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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jun 14, 2013.

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    Dude, we've been able to get it since it first launched. @bashpr0mpt on Twitter; I was the first Aussie to get a copy and deck myself out in the lame achievement avatar gear every US friend I have is currently wearing, mostly because no one else here COULD. :p Or at least they didn't know they could!

    I've given out a step by step guide to a few mates, two have even made videos on a few websites of how to do it, but I'd rather not put it in writing given the version you'll be getting is the one that's still lolbanned and thus I am, in theory, committing a crime. Part of me would LOVE to see them try and prosecute me as I'd have a field day humiliating them, but the rational part of me tells me I don't need the drama and to just play it cool.

    Anyway, add me on Twitter (open invite to other gamers too for that matter, I always follow back and have the pleasure of getting to test most new up and coming games, tech, movies, etc (well, I don't get to see movies any sooner than their red carpet debut, but omg, do I rub it into my movie mad friends faces when I get to be in the first audiences globally!) and other general nerdy crap so it may be of interest to ... well, anyone who likes zombies, horror and scifi I guess!) and I'll give you details as required. :)
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    I completed the campaign in like a few hours. Then restarted. I played it four times in one day. Then QQ'd thinking, "Is that it? Is that ... really it? They spend three years making a SUPER REALISTIC ORGANIC ZOMBIE AI and put it in a game that takes an hour to finish? GREAT WORK."

    The kicker is they're now working on bug fixes and other crap. They don't realize that by the time we get these State of Decay will be on the shelf with all the games we're done playing with (where my copy is as of tonight) because they lied about it being a open expansive sandbox game (they're 'working on' sandbox mode after the 'bug fixes' although the bug fixes still aren't here and 99.99% of us don't have it it seems (they even admitted themselves most people who think they have it actually don't and are just lucky / exhibiting confirmation bias)) so the playability doesn't extend to the length of time they need to 1. release fixes, 2. release the sandbox mode to add more play time to it, so by the time they turn it from 1 hour of play time to an unlimited amount of play time by adding sandbox (and hopefully a heap of DLC expansion areas, missions, etc, and maybe if we're lucky more than one line of recorded dialog from three difference voice actors to cover 40 characters!) there will only be a few 'tards left who play the game so woefully wrong that it's taken them a month to finish what we've all done in a few hours tops.

    I was almost as angry as I was with The War Z when I saw how bad the release was. Idk why they rushed it out rather than taking another year and releasing a finished product that was an 'expansive sandbox' world with a MMO or at LEAST co-op facility to it as it was originally lauded to be. By the time Class 4 is out and they get their act together Day Z stand alone and Dead World will be out leaving these guys in their dust.

    These are all things they could have avoided had they consulted with the gaming community, seems they put no effort into market research at all though and don't know their demographic or target publics.
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    He's not criticising your opinion, he is stating what all of us who read your tirade were thinking. It made absolutely no sense. You are barely communicating in English, and we don't understand you. Maybe you think what you are saying is able to be comprehended by other living creatures, but I assure you it isn't. I don't know whether you took too many 'trucker pills' or what, but you need to re-read your original post in gobbledigook and consider rephrasing it and fixing all the horrendous typos, grammatical errors (hah, grammar, who am I kidding, you have used ONE comma in everything you've written to date and even then it was done entirely incorrectly) and try and turn it into something people who aren't freebasing can understand.

    Also the world would be an amazing place if everyone had the same opinion, there would be no more suffering or death. But before that happens, idiots have to learn that their opinions are invalid, wrong, and just straight up stupid. Hey, I might be wrong, I might be the invalid and stupid one here. I just highly doubt that your nonsensical drivel is somehow intellectually superior or even coherent, which would be the only alternative if I were wrong. :)
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    Why are we posting in old threads? Knock it off. Please read the forum rules and lurk for a few days to get an idea of the community standards.
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