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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 17, 2013.

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  1. Undead Jeff

    Undead Jeff Got Your Back Staff Member

    If there's a silver lining here, it's that we should be able to put TU2 into certification for the original and updated (German) versions simultaneously.

  2. All TU3 needs now is two options for people who want this to be a game experience or for others who want a simulation experiance..
    -Renewable resource option to toggle on/off
    -turn on/off real time
    im sure itd make people happy.
  3. Jeff,

    You can make it up to us by producing more content for this genre. And maybe make a few character skins for dedicated fans. Contest, perhaps? :)

  4. Zed Flanders

    Zed Flanders Starting Off

    It sure would, but at the expense of changing the nature of the game and the developer's vision of it.
  5. TenaciousMarine

    TenaciousMarine Got Your Back

    I REALLY hope we get Co-op along with scavenger mode. That would beyond make my day!
  6. Make it up to us with a map extension or never stop making this game I would buy every one u guys put out
  7. I am completely happy with the game. Even with bugs here and there, it still does not detract from the overall extremely good experience i have had with the game thus far! So really any kind of update or bug fix or added features we get now and in the future will just be icing on the cake! A lot of other zombie games out there that have had huge budgets, huge work forces and huge marketing campaigns cannot even come close to the level of fun and atmosphere that SoD offers! In my opinion this is the first developer who truly gets what the fans of the zombie survival genre want, actually having to fight and think on a higher level and with a greater degree strategize to survive! Keep up the amazing work!
  8. Thank you, I swear you guys are dedicated! High five...anyone?
  9. I agree options should be minimal, it could kill the allure
  10. ABCoLD

    ABCoLD Starting Off

  11. ABCoLD

    ABCoLD Starting Off

    Real time won't really matter after Title Update 2.
  12. Thanks for the updates - It makes a big difference.
  13. AlyssaFaden

    AlyssaFaden Starting Off

    Thanks for the update! Honestly, just knowing that the problem has been discovered and chased down is welcoming enough and I look forward to getting my hands on TU2!
  14. ZedHead72

    ZedHead72 Starting Off

    What Grant said. I still love the game regardless. I'm a Fanboy.
  15. Grant Hammond

    Grant Hammond Starting Off

    I luled just a bit.
  16. Thanks Jeff & UL no worrys you guys take your time,youve done an awesome job so far & we all love this game!!!!!
  17. Harben

    Harben Starting Off

    Glad to see the quick work. Keep it up.
  18. What about australia? when will it be out!? better be before 25th cause then i wont be able to get it!!

    II NIGHT G0D II Starting Off

    It's not Undead labs fault I blame Microsoft there the lazy ones all Microsoft cares about is money and the Xbox One with all it's restrictions is proof enough of their greed.
  20. Thank you Undead Jeff for keeping us updated. We appreciate what you and you're team are doing. Give them our thanks.
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