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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. LMAO That might've been funny as hell but I don't think he should've said it like that! lol
  2. ...looks for patch, nothing yet. Picks up controller and starts playing LOU.
  3. Grant Hammond

    Grant Hammond Starting Off

    I see. Also I hate the I pads auto correct.
  4. WTF spent the day at a friends with LOU, I should have put my $20 towards a PS3!
  5. I was hoping that more would go into fixing the issues concerning the persistent world simulation, but it's a start I guess. Although I am rather disappointed with the apparent lack of urgency concerning the bugs in the save game system. I would have thought that fixing save games would have been top priority. I suppose any progress is good progress. ;)
  6. I wonder if we need to restart a new game in order for the patch to work.
  7. You won't need to start a new game for the patch to work.
  8. "Feral zombie now properly dodges vehicles approaching at an angle."
    Lol! J.K.! ;)
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  9. Aggressive Feral

    Aggressive Feral Starting Off

    Man Mircrosoft sucks, they saw at how many copies this game sold and then when undead labs submits an important patch they seem to not care and have no sense of urgency it seems.
  10. I believe it's bad timing. It came out and the E3 hit. I am sure that is taking up quite a bit of MS's attention.
  11. Very different departments, so nope.
    They simply just need a while to check through it and the probably dozens of other submissions, aswell as make sure that they get it onto all servers and that nothing goes wrong when they try to ship it out.
    Plus: Roughly the same time that the patch was given to them, they offered Fable 3 for free on Xbox gold, which might have made problems initially and thus needed some attention aswell.

    Either that, or their update department was sent on vacation for E3 and they didn't bother telling anybody about it.
  12. Voij... You are about to get a big high five from me. This is he first I have heard of free Fable 3! DL it right now!!!
  13. A patch for Fable 3 has been submitted to microsoft for certification. Please be aware the game might exhibit strange infestations until patched.

  14. Is the dam update supposed to come out today or not im on the forum waiting for it to come out seriously it takes five minutes just to do whatever lazy MS has to do
  15. Meanwhile, back at the Undead Labs Twitter; a question was posted in regards to the Title Update release.

    Response to the question:

    "Well, I don't want to jinx it, but I guess "REALLY SOON" is fair."
  16. TenaciousMarine

    TenaciousMarine Got Your Back

    Nice find man and Welcome to the site :D
  17. Glad to have been of assistance. ^^
    On that note: I also read on german Xbox-Twitter that from July onwards Gold members will get 2 games per month for free, similar to the Fable 3 thing. [Which means you don't get to choose, but it's still 2 free games for ~5-7 bucks per month, depending on your payment choice, so not too bad of a deal.]

    To be more specific, the question was "[are there] any news on the first title update or when to expect it".
    This means that the answer given by Sanya on twitter is left rather ambiguous, since we don't know whether her "REALLY SOON" was referring to the news on the update or the actual release of it.
  18. The wife is out tonight so this patch needs to come out tonight so I can get after it a bit. On second thought, I hope my wife isn't banging some dude. Hmmm. I'll have to keep tabs. Nahhhhhhh. SOD time.
  19. Have heard from a few people that the title update won't be out for a while as Microsoft feels that nothing needs fixing. I just hope that it's untrue.
  20. I dont like how you lose things over actual time cause i dont want to play the game forever... i hope theyd fix that :/
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