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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. I've downloaded the patch in the US. My survivors don't die during simulation but they still repeatedly have incidents and go missing do to "Too many infestations". I've triple checked the area around 500m from my home base (Marshall warehouse) and I have encountered no infestations. Does anyone else have this problem? New to the forum and thanks for any help. :)
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    ZedDiddly, AddictedtoSOD is right to a point, but I think it only affects the characters you have unlocked as playable.
  3. Dunno if this has been mentioned yet. I've read through the first 40 pages but kinda skipped to the end, but I got the patch about an hour ago here on the East Coast. So hopefully it'll start popping up for you guys soon. And as far as people waiting to buy the game till it gets patched? Seriously? This game is amazing, even before the patch. It's worth playing without it, and subsequent patches will only improve the quality of the experience. Good show UL.
  4. You know what's funny? All the people who are waiting for this to buy the game have to wait another week for the patch now. Check the main page of the site if you don't know what I'm talking about.
  5. And for people that don't want to go look on the main site it says "Due to a mistake made during publication, the new version was sold all over the world instead of just in Germany. That means that everyone who bought State of Decay on or after Wednesday June 12 has the newer version, and will get TU1 in about a week. (Each Title Update has to be certified for each version.)"
  6. YES. This, please. It doesn't make any sense to only be able to transport one bag of food when I have a huge pickup truck that I could pack full o' goodies.:D
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    Glad, good job Jeff!!
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    I am in a predicament right now...combat training and I cannot add a weapon or any item from the inventory...is it because I am "hurt" or is the update problem? even before this combat training I couldn't....
  9. I have the same problem, still getting the too many infestations after the update.
  10. my survivors are neglecting the tower again any1 else having this problem? it says there is someone on but the survivor is just wandering around the base.
  11. Posting from the netherland:

    Downloaded the update and started over.
    No more "too must infestations" or missing people.
    Feral zombies are still as stupit as f*ck when driving a vehicle, at least in backing up.
    Just moved to a new home and setting up a guardtower to see if that has been patched.

    I liked the game as it was, but if this patch works it's even better.
    But is it just mee or is the whole trust system just a bit too easy.
    I never have problems getting "that" gun or enough ammo out of the deposit.
    I can build every home or outpost i want any time.
    I get it shouldn't be too hard, bit now it just way to easy and the whole earning "fame" is a bit unnecessary, maybe UL could tweak that a little bit too.
    Just make the game a little bit harder, I finished the game and I never died once.
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    Hello. I'm sorry if you already answered this but I just bought the game. I didn't get any prompt to update the game. Can you please tell how to update my game? Thank you in advance!
  13. Are you German? If so I think they haven't spat it out with you guys just yet, or maybe I am wrong.
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    Yes. It seems all we can do now is sit tight and wait for the TU1. Thanks anyway.
  15. agreed do it do it now!!!!
    *sound of gun being fired*
    Okay, I shot Kenneth. Now where do I hide the body?!
  17. I don't think I have the update I checked in my game my game profile and no title update was in the game folder. I'm a xbox gold member connected online. Is there a way to check what version of the game I have or if I do have the update besides looking in the folder?
  18. This has been discussed to death. The game's difficulty is fine. Undead Labs might make a harder difficulty if the demand for it is there, and right now, it's not.
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