys, I just read the "Ripping off the Bandaid" post lol. That would explain it. Though I never had an influx of seek and destroy missions like that before.....
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  14. You probably downloaded the game after the 12th, which means that you got the revised version that was intended to be for Germany only, but unfortunately replaced all international versions.
    This version did not receive the update yet, since that would've delayed it's launch even further, so you will most likely have to wait a couple more days for it.

    On the upside, if we look at it with gallows humour, getting the update would not have changed anything anyways, since the update is only getting downloaded but not applied to your files. Microsoft somehow managed to screw this up, which means that nobody outside of the dev team can play with the title update yet.
    Source: http://forums.undeadlabs.com/showthread.php?23684-Ripping-Off-the-Bandaid-Title-Update-1-Not-Working

    These problems will hopefully be solved soon, though.
  15. So when are we getting it in Austrlia? have been waiting ages for release and BAM! its mean't to be out but NO! GARH! so frustrating just want to play the work or art you guys have created already! ^.^
  16. Thank you Voij ;) I planned to wait with my review until the Title Update but now i see i'll have to wait a little more. Thanks again for fast response.
  17. Also got to add this. The patch has done nothing for my vehicles. Before they would at least get repaired when they were parked on a calendar day basis. Now they don't even get repaired....Ever.
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    Aww! Just read that playable characters cannot be killed by the simulation. This is one day after Maddox and Joseph died because of this. I'm so sad.
  19. i still haven't gotten the first update. it has been 5 days since the release. i live in the U.S and i bought the game a day after it was released.. can someone tell me what's going on??
  20. I think that in the next update, players should be able to load multiple rucksacks onto the back of pickups. It would be awesome and very efficient!
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