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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 17, 2013.

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  1. Undead Jeff

    Undead Jeff Got Your Back Staff Member

    Hola fellow survivors,

    Yesterday I let you know Title Update 1 (TU1) was not applied correctly. After digging into it with our publisher last night and this morning, I have new information to share.

    We now know the root cause of the issue. In effect, the TU1 patch properly updates the game executable and installs the updated data files, but the game is not correctly loading the updated data files in the live environment. (It of course works perfectly in our test environment...) This means all changes that required data updates — which is effectively all of them — are not active in the update. So this was not after all a problem with the update process, but instead that the game is not properly using the updated data.

    Clearly this should not have slipped through the testing process. While our first priority is to fix the issue and get TU1 and TU2 into your hands, we'll also ensure that our release process is hardened to prevent something like this in the future.

    So what does this mean for TU1 and TU2?

    Most importantly, we don't want to delay the high priority fixes and balance refinements coming in Title Update 2. Rather than reissuing TU1, we're rolling all the fixes from TU1 that were not properly applied into TU2. We're hoping to get TU2 into certification within the next 48 hours, but we need to fully resolve the issue that caused the problems with TU1 first. I will keep you posted on our progress.

    This is our error, and I want to again apologize to all of you. We'll work around the clock to get this resolved and get TU2 and all the fixes from TU1 into your hands as soon as humanly possible. Thanks to all of you for the patience and support you've shown us through this process.

  2. Grant Hammond

    Grant Hammond Starting Off

    I wouldn't worry, I think we're all still happy playing the game as is. But regardless thanks for the info of what has happened with the updates.
  3. This just shows certification is an utter waste of time. I understand you guys at UL made a mistake, but.. seriously.. MS didn't catch that? What is the point in certification after all?
  4. Good to know. Don't overstrain yourselves though.
  5. Bub's_Of_Monroeville

    Bub's_Of_Monroeville Got Your Back

    Yep. Sorry to hear about that stuff. Game's going to be a lot different in such a short time lol. Must be pretty difficult about the game not utilizing the changes correctly.
  6. toupz

    toupz Starting Off

    Weeeeee Thank you Undead Jeff
  7. all right keep up the good work UL. thanks for keeping us informerd:)
  8. Thank you Jeff again for the consistent updates! You guys are great and just do what you guys do best, I know I'm still happy with playing SoD with or without bugs (preferably without ;-) lol).
  9. rkade8583

    rkade8583 Got Your Back

    Hey, I was right! Because of the ETA, it IS more efficient to just roll them together.

    Your guys' business model is to be applauded.

  10. I agree. In the end, MS is only shooting itself in the foot with other platforms having less hassle. Let's hope they re-evaluate for next gen.

    EDIT: On the other hand, if MS wouldn't have agreed on publishing SoD, who knows if we would've had the delight of experiencing it at all?
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2013
  11. Thanks Jeff!

    Just make sure you're watching over their shoulder as they test & upload the patch to the XBLA. One thing I've been reading is that first update on xbla is free, everything else after costs a bit of money for the devs to get it on XBLA. Will this be the case in TU2? Or since TU1 was broken upon upload, TU2 is technically your first major patch upload?
  12. Zed Flanders

    Zed Flanders Starting Off

    Darn. My internet connection at home will be gone before the new update gets certified and rolled out. Oh well, I can't say the game isn't already amazing! And cheers to making it even better! :cool:
  13. illdigurgrave

    illdigurgrave Got Your Back

    Generally its because microsoft wants to assert its control over other companies, specifically independent companies ;)
  14. PoorRandall

    PoorRandall Got Your Back

    And make sure they haven't added the option to rape babies or something...
  15. xR0ckNR0llx

    xR0ckNR0llx Starting Off

    hey man. first of all dont stress yourself out the game is still damn amazing and ill still be playing it regardless. second of i like that you guys have found and explained the problem and are fixing it other devs wouldnt say anything unless they ended up getting interviewed by ms or something stupid, but ms should have found this fault anyway. and lastly i cant wait for the new update, sandbox mode and and co-op?
  16. Felis Menari

    Felis Menari Starting Off

    Good to know the root cause of the problem and that it's being worked on, but this means my current (and first) run through the game remains on hold for an even longer period of time. It's going to be wonderful when I can actually play SoD without some seriously obnoxious bugs ruining the experience.
  17. soulguard03

    soulguard03 Starting Off

    Excellent. Thanks for the update about TU1. My body is ready....
  18. sounds good to me thanks for the speedy resolution :)
  19. Responses like this is why the big developers fall flat on their backsides when it comes to true fan-base support. Thank you, UL, for not only supplying us with a fantastic game, but also have the decency to be open, and completely transparent with your user base. I've been writing professionally on Interactive Video Media (that's gaming to you and me, my boss likes fancy titles, lol) for some years. UL are without doubt one of the most upfront, innovative, and most importantly, honest developers I have ever come across.

    Keep it up, I'm pretty confident that when I say 'we're rooting for you,' we all really are.
  20. So once this TU2 is released, does that mean all of us with the "German version" of the game will be up to date with everyone else? Or will that continue to be a whole different timeline? If so, is there anyway we can delete the German version and download the right one?

    Thanks for keeping us updated. Can't wait for the patches.
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