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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. Patch is here. Just updated it. Now, lets see how this goes...
  2. Patch is out.
  3. Not for everyone. I don't have it, and a friend on the East Coast doesnt either.
  4. Just downloaded it. 61mb. Chicago.
  5. Monkfish

    Monkfish Starting Off

    Just downloaded the title update (61Mb). So far (about 5 mins play), it's still telling me there are too many infestations, and not showing me where any of them might be. Damn. Haven't tried restarting (I've spent waaaaay to long with this group of survivors to want to do that) but maybe things work better on a new game.

    Also some vehicle weirdness - my slightly damaged cop car vanished while I was searching a house for Marcus, and when I returned on foot a shiny new undamaged pickup was waiting in the spot the cop car used to inhabit... May be nothing to do with the patch but that's for smarter brains than mine to figure out.

    Update: Lily is in the radio room (but gives no response when spoken to), Valerie is in the infirmary as the game states she is, but Dennis (supposedly on guard duty on the watchtower) in just hanging out in the farm's garden area.
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  6. Mic Witt

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    just got it in germany
    i like UL
  7. It'd make sense to start over. I restarted and stayed in the church area. Just leveling up my guys. Hope I don't have to restart either. I'll wait for a confirmation before I even bother proceeding.
  8. I don't have it yet, middle america
  9. Got the patch, and to the guy above who says he still has infestations, the patch doesn't show where they are, or take them away, it simply makes it so they don't affect your home base if they're farther than 500m away in any direction. If your in the warehouse, that 500m covers most of Marshall, and to discover an infestation you need to drive up and down the streets, and by every building, or use the survey points, but there are still locales that don't get covered. If your in the Farmhouse, check every orchard and thicket and building, and look for hidden ones. As for the church, not to much is going on there. I don't know much about the area above the river, I JUST got the mission today to get there seeing as I quit playing until I felt the update was closer. I was right lol.
  10. Don't know if the patch is already here in Holland, but just lost 3 characters including Maya (soldier) at once. The pastor was sick (I thought he was treated by the doctor before I left to a other place (big mistake)), and then I get the pop up that he died of disease and then three pop ups that I can get the backpacks back...

    Really annoyed anyway, need to start over I gues? Because leaving the chapel and moving inside the town was a hell, and lost all my upgrades... So it took me a while to get medical up then need gaus and moments before it went up above happend...
  11. I kind of hope this fixes the car's/truck's doing back flips and barrel rolling off a road sign or a rock... But the chr not dieing while on offline time is kind of nice fix.... a little late for myself.. i might start a new one
  12. Update here in Canada! WOOT! Lets see what's changed. I started a new game just yesterday, with no Infestation warnings yet, so I think I'll be fine now.
  13. I've been waiting for this patch since I bought the game last week, then had pretty much everyone leave my outpost when booting up after a few days of not playing.

    I've been booting it up daily waiting to be disconnected for the patch, so was really excited when that happened just now (sad I know).

    So I can confirm that the patch is also now up for UK users, at 61 MB.
  14. Just got it in US.
  15. were can i find the update? and were can i update my game?
  16. ZedDiddly

    ZedDiddly Banned

    Fast update ... thanks . It was driving me crazy having no guard on the tower , exactly what do you mean by playable characters can no longer be killed ? Does this mean nobody in your group can die ?
  17. Zed Flanders

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    I am very excited for this update. I stopped playing the game a few days ago because ALL of my playable characters had gone missing due to low morale due to the Infestations bug. Hopefully things will go more swimmingly with the update.

    Just load up the game on your Xbox while connected to Xbox Live and you will be automatically prompted to download the update.

    Playable characters can no longer be killed by the simulation. The simulation is the progress that happens while you are not playing the game. So your playable characters can still die, but the playable characters will not die when you load up your gamesave.
  18. It basically means that before the update, whenever you turned your console off for an extended period of time the game will simulate some events that happen the next time you run the game. I've came into contact with this where I haven't played for maybe a day at the most, play the game and a member of my group has died. With this update it will still simulate some events but no one will be able to die from your group unless you are actually in the game.

    Hope I explained this okay for you :)
  19. Also, does anyone know if any other things have been included in the update or is it everything that was specified by OP in his list??
  20. The one thing that could make this game better would be an online play option
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