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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 17, 2013.

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    MAJOR WARPATH Starting Off

    To much moving parts in the game that the update got confused and went missing, like most of my damned survivors. This missing concept needs to be toned down a bit. For every one missing survivor I find, two go missing. Still loving the game and thanks for the updates Jeff.
  2. Strange because the update seems to work for me.

    Edit: Actually seems that the items repairing at dawn doesn't seem fully implemented. But hey atleast you guys are being honest and are trying to fix it. :D
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  3. MstrJedi Kyle

    MstrJedi Kyle Here To Help

    Doesn't the cert process exist so stuff like this doesn't happen? I have to admit though the honesty is quite refreshing. Most developers these days just keep us in the dark and never say anything. Keep up the hard work!
  4. A fantastic game, a little buggy? Sure. It is apparent UL is dedicated to squashing the bugs, so I'll fart around with the game I'm in now and when the update slides into place I'll finish up this game and start another. No worries!
  5. Fantastics games even with is missing update. Thank you Jeff for all the info you give us. I'm a Fan and will be for life.
    Thank you to all of you at Undead Labs for this superb games.
  6. Agreed. Please let us know this survivor babysitting is a priority and will be fixed. thanks for the transparency and congrats on the milestone.
  7. Loco Little

    Loco Little Got Your Back

    But survivor babysitting is so fun :/ lol

    I agree, hopefully all the major problems will be sorted in TU 1 and 2, and then after that, the TU's can hopefully involve additions rather than fixes! It will be amazing.
  8. Thank you for the update U.J.! It's unbelievable how great the game runs without any updates. Well done!!!
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  9. just another day with the dead glitching though the walls and floors of the game.
  10. Loco Little

    Loco Little Got Your Back

    Hey, they are the undead, supernatural beings from the afterlife, glitching through the walls may be one of their great powers, glitching zombies were purposely put in by undead Labs as a special zombie, the community just doesn't know it yet.
  11. Makes it almost like a real zombie infestation. You never know if you are truly safe :) Happy hunting!
  12. IrishDead

    IrishDead Here To Help

    Thank you for the update Jeff...Hopefully TU2 can get out the door soon. Keep up the great work & dedication.
  13. While we're discussing updates. May I suggest that we be able to remove an outpost from our maps to make breaking down an outpost a more reliable option?
  14. Jotun

    Jotun Starting Off

    Apologise accepted Jeff , i also see that creating such dynamic world with your fate engine should not be a piece of cake.
    but its refeshing too say the least.

    I think what you said here " we'll also ensure that our release process is hardened to prevent something like this in the future." is the way too go , expecially with your openworld vision .

    congrats with your 500.000 online sells it should give you and your team alot of headroom for the future.
  15. pholic

    pholic Starting Off

    I second that, I hate not knowing which outpost im nuking for sure....
  16. Thanks Jeff for keeping us updated.

    I can't speak for everyone, but I think we all appreciate what you and your team are doing...

    As far as myself... I will still continue to help. :)
  17. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    The outpost suggestion is on the list we're keeping of possible idea.
  18. And that's why we love what you do
  19. vencc

    vencc Starting Off

    Sweet! I had to destroy 4/6 of my outposts until I got the one I've wanted :p
  20. Thanks for the update. You guys are very dedicated developers, that's great to see!
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